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Newton Falls – Fields soggy from the recent rains and sharp springtime winds didn’t dampen the day for hundreds of local children on the hunt for thousands of brightly-colored plastic spheres left behind by a big fluffy pink bunny on the grounds near the Community Center on Quarry Street. On the last Saturday before Easter weekend, the sun shone overhead, glistening off baskets tightly clutched by children eagerly awaiting the signal to clamber through the rope fence sectioning off the tennis courts and scoop up as many eggs as they could gather.

Newton Falls – March’s meeting of the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association tied up a few loose ends and set plans moving forward while discussing ideas for creating new opportunities for professional growth.

The agenda opened with time for special presentations and this month featured [member], the law offices of Turner, May & Shepherd. Representative Robert Gensler, Jr. took the floor for a few moments to explain that the firm handles matters such as probate law, including estates and family law, including adoptions, in addition to several other areas of the legal system. Bob also mentioned the importance of having a will in place so that the government is not left to decide how one’s wishes are to be carried out. Next month will feature “Santa” Rick Kerlin of Our Towne Construction.

Newton Falls - Newton Falls Cemetery Association met February 20, 2014 at the Newton Township Administration Building on Newton Falls-Bailey Road. Susan Montgomery was welcomed as a new member. Fund raising ideas were discussed for a cemetery project to be decided upon at the next meeting. Another cemetery walk was proposed but details will be finalized at a later date. The Association plans to participate at the July 19-20, 2014 festival sponsored by the Pricetown Methodist Church to sell calendars.

Newton Falls – If you owe fines for overdue materials, or if you’re just feeling generous, you can donate nonperishable items to the Newton Falls Public Library Food for Fines Drive. In exchange for the food, we will forgive overdue fines. The drive will run from March 3 to March 29.

Newton Falls – Wedding season is nearly upon us and dozens of brides-to-be, grooms, and their family-and-friends-filled entourages stopped by Roby Lee’s Restaurant and Banquet Center Sunday on the hunt for the perfect dress, desserts, photographer, tablescape trend and flower arrangements during the 17th Annual Bridal Show. Forty-eight hours after the nation celebrated the day for romance (or those whose status this February is “unattached” chose to ring in “Single Awareness Day”), vendors in the business of all things love piled in to the venue’s reception hall to display their products and present their services to the crowd of novice wedding planners piecing together the event of their dreams.

Newton Falls - Registration for children entering the Newton Falls School System for the 2014-2015 school year will be held:

February 10 & 11, 2014 from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m.

March 17 through March 21

8:30-11:30 a.m. & 12:30-2:30 p.m. daily

You do NOT need an appointment, but please only come during these times.  It is not necessary to bring your child at this time.

You should bring the following items with you when registering:

Your child’s legal birth certificate

Immunization records (see list below)

Proof of residency (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.)

Child’s Social Security Number

Custody papers (if applicable)

The Ohio Department of Health requires that all children entering kindergarten  in the state of Ohio shall be immunized as follows:

5 doses Dtap vaccine (unless the fourth dose was administered after the 4th birthday)

4 doses Polio vaccine (last dose must be given after the 4th birthday)

2 doses MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)

3 doses Hepatitis B vaccine

2 doses Varicella Vaccine


If you have any questions, you may contact the school Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Dee Howard, at 330-872-5225 (ext. 2301).


Newton Falls – The Newton Falls Area Commerce Association wrapped up 2013 with their December meeting, briefly discussing what had been accomplished during the year and spending the majority of the lunchtime gathering presenting ideas on what they hoped to achieve in the coming months.

The conversation opened with a recap of the items from the November meeting, beginning with a reminder of the area’s recently celebrated Small Business Saturday which traditionally is the Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Though Newton Falls did not specifically host a town-wide event this year, the NFACA hopes to start planning now to encourage participation for the official 2014 festivities. One of the main goals for the upcoming year is to better promote the businesses in Newton Falls, and “Shop Locally” posters can be seen around town especially during the holidays, reminding customers that there are plenty of great shops and services right in their own neighborhood. Keeping business dollars locally will help the local economy and thus benefits the community even more. A committee will be forming after the first of the year to make a plan to promote the small businesses, even those that don’t necessarily have a physical store front.

