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CMS Hosts Community Breakfast


Mantua – Recently, area leaders were invited to attend a special breakfast meeting at the Crestwood Middle School. The breakfast gathering, lead by  Principal Julie Schmidt, highlighted a variety of educational opportunities at CMS. Leaders and officials included Superintendent David Toth, Treasurer Jill Rowe, School Board Members, professionals from Crestwood’s other schools, and community leaders. The breakfast meeting gave the group the opportunity to learn about a variety of interesting programs at CMS, and to meet some CMS students who participate in those programs.

For example, in Health class, students are taught the importance of incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into their lives, and the lifelong benefits that can result. Art students Bryce Honeycutt and Taylor Cochrane shared how they learned to discuss and critique artists work — both famous art and that of classmates — and how art class provides them with the opportunity to expand their imaginations. Madison Monreal, an art student with cochlear implants, was empowered to use this opportunity to speak to the audience about various pieces she created as a result of her involvement in her school’s art program.

Ms. Rondinella presented details about the CMS Information Literacy Skills class, which is one of only three such programs in the State. Through this program, students are taught proper and effective ways to use research and online tools to find information, and proper way to credit the sources of that information, a skill that will serve them in high school and beyond.

Physical Education teachers Mrs. Thigpen and Mr. Grife talked about how their students are taught various phases of movement while leaning to follow rules and make decisions, and how their department works with health classes encouraging students to complete 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Students also shared their ongoing program to recycle cheese stick and juice pouch wrappers in order to earn enough credits through Terracycle® to purchase a water buffalo for a third world family.

Mrs. Ferguson spoke of how the music program helps her students build confidence in themselves and their musical skills, and gives them the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills as they form groups and work together to perform in ensembles and as solo acts for an upcoming end-of-year program. Lastly, Mrs. Tench and her students from the gifted CHARGE shared some out-of-the box thinking they learn on the subjects of the brain, the rainforest, and through the development of a special candy-marketing campaign. The event closed with a performance by the CMS audition choir.

While the educators’ knowledge in their areas of expertise was highly evident, it was the students’ presentations that really shone. Ranging in age from sixth through eighth grades, students unabashedly shared their experiences with a room full of community leaders with both confidence and composure. The event highlighted not only the interesting coursework, dedicated staff, and valuable programs featured at CMS, but the impressive students who benefit from them.