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Windham – Students at Windham High School recently had the opportunity to meet the student free speech advocate that virtually all high school Government and US History students cite as a landmark case. Mary Beth Tinker was the lead plaintiff in the Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District. Ms. Tinker, siblings and classmates were suspended for wearing black arm bands in an effort to bring attention to those giving their lives in the Vietnam War. The case ultimately was decided by a 7-2 decision by the Supreme Court Justices determining that “…students nor teachers shed their rights at the schoolhouse gate.”

Windham Twp – The Windham Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday October 3, 2013 with all trustees and fiscal officer present. Chairman of the Board Brian Miller called the meeting to order. The trustees approved the minutes from the previous meeting and the expenditures. Trustee Dann Timmons announced that Dale Soinski was appealing the county commissioner’s decision on not to vacate the unused portion of Frazier Road. They have set a date for pretrial on October 10, 2013 at 1pm. in Judge John Enlow’s court room.


Windham – WFVD Joint Fire District Board met for their regularly scheduled meeting at the fire station on August 8, 2013 with two members having an excused absence. Dann Timmons filled in as chairman since the chairman and vice chairman were not in attendance.

Windham –  The Brick by Brick Scholarship Committee will hold their annual fundraiser dinner this Saturday August 10, 2013 at Windham High School. Each year, the committee searches for the just the right person or group to honor at the dinner. The past honorees have been authors, local business people, Windham graduates who were/are superintendents, corporate clothing executive, musician, coaches, distinguished athletic teams, athletic directors, state troopers and more.  This year they have chosen to honor the district’s four baseball teams that went to the final four of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) State Tournaments. The teams are from the years 1961, 2001, 2002, 2006.

Windham – Excitement filled the air as youngsters and their families converged on the old Katherine Thomas site Saturday, to see the Kelly-Miller Circus, an event that is becoming an annual must–do event for area residents.
This year, the Kelly- Miller Circus is celebrating its 75th  Anniversary and in honor of the occasion, they brought all of the hoopla and fanfare one would expect to see at an anniversary party at the circus, including a “cake” and confetti.

Windham Twp. –  The Windham Township Trustees met for a rescheduled meeting on July 9, 2013 at the town hall. The meeting was rescheduled due to the Fourth of July Holiday. The trustees present were Brian Miller and Dann Timmons, Trustee Jesse Wirick was absent due to an unforeseen event.  The trustees approved the minutes from the last meeting, the expenditures, and the proposed budget for next year.


Windham – School may be out for the summer, but the Windham Board of Education (BOE) is continuing to work hard to get ready for the upcoming year. The BOE met recently at the elementary school with all members present. Principal Mike Chaffee introduced the new history teacher Terry Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong shared with the board his vision for his history class for the up coming year.

Windham – Last fall, the entire community saw the sign, Mexican restaurant coming soon and it stirred up a buzz making folks anxious for its arrival in Windham. Finally, in February 2013 they opened their doors to the delight of the community. Tacos, burritos, tostadas, margaritas and more had everyone flocking there to experience a taste of Mexico. Folks came and commented on how good the food was and that it was great meal for a good price. Everyone seemed happy they were in town and thought they would be around for a while.

Windham Library and the Renaissance Family Center invite everyone to a fun filled July.  We’ll start off being entertained with the magic of Drew Murray on Tuesday, July 16 at 12:30 p.m.  Kent State Summer Stock 2013 will be doing their theatrical performance of Puss & Boots on July 29 at 10:00 a.m.  These events are open to everyone.
Join us Thursday, July 25 12:30-2:30 p.m. for a garden tea party.  The Windham Library Children’s Garden Club invites the community to view the ongoing progress of their garden.
For more information, call the Windham Library at 330-326-3145.  The library, located at 9005 Wilverne Drive, is open Monday and Friday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm; Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 pm-6:30 pm; and closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. For additional information about library programs and services, please visit Portage County District Library online at www.portagelibrary.org.

