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Chicken Festival Winners


Garrettsville – Everyone who attended last weekend’s 2011 Chicken Dinner Festival went home a winner (or at least with the satisfaction of having a delicious meal.) However, there are some who went home with a little bit more. Congratulations to all the following winners:
$1,000 cash First Prize John Sedensky $200 cash Second Prize Len & Patty Hall $100 cash Third Prize George Burton $100 cash Fourth Prize Weston Orlowski $100 cash Fifth Prize Vi McCarty Toro Lawn Tractor Dotty Meadows 43” Plasma Flat Screen TV Elaine Sluka Gas Grill Warren Campbell Lottery Wreath Rose Bartlett Step 2 Basketball/Football Set Dolores Painley Step 2 Home Kitchen Ron Matusky Rigid Shop Vac Lou Stepic Fun Family & Feast Package Sean Vesey Shopping Bonanza Package Tina Gibson Fine Dining Package Jackie Kable Car Care Package William Voytko Quilt #1 Toni Evers Quilt #2 Lavada Farris Afghan #1 Brian Gorby Afghan #2 Joe Leonard Baby Basket Megan Ryser Rocker Kathryn Trzeciak Fourth of July Basket Donna Chinn Prayer Shawl— Afghan K. Stapleton Prayer Shawl—White Christmas Tree Al Ackley
Even if you did not win anything at the festival, we sure hope you had a great time.  If so, then we all went home winners!