The Newton Township Cemetery Association met at the Newton Township Administration Building on November 21, 2013.

Three new members were welcomed: Bill Douglass, Doreen and Robert Lutz.

Election of officers and committee chairpersons was held and the following were elected for 2014.

President-Lois Wynkoop

Vice-President-Phillip Beer

Secretaty-Mary Lou O’Lear

Treasurer-Elsie Whetzel

Gifts and Bequests-Robert Pittman

Membership-Louanne Dubos

Publicity-Rosemarie Smith

The association will participate in the Community Craft Show to be held December 15, 2013 from 10:00 until 5:00 at the Community Center in Newton Falls.

The 2014 calendars will be available featuring the pen and ink drawings of Edward P. Sinchak, former art instructor at the Newton Falls High School, depicting the shops from the 1980’s on the north side of Broad Street.

The 2013 calendar featuring shops on the south side of Broad Street is also available for purchase.

The calendars may be purchased in Newton Falls at Art Effects, Newton Falls Printing, Nussle Florist or Rood’s Wallpaper & Paint Store.  Call 330-872-0236 or contact any Association member for information about purchasing a calendar.


Newton Falls – After all the dishes are done and the leftover turkey bits (and stuffing and veggie casseroles and countless pies and other desserts) have been organized into just the right Tupperware containers, there are many ways to spend the day following Thanksgiving. Some of the more courageous among us will brave the official start of the crazed holiday shopping season – more anticipated than the recent Browns vs. Steelers matchup or opening day for the latest sure-to-be-a-favorite Disney movie – while some will be the ones actually manning those retail stations and serving as crowd control. But residents of Newton Falls chose another option for their Black Friday that had nothing to do with greenbacks and everything to do with green boughs.

Newton Falls – Business resumed as usual at the November meeting of the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association.

The agenda opened with the financial reports for September and October as well as approval of the minutes for both months before proceeding to old business. The annual tree decorating has been scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 29th, at noon. Anyone who wants to come out and help make the little spot at Four Corners Park (by Positive Images) festive for the holidays is welcome to join in the effort. Although the tree that was planted in 2012 did not last, another tree has already been chosen and will be transplanted with the intention of becoming a permanent fixture. The official tree lighting will be the following weekend on Saturday, December 7th at 6pm. Santa is expected to make an appearance, so bring out the whole family for an evening of Christmas merriment. Residents will have a chance to chat with Santa even earlier than Saturday as he visits the Newton Falls Family Dollar store on Thursday, December 5th at 5pm.

Newton Falls – The Kiwanis Club of Newton Falls welcomed seven new members this year.  Some members were invited to join by friends; others wanted to take part in the many activities that benefit Newton Falls residents and children, especially after reading the newspaper articles about this service organization.

We asked these members why they joined or what activities they particularly liked.  Alma Griffith enjoyed starting the perennial garden and really enjoys getting involved in the food-in-backpacks program.  She liked the junior Olympics—in fact, all the projects with the youth in the community, to make them better citizens and take pride in the community. “It lets you know what our community has to offer.  The companionship of Kiwanis members is wonderful at events such as bingo at Allan Dell and Laurie Ann. “All this makes our community a better place to live.  It’s fun talking up Newton Falls. I look forward to every Tuesday [meeting or bingo night].“

Carole Mazanetz really enjoyed helping at bingo.  She adds, “It was delightful passing out new books, which the club bought, to the first graders at the elementary school.”

Both of these new members helped to label books for the backpack program while accepting cakes prior to the Cake Walk.  Our Kiwanis Club appreciates the contribution of these new members.

Kiwanis meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at Covered Bridge Inn Restaurant,  22 W. Broad, Newton Falls, except for the last Tuesday of the month, which is bingo night at Laurie Ann and Allan Dell.  Please consider joining us.  See more at http://newtonfallskiwanisclub.webs.com .


Newton Twp. – The Newton Township Cemetery Association is continuing to record cemetery gravestones until inclement weather in the seven cemeteries of Newton Township.  Information from this project is being compiled in a data base at the Newton Township administration building.   Work with the Lutheran and Wilderson cemeteries is nearing completion.