Windham – The WVFD Joint Fire Board met for their regularly scheduled meeting on June 13, 2013 with all board members and fiscal officer in attendance. The board approved the minutes, bank reconciliation and expenditures.  The board voted to ratify the amended contract with Ravenna City Dispatching Services.

Fire Chief Iwanyckyj reported that since the switch on May 29, 2013, the use of the new dispatch center is working well. There were a few minor glitches, but all of them have been resolved. The chief also stated that calls to date (6/13) are 313 and reminds residents to use 9-1-1 for emergencies.  He also reported that he has not heard anything about the grant application, so for now, the WVFD is still in contention for it.

Questions were asked about how much the dispatching outsource has cost the fire board and if they had resolved the dead zone issues with the radios. Chairwomen Linda Rininger said she would have more accurate figures on the cost of the service and would present them next month.  Chief Iwanyckyj said the dead zone issues have been resolved with the purchase and use of repeaters.

The WVFD Joint Fire Board would like to thanks Jason Purdy for the donation of labor and his equipment to help get underground lines installed/repaired. The fire Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at the fire station at 7pm.


Windham Twp. – Windham Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting June 6, 2013 with all board members present.  The trustees approved the minutes and expenditures. Commander Paul Fitzgerald was in attendance and asked if the American Legion could take over organizing and executing the Memorial Day Service in Windham. After some discussion, the trustees voted to allow the legion to organize the event. Fitzgerald also wanted to use the pavilion on the “green” for veteran’s programs on 11/11/2013 and fix the veteran’s monument. The legion would like to add the proper names to the monument and remove the names from the monument that don’t belong on it. Apparently there are several names on the monument that have never even been in the Armed Forces.  Trustee Dann Timmons suggested they bring a written proposal for the trustees to look at when they are ready to proceed with the monument.  

Windham – Windham Village Council met for their regularly-scheduled meeting Tuesday May 28, 2013 with all council members, fiscal officer, the mayor and the village solicitor in attendance.

Council approved the fiscal report, the minutes from the previous meeting and special meeting, and the fire, police and dispatchers reports as well. 


Windham - Tenth graders in Mrs. Tamara Brown’s classes just finished a series on the Holocaust, so she had made arrangements to have a Holocaust survivor speak to her class on his life in the concentration camps in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. On Tuesday, May 15th the class welcomed Holocaust Survivor Leo Silberman from Cleveland, Ohio. 

Windham – Windham Board of Education (BOE) met for their regularly scheduled meeting at the board offices on April 25, 2013 with all board members present. The treasurer was unavailable for the meeting.

In student achievement, Kali Hilfer brought home 1st place out of over 20 schools represented in the banner contest for “None for Under 21” Rally held at Hiram College on April 16, 2013. The rally is to discourage kids from partaking of alcoholic beverages during prom and end of the school year activities. Hilfer, who was the primary artists of the banner titles “The Mourning After” was presented with a check for $2000 to be used for the school’s prom and related activities.


Grade Six - Nathan Carpenter, Garrett Cogar, Josh Forsythe, Zowie Hood, Cody Hostetler, Payton Justham, Nicholas Lewis, Phillip Maiorca, Mackenzie McLean, Ashley Sheesley, Rebekah Stout, Isabella Warrick, Joseph Zdunczyk


Grade Seven - Claire Alderman, Lauren Beckwith, Justin Collins, Talina Cooper, Sabrina Garl, Michael Gearhart, Deidra Hankins, Samantha Joan, Miranda Jones, Kelsey Knoll, Tim Murton, Summer Nadiak, Tim O’Connor, Eric Park, Isaiah Pemberton, Ashlyn Riggs, Sam Speicher, Aaron Tucker, Mariah Walker, Andrew Yager-Timmons


