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Change Bandits Strike Again!

Photo courtesy of Monica Grebb

Mantua – Three young ladies at Crestwood Intermediate School are up to their old tricks again. But their antics won’t be getting them in any trouble. On the contrary, their parents are mighty proud of their daughters’ activities.

That’s because fifth-graders Aspen Baynes, Emmy Grebb, and Lilly Kuchenbecker have once again participated in the Akron Children’s Hospital Change Bandit campaign by “holding up” family, friends, and neighbors for pocket change. The change they collect is used to buy child-size medical equipment and to fund patient care, community outreach and research. This year, they’ve raised over $500; it’s the third year the young trio has participated in the event.

“They have also made wreaths for the last three years to be sold at the Akron Children’s Hospital Tree Festival to raise money for the hospital,” explained Emmy’s mom, Monica Grebb. “In total, over the past three years, we estimate they’ve raised over $1,200 for the hospital. We are very proud of their giving hearts,” Monica beamed.
We’d also like to thank Tina Davis for taking the imitative to raised an estimated $200 for the cause this year,” acknowledged Lilly’s mom, Ryann Kuchenbecker. “I understand she collected change at both work and church,” added Pam Baynes, Aspen’s mom.

And it isn’t likely that these change bandits will be reformed any time soon. “I know the girls are already talking about being change bandits at Crestwood Middle School next year!” marveled Monica Grebb. Luckily, some things never change.