Newton Falls – Julianna Stanley of Newton Falls Placed 2nd (Silver Medal Winner) in the US Figure Skating 2013 National Solo Dance Series Championship. The competition was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Julianna competed against the top six skaters from each of the three regions. All of the seven Ice dance levels competed for Medals that were given to the top four skaters. She ranked 4th in the Midwest Region for her patterns in the preliminary Dance level. That 4th place ranking qualified her to compete in this year’s event. Her parents are very proud of her accomplishments and her abilities given to her by God to do so well. She also competes in Freestyle Figure skating. Julianna and her coach, Giselle Frantz, have worked really hard to get to the National Championships this year and take home a medal.

Newton Falls – Meet the Newton Falls Public Library’s new technical instructor, Cynthia Casterline on Monday, October 14 from 3:30 – 7:30 pm.  Cindie will be available to meet library patrons, discuss simple technology issues, and sign individuals up for our many new class offerings.  The upcoming classes will range from basic instruction such as “My Mouse Has No Tail” to using tablets, navigating online shopping sites, and job hunting.

Visit the library to pick up a schedule of activities and events. More information about free library programs and hours is available at the Newton Falls Public Library, 204 S. Canal St., Newton Falls, phone 330-872-1282, and on the library’s online calendar at www.newtonfalls.org.

Craig Beach – There is an empty store around the corner from the Covered Bridge of Newton Falls that at one time housed a video rental place – before movies-by-mail and over the Internet made such an establishment virtually obsolete – with a decidedly revolving name plaque of business monikers. But recently the  space was filled once again with a hustle and bustle and a dash of hope as people came together for the benefit of a neighbor. Dozens of local vendors crowded into the store, filling the shelves which once held movie cases, with a variety of wares. The big name home-party staples that are Tupperware, lia sophia jewelry, Miche Bags and Thirty-One joined with bakers (professional and home cooks alike), event planners, and numerous other organizations to join in to give a helping hand to a family in Craig Beach whose own home is now a devastatingly empty space due to a dangerous August fire that took not only their building but the house next to it as well.

Newton Falls – Julianna Stanley of Newton Falls is flying out Sept 18-21 to compete in the US Figure Skating 2013 National Solo Dance Series Championship. The competition will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Julianna has been ice skating for 6 years. She has only been ice dancing for the last two. The top six skaters from each of the three regions will compete. There are seven Ice dance levels to compete in. The 18 skaters will compete in the championships and medals will be given to the top four skaters. She ranked 4th in the Midwest Region for her patterns in the preliminary dance level. This is the first year for her to compete in the Solo Dance Event. She also competes in Freestyle figure skating. Julianna and her coach, Giselle Frantz, have worked really hard to get to the National Championships this year.


Newton Falls – The hunt is on for the Great Chili Recipe of Ohio! Okay, maybe not quite all of Ohio, but “in all of northwest Trumbull County” would be a good starting honor…In any case, the recipe hunt is on and the hunt for cookers who think they may possess that extra-special concoction is very much in full swing as the annual Newton Falls Chili Cook-Off planning is almost at a full boil. It may not be a Food Network show, but the Chili Cook-Off has been an area staple for 24 years, which is a lot longer than most television episodes go without being cancelled (or “chopped” if you’re a true fan of kitchen vernacular). 

General Assembly Church of God at Newton Falls, OH announces its 6th Annual Bluegrass Music Festival. Bands which are currently scheduled to perform are Vertical Limit, Limited Edition and Joe Click & Family. Well-known local bluegrass personality, Charlie Lape has volunteered his time to emcee the event. The Festival will be held at the Newton Falls Community Center located at 52 East Quarry Street on Saturday, September 21 beginning at 2 pm. Food and refreshments will be available to purchase.

Newton Falls – It’s that time of year again (believe it or not): the air is growing a little bit crisper, the leaves are starting to turn a little bit more colorful, and the shops we know and love have seemingly morphed into purveyors of all things autumn with their warm-toned décor and pointed wafting of delicious pumpkin-y and cider smells. Not only do all of these favorite things signify the arrival of the chillier months, but they also serve as harbingers for some of Newton Falls’ favorite things: the yearly fall events looked forward to by residents and visitors alike.