Grade Eight – Cali Apthorpe, Dalton Fall, Denise Hart, Jaden Karr, Alexis Knight, Ben Knight, Bria Nix-Wicker, Elizabeth Richmond, Kathlyn Richmond, Victoria Sanders, Alyssa Simmons, Mahlia Smith, Sara Taylor, Holly Thompson

12th Grade – Kali Hilfer, Lauren John, Joseph Keough, Matthew Knight, *Nathaniel Mullen, Brandon Sawdey, Jacob Sweet, Francesca Tesa


11th Grade – Jordan Burns, *Britney Collins, Kaitlynn DeVenture, *Ashley Gump, William Hickman, Stephen Kacenski, Joseph  Miller, *Jared Taylor, *Joshua Youngen


10th Grade – Shauntia Cunningham, Daisy Fleming, Rocky Hager, Dakota Harmotta, Darianna Heller, Macey Hickman, Kyle Hilfer, *Sarah Hodson, *Jessica Isler, Zacharie Lewis, Emily Miller, Haliee O’Connor, *Tabitha Prasky, Jordan Small, *Bethany Stout


9th Grade – Joseph Barnes, Samantha Dean, *Tristan Hankins, Logan Hershberger, *Nicole James, *Brittany Knight, *Brooke Lissy, Ronald McLean, *Jasmine Nevarez, Giana Pemberton, Joseph Prasky, *Lauren Simmons, *Adam Tanner, Zachariah Vazquez, Brianna Workman, Alexander Workman, *Jonathan Wright

*Denotes 4.0


Windham – The originally scheduled WVFD Fire Board meeting for April 11, 2013 was postponed until April 18, 2013.  The postponement was done to allow more time to research dispatching options. After researching their options, the WVFD Fire Board has decided to use Ravenna City Dispatching starting June 1, 2013. Captain David Rarrich from Ravenna City Dispatching Services presented a tentative contract written by Ravenna’s mayor, Joe Bica. The contract outlined the services they would provide, payments etc. Discussions were held on the specifics of the contract. Dann Timmons will discuss a few revisions and questions on the contract with Bica before it will be inked. They expect to have a signed contract by early May.

In the meantime, Chief Iwanyckyj will work with Capt. Rarrich on getting all the radios, walkie talkies etc. ready for the switch over.  The chief and the captain have already done some radio testing to ensure they would be able to communicate in all regions of the township. More testing will be done over the next month.

Fire Chief Mike Iwanyckyj reported that truck 2815 had $600 worth of repairs and the red rescue unit needs some work as well. Sedensky will do the repairs. Iwanyckyj also reported that the switch to Ravenna City Dispatching will cost the department $1688 to have their communications system compatible with Ravenna’s. The chief said if they have to have a repeater system it could cost and additional $2000. This does not include the actual costs for dispatching, which is estimated to be $18,000 a year. The WVFD will be charged on a per call basis. He also reported that Windham EMS participated in the “None for under 21 program” held at Hiram College.

In other fire news, the board approved the minutes, bank reconciliation and expenditures for the month of March. The board also approved the use of Mitchell Communications to update and service their communication system.

The WVFD Joint Fire district Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm of each month.

Windham – After a year of planning and fundraising, the Windham High School Band made the trek to Florida over spring break for a once – in-a-lifetime experience, to march at Disney World in Orlando. The students began raising funds for the trip over a year ago and had some help from donations and area sponsors. The trip cost each student $800.

Windham – This past weekend Windham Choir presented their Annual Variety Show. The event lived up to its name providing quite a variety of acts to entertain the crowd. The choir opened up the show with “The Nicest Kids in Town,” which set the tone for the evening.

The show was emceed by Cameron Pozgai and Devonte Taylor. The two exchanged barbs all night long as the introduced each act. Occasionally, Deon Jones would add some spice to the emcees comedy routine making the event a little more entertaining. 


