Kent – The group REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition is hosting a FREE educational seminar event on Tuesday April 8th at the Ravenna Maplewood Career Center,  7075 Ohio 88, Ravenna Ohio.

Close Quarter Defense – using non-lethal methods to augment your CCW skills,  Otherwise known as “The way you fight BEFORE you have to use your gun’ is April’s free program that gives advice, hints, skills and techniques on the use of whatever you have handy in your defense.  Join us in learning  to use a knife, a pen, keys, mini-flashlight, stun gun, pepper spray, cane, umbrella, hat , whistle or whatever you have close at hand in avoiding and defending yourself in an attack.    Mike Hasychak will join REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition and present an hour long program on self defense.    The program starts at 7:00 pm.  Attendance is free.

Amanda Suffecool – Director of Realize Firearms Awareness Coalition said  “We are pleased to have Mike Hasychak as April’s speaker;   Mike is an NRA Certified instructor as well as a lifelong student of self defense who is excited about what he learns and what he shares, causing Mike to present a very engaging program”

REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition presents seminars on a monthly basis. Each of the monthly programs features a local expert offering their perspective and expertise and covers a topic that is of interest to the firearms community.   May’s program is specifically designed for women.     There will be two ‘on the range’ programs  (May 3 and May 17th )  that are partially funded by REALIZE firearms awareness coalition  titled  “Woman’s Day on the Range”,  offering opportunities for 20 women each to gain skills and experience  that is primarily  hands on.