Newton Falls – Tickets are on sale at the Superintendent’s Office located at 909 ½ Milton Blvd., for the upcoming Newton Falls Tiger football season from 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. The cost for reserved season passes for 5 home games will be $40.00. We also have a 10-game pass available for adults to purchase for $50.00, and students 10-game pass for $30.00, which is good for any varsity game, i.e., volleyball, soccer, football or basketball.

Newton Falls – Getting ready to take a trip abroad this summer or in the fall?  Children and teens looking for something to do before the school year begins again? Or simply wishing you knew how to speak another language? The Newton Falls Public Library has Mango Languages, an online self-directed language instruction focusing on everyday conversational skills and cultural awareness. There are a total of 61 different courses offered, including the very popular Pirate. Children and teens can be prepared to speak fluently on “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” on September 19th.
In addition to the user friendly foreign language instruction, there are 15 English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) packages to help various foreign language speakers learn English. There is also a translation tool for translating between 54 different languages.
To use this database, simply go to the library’s website www.newtonfalls.org, select Ohio Web Library, and then Mango Languages.  From a smartphone or other device, go to the app store, choose the free library version of Mango, and download the app.  Now let the fun begin.
More information about free library programs and hours is available at the Newton Falls Public Library, 204 S. Canal St., Newton Falls, phone 330-872-1282.

Newton Falls – The Newton Falls Schoolmates and Friends 94th Reunion was celebrated June 15tg at DeVieste’s Banquet Room in Warren, with 374 people in attendance. Welcoming the schoolmates were: Connie Swartz Ansley, Jenny Gordon Clark, Diane Winters Coss, Kathy Rudolph Fowler, Jackie Hrenko Kanaan, Kathy Kezele Lewis and Louise and Wendell Montgomery, all members of the class of 1964.

Newton Falls -  Beginning on June 30th, entertainment and fun begins in Newton Falls leading up to the grand finale — an amazing firework display on July 4th.
Listed below are highlights of what is sure to be a great time in Newton Falls.
Entertainment at the Band Tent
• June 30,2013     5:00-10:00   Satellite Radio

• July 1, 2013        7:00-11:00    Neil Hogue

• July 2, 2013        7:00-11:00    Dixie Soul

• July 3, 2013        8:00-12:00    THE FUZZ

• July 4, 2013        6:00-10:00     Short Circuit

67th Annual 4th of July Parade – Starts at 10:00 a.m.  on July 4th (line-up begins at 8:00 a.m. at Church of God)

4th of July Raffle Drawing -  Takes place on July 4th at 9:00 p.m. at the band tent in the city park.  Winners do not need to be present.  Tickets are $10 each.
Grand Prize – 2 year lease on Chevy Cruze or $5,000
1st – $1,000 Airlines Gift card or cash
2nd – 47” or larger HD TV
3rd – $250 Sunoco Gift card

4th of July Fireworks will be at 10:00 p.m.
(Rain or shine, No Rain Date)

Newton Falls – Kiwanis Club of Newton Falls would like to thank several donors who helped us create the perennial garden at the corner of Broad and Center Streets.  Newton Falls TOPS donated 17 perennials after their plant sale.  Mayor Lyle Waddell donated time, labor and water as we set up our garden.  Susan Holub and Chris Drake donated all the extra plants from their plant exchange May 25 at the Community Center.  Kiwanis member Alma Griffith provided care for the plants at her home until our May 30 planting date, and brought potting soil to help improve the quality of the ground.  She also coordinated the planting arrangement. Other members donated plants, too.  Eric Read, friend of Kiwanis, helped us dig and plant for several hours.
Kiwanis hopes everyone will enjoy the perennial garden.

Newton Falls – While residents of Garrettsville and the surrounding neighborhoods are getting ready for next weekend’s Summerfest, the town of Newton Falls and its community members are hard at work planning for the rapidly-approaching Fourth of July festivities. Part of that preparation every year is the organization of the warm-weather favorite that is the annual Car and Bike Show which helps raise money for the approaching July activities.

Newton Falls Kiwanis Club would like to announce the recipients of the 2013 scholarships.  Andrew Ferguson and Sam Pittman were presented with their awards by Mrs. Kathy Wujcik, their former teacher and new Kiwanis member, at the May 28 senior assembly at the high school.

Club members on the scholarship committee unanimously voted for these two deserving students after comparing the quality of their essays and amount of volunteerism in the community to other seniors.  The scholarships were judged anonymously in order to be as fair as possible.  Kiwanis, an international service organization, would like to remind students how important it is to be active in helping others.