Windham – The W.V.F.D. Fire Board met for their regularly-scheduled meeting on March 14, 2013 with all fire board members present along with Windham Village Council members, Cheryl Prem, Jena Miranda, and Rachel Barrett and Township Trustees Brian Miller and Jesse Wirick. Deb Blewett was also in attendance as a member of the fireboard and the village council.  Council members’ and township trustees’ presence was requested by the fire board to discuss dispatching services and Windham Village’s breach of the Joint Resolution that was signed when the fire district created.

Windham – Windham Board of Education (BOE) met for their regularly-scheduled meeting with all but one board member in attendance, along with Superintendent Gregg Isler and Treasurer Samantha Pochedly

Melissa Roubic gave the Maplewood report and reported that the new electricity instructor has done a great job in setting up the electrical lab. She also reported that The Maplewood board acknowledged Daryl Maguire for his eight years of service on the Maplewood Board. 

Windham – Windham Village Council met for their regularly-scheduled meeting February 26, 2013 with  five of the six council members present, along with the Mayor Rob Donham, Fiscal Officer Lloyd Billman and Solicitor Tom Reitz in attendance. Council woman Deb Blewitt was excused from the meeting.

Windham - The WVFD Joint Fire District Board met for their regularly scheduled meeting on February 14, 2013 at the fire station. The entire board and fiscal officer were in attendance. The board approved the minutes, the expenditures, yearly appropriations of $623,413 and the monthly bank reconciliation before moving on to the chief’s report.

Windham - Last week, the Board of Elections (BOE) approved the Referendum Petition circulated by Windham Village Residents Bob Edwards, Jim Moore and Lloyd McPherson. The Referendum petition was filed in response to council’s passage of Ordinance 2012-50 that repealed the tax credit given to those who work outside of the village. The referendum needed 41 valid signatures from registered voters who cast ballots in the last gubernatorial election (November 2010) in order to be approved by the BOE. The BOE approved the referendum petition claiming they had more than enough valid signatures on the petition, so it can now move forward. The approval leaves the village council with two options, rescind the tax credit repeal ordinance (2012-50) they voted on in December or certify the tax credit issue to be placed on the ballot in November. 


Windham  – Windham Village Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting on January 22, 1013 with all council members, mayor, fiscal officer and village solicitor in attendance. Council approved the monthly expenditures and the bank reconciliation.  The resolution R-2013-4 authorizing the village to enter in to an agreement with Garrettsville for dispatching services was questioned by council members. Two of the members thought council should have communicated with the WVFD Joint Fire Board on the issue before making a decision. (According to the resolution the village made with the township in 2009, Article XX under Dispatching says “The Village of Windham agrees to provide dispatch services to the WVFD Joint Fire District free-of-charge for the period of ten years and renewable year-to–year thereafter.”) R-2013-4 Resolution on dispatching was made a first read, after some members objected to it. 

Windham –  Windham Village residents sent a strong message to council last week saying they were not happy with a decision council made in December by enacting Ordinance (O-2012-50) to repeal the village’s .5% tax credit given to residents who live in the village and work in another municipality. Residents felt they were being punished for having a job outside of the village. So in response to council’s action, the residents collected signatures for a referendum petition which will send the issue back to the voters in November. Before that can happen, they have to collect 41 signatures,  which is 10% of  the registered voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election (2010) and have the referendum petition turned into the fiscal officer of the village within 30 days of the decision council made on December 18, 2012.


Windham - Windham Library wishes to congratulate all of our lucky winners during the holiday season.  Adult winners included Cliff Barker, winner of the holiday basket, and Tina Cottrell who scooped up a Christmas tree filled with M & M’s.   Windham Library was happy to present new backpacks to four lucky children, compliments of an anonymous donation.  Winners included Alexis Phillips, Dillon Fitzgerald, Evan Simones, and Maria Youngen.  Congratulations to everyone!

For more information, call the Windham Library at 330-326-3145.  The library, located at 9005 Wilverne Drive, is open Monday and Friday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm; Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 pm-6:30 pm; and closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. For additional information about library programs and services, please visit Portage County District Library online at www.portagelibrary.org.


