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Garrettsville – The main topic of discussion after the opening of the March 12, 2014 Garrettsville village council meeting was water rates and how much of an increase there will be if council approves proposed Ordinance 2014-13.  The Board of Public Affairs (BPA) had asked a representative from Arcadis in February 2013 about a rate study for the village water utility that could be used to plan and budget future water projects and to assure current rates were adequate.  (Arcadis is company that specializes in infrastructure and water planning & design which  has consulted on infrastructure projects like the State Street water main replacement project last year and the coming Liberty Street bridge replacement project.)

Hiram - Around 30 residents from Hiram and Mantua Townships attended a community meeting last Saturday to share their concerns about how a local storage well is affecting their lives, their roads and their families. At the meeting, citizens voiced concerns over the ill affects of the increase in 18-wheeled tanker truck traffic near their homes. Individuals provided photos taken on local roads of tanker trucks bringing fracking waste to the area for disposal at the storage well from as far away as Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Texas. 

Windham Twp. – Eight residents were in attendance at the Windham Township Trustees meeting on March 6, 2014 to see how the township conducts its business.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman Dann Timmons. The trustees approved the minutes and the financial report before moving on to discuss the judge’s decision on granting Mr. Dale Soinski’s petition to have the trustees vacate an unused portion of Frazier Road. The trustees are disappointed with the judge’s decision and claim the ruling is a bit ambiguous, but voted 2-0-1 (Timmons yes, Rich Gano yes, Miller abstained) not to pursue an appeal. The residents in attendance also felt it was unwise to spend any more money on the issue and agreed with their decision.   

Nelson Twp – Officials present at the March 5th, 2014 trustee meeting were fiscal officer J. David Finney and township trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota. Also present were Roads Supervisor Chuck Vanek, Zoning Inspector Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, and Community House Caretaker Michelle Cmunt.

As the first order of business, Finney presented the minutes of the February 19th meeting for approval.  Matota made a motion to accept the minutes as presented;  Elias seconded the motion. All trustees voted to approve the minutes.

Mantua Twp. – At a recent meeting of the Mantua Township Trustees, the trustees approved a resolution to certify their jurisdiction of 37.09 miles of township roads. In similar news, they have also approved a list of zoning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in response to the increase in questions received from realtors and appraisers. The updated list has been posted on the Township website, so visit mantuatownshipohio.gov for the latest information.

Hiram – The Hiram Police Department is pleased to announce the acquisition and approval of the Ohio Criminal Justice Assistance Services Law Enforcement grant. The grant will fund the total replacement of  two  outdated light bars on two  Hiram P.D. patrol cars. The total project is budgeted at $3,500. The approval of this grant will heighten and improve officer safety and roadway safety during traffic stops and emergency responses without carrying the financial burden to the taxpayers.
“With successful grant acquisitions we are able to improve and update current outdated safety equipment, which generates an improved safety service that we provide to the community, it also is completed without burdening taxpayers or the budget with the expense”, stated Chief Samec. The current light bars are the rotating and flasher type, the new light bars that will be acquired with the grant funds are LED styles which are very visible from long distances.

Nelson Twp – Officials present at the February 19th, 2014 trustee meeting were fiscal officer J. David Finney and township trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota. Also present were, Roads Supervisor Chuck Vanek, Zoning Inspector Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, and Community House Caretaker Michelle