Newton Falls – Dr. Charles Verbanic and Dr. Scott Werner are proud to welcome their new associate, Dr. Justin Yun.  Dr. Yun is looking forward to creating a comfortable environment for his patients and having them enjoy the experience of getting involved in their dental treatment.  He is excited about being mentored at Dental Associates of Newton Falls.  Justin says, “There is no better feeling than being able to help someone and put a smile on his/her face.”

Newton Falls – Newton Falls Kiwanis Club announces its new website.  Members are happy to share news of our events and volunteer work in the community.  The site also links to Kiwanis International, UNICEF, Trumbull County Tourism Bureau, and to our upcoming Labor Day 4-mile race / or 2-mile walk, which benefits the Senior Citizen Van program.  Set the date:  September 2.  Registration forms are online.  We’d like to see many families participate together in the walk or run this year.  See more at  http://newtonfallskiwanisclub.webs.com .

Newton Falls – The Newton Falls Crescendo Club is please to announce the winner of this year’s Scholarship.  Band Senior Taylor Phelps was selected by the Scholarship Committee to receive the $500 award.  Taylor will be attending Kent State next year to study Zoology.  Congratulations!  

Newton Twp. – The Newton Township Cemetery Association will hold its monthly meeting on June 20, Thursday, at 6 o’clock at the Township Administration Building on Arlington Road. The public is welcome and invited.

The 2014 calendar should be available any day now and may be purchased thru any member of the association or by phoning Lois Wynkoop, president, at 330-872-3116. They will also be available for purchase at the Newton Falls Alumni Reunion on June 15.

Plans are being made for another Cemetery Walk this fall with the format being different from last year. It will again be held at the North Canal Street cemetery, but attendees will be able to walk at their leisure and read information about particular graves. Members of the association will be available to answer questions and maps will be available marking the graves being highlighted. The calendars will also be available to purchase at the event.

Newton Falls – The Eagle Creek Conservation Club is pleased to announce that they will be holding their 40th Annual Youth Fishing Derby on Sunday, June 2, 2013.  The event will take place at the Newton Falls Community Center pond located at 52 East Quarry Street in Newton Falls. The derby is a free event open to all children ages 15 and under. Registration begins at 11am and the contest will run from noon until 2pm. The event has been a local tradition for years where those who have participated in the past are now bringing their children for the experience. The fishing derby is held to help foster children’s appreciation of the outdoors and interest in fishing. Additional information is available at www.eaglecreekconservationclub.com as well as a list of other upcoming youth and community events sponsored by the club.

Newton Falls – During the May meeting of the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association, the agenda focused on town events.

As the president, secretary and treasurer were excused, no voting could be done, due to only having one officer present. However, the gathering time was put to good use as much was to be discussed. The minutes from the previous meeting were accepted as submitted and will be revisited at the next meeting with a vote to officially enter them into record. As there were no specific communications that needed to be addressed and the financial report will be postponed until June, the floor was given to a special guest, Christine Newman who is the organizer of the Arts in the Park which will be in its third year this summer. Ms. Newman spoke about the upcoming festival, scheduled for August 10th, namely the benefits of having a gathering of creative artists, and the costs associated with creating the free event for the community. Local artists of varied genres gather in Veterans Park and use the backdrop of the waterfalls as an inspirational setting for an afternoon of demonstrations, exhibits, and hands-on activities for all ages. This year the organizers are looking for sponsors to help defray the financial responsibilities and there are multiple sponsorship levels available for those who wish to help support the cause. Ms. Newman’s specific proposal to the Association involved an option tailored to the multiple-business organization and will be reviewed by the Finance Committee and will then be voted on by the members at a future meeting. Sponsorships are open to anyone in the community regardless of business affliation, so for more information interested individuals can contact the Arts in the Park chairperson at (440) 781-4578. To see highlights of last year’s event, search for “Newton Falls Arts in the Park” on your favorite web-browser.

Newton Twp. – The NTCA held its regular monthly meeting on May 16 at the township administration building in Newton Falls. Plans were made to resume the repair work on headstones at Pricetown Cemetery which is at the Pricetown Methodist Church. A tentative date of June 3 is scheduled for the work to resume and be completed that week. Volunteers are always welcome. Work begins early in the morning and will continue until approximately noon.