Windham – Twenty-five residents filled council chambers for the last council meeting of the year to voice their opinion on council’s plan to repeal the tax credit given to residents that work outside the village. Residents claim council is rushing it through in one month’s time   (November council meeting was first time it appeared on the agenda) by holding special meetings to get the required three reads in before acting on it. Several residents questioned what the hurry was and why it was so important to do it now. Another resident questioned the legality of it, since the tax credit was part of a ballot measure that was voted on by the residents 1995. 


Dann Timmons celebrated 60 years of living on November 17, 2012 and his family held a cake and punch reception in his honor last weekend at the Brick Chapel in Windham to commemorate this milestone. Over 60 friends, family and community leaders were on hand to help celebrate the event.

Windham – Area children and their families converged on the Renaissance Family Center (RFC) to have breakfast with Santa. The event was hosted by the Windham United Methodist Church (WUMC). Children and their parents were treated to a breakfast of French toast stix, breakfast casserole, juice and milk. Coffee was also available for the adults. Following the breakfast, the anxious boys and girls waited in line to see Santa and tell him all their Christmas wishes.

Windham – When one walks into Windham Village resident Ted Stryczny’s garage, one will not see cars, motorcycles or even a bicycle but what one will see is his version of a man cave. Now, you will not find a beer cooler, game table, big screen television or even a recliner in this man-cave but you will see his collection of Christmas villages. He has so many villages it almost takes up his entire, two-car garage. He has all sorts of villages including the typical Thomas Kincaid, and the not-so-typical ones like a prison, cemetery, a hobo village, an Indian village, a sledding hill, amusement park, and so much more. One really would need hours to look at and enjoy the man’s displays.


 Windham - Windham’s Tree Lighting Festivities will be held Saturday December 8, 2012 beginning at 5 pm.  The evening will have a variety of activities for all ages to usher in the Christmas Season. Come dressed for the elements, because one would not want to miss the hay wagon ride through the decorated village park and township green. The hay ride will be a $1 per person with the proceeds going to the park restoration. Join in a Christmas Carol sing-a-long as they light up the gazebo and the township green. Following the hay ride, folks will be able to warm up in the town hall with hot cocoa and cookies and complete a craft with their child.

Windham - Windham Lions club hosted their quarterly zone meeting last week at the Windham United Methodist Church. The Lions Clubs invited Streetsboro, Ravenna, Kent, Garrettsville and Crestwood Lions Club. A representative of the Crestwood Leos was present as well. Garrettsville and Streetsboro clubs were not available.

Windham High School Band and Garfield’s Marching Pride performed a joint post game show following possibly the final rival football game between the two schools. The two marching units came on the field as one big band and performed two numbers. If one hadn’t known any better, they could have thought the two bands had been playing together all year long, when, in fact, they barely had any practice time together. The bands played “Party Rock Anthem” and “Dynamite” in concert. The show’s finale was the two bands playing each other’s fight songs and marching off the field as one unit, which was an awesome sight and sound to behold. It was also a great way to celebrate the end of an era, as the Bombers played their final game against the G-Men as part of the Portage Trail Conference.
The Windham Marching Band is under the direction of Becky Kresen and the Marching Pride is under the direction of Theo Cebulla and Joe Gaither.

The best rivalry in Portage County is coming to an end this Friday when the Garfield G-Men and the Windham Bombers will play their final football game in the Portage Trail Conference (PTC), as Windham will exit the PTC at the end of the year. This year’s game will be held at Garfield and promises to be the game of the year and maybe the game of the decade, as it just might be the last football game these two schools play against each other, making the final chapter of the rivalry somewhat bittersweet. It will have all the elements of a great game, two fired-up teams, two fantastic bands and some of the best high school sport fans around ready to cheer their team to victory in the historic game.