Newton Falls - Newton Falls Kiwanis Club and nearly sixty enthusiastic 6- to 12-year olds spent a chilly May 11 morning enjoying track and field events.  Co-sponsored by Positive Images, and with much help from Coach Brian Bugos and the high school track team, these games allow our young people to exercise and have fun with their peers, while learning about track skills.  These games originated over thirty years ago, beginning with an idea from Trooper Tim DelVecchio and Andy Jacob, then developed by Kiwanis member Andy Jacob.  Mr. Jacob was honored by having the name of the games changed to the Andy Jacob Junior Olympics, and Kiwanis is happy to carry out the games in his memory.

IMG_1693athletes&parents@awardsStudents participated in a softball throw, with measurements for distance and accuracy.  Another fun event was the obstacle course, which concluded with a little silliness–a run around a bucket.  The running long jump was interesting for the children, who learned about the white take-off line.  The games concluded with 25-meter, 50-meter, 100-meter, and 200-meter races.  It was exciting for the children to be in a race that began by starter pistol.

At the awards ceremony, participants received t-shirts and either a ribbon or medal for each event.  Special thanks go to the school board and Superintendent Woodard for allowing these events at the school, Coach Bugos and the track team, Positive Images, the wonderfully supportive parents, and the booster club for having the concession stand open.  Kiwanis also thanks the Church of God for a donation to help with expenses.

Kiwanis welcomes new members.  Consider coming to a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays (except the last Tuesday of the month) at Covered Bridge Inn Restaurant, 22 W. Broad Street

Newton Falls – The Newton Falls Kiwanis Club would like to thank the community for their support of our annual Steak Dinner which was a great success. We also want to thank George, Mary, & Staff of the Covered Bridge Inn for the hard work that they put into the event. Kiwanis appreciates the help of wives and friends who gave their time to help out. Finally, we owe a huge thank you to the leaders and girls of Girl Scout Troops 124, 239, and 80796. The girls did this as a community service project. 

Newton Falls – For many Americans April 16th was a day to breathe a little easier now that their government-required financial filing is done for another year. But Newton Falls Mayor Lyle Waddell had more to celebrate last Tuesday than just the end of tax season.

Members of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber and their guests gathered at Ciminero’s Banquet Centre in Niles for a congratulatory dinner commemorating the accomplishments of the graduates of the 2013 Mahoning Valley Local Government Leadership Academy, a nine-week course that helps students become more effective leaders in their communities. 

Newton Falls – Despite the very cold weather in the week preceding, Saturday, March 23, was a great day for the 60th Newton Falls  Community Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the  Girl Scouts.    A cool, but sunny day made the crowd a little less than previous years but gave those attending a bigger haul of prizes.  Over 7000 eggs were stuffed with candy and prizes for the kids to gather.  Big Top the Clown, the Easter Bunny, and Shelly the Good Egg entertained the kids with balloon animals, high-fives, and pictures.  Again, it was a joy to see at least one of Janice Dietelbach’s original junior high girl scouts who started this service project attend bringing a grandchild (or maybe a great-grandchild) to gather eggs.

Newton Falls – Opening the March meeting of the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association, President Lyle Waddell mentioned that he had been repeatedly receiving calls from a production company interested in promoting the town by way of some type of video such as a mini movie or a commercial. Details of the potential project and the exact intention of the company are as of yet unclear, so Mr. Waddell stated he will look further into the matter before seriously considering the pitch. Also under the communication category, Secretary Lara Reibold suggested making progress on a suggestion that would allow members to use the Association’s logo with the statement “Proud member of…” on their business cards, individual websites, or as a decal in their shop windows to announce their status as a member in good standing.

Newton Falls – Several new faces and prospective members gathered at Roby Lee’s Restaurant for the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association’s February meeting. With what was the largest crowd in attendance in recent history, Association President Lyle Waddell started off the business meeting by requesting the financial report update and approval of the last meeting’s minutes before recognizing the various guests which included representatives from the local veterans’ organizations as well as association members who have not been able to attend many previous meetings but who plan to make a stronger effort in joining in the discussion to help promote local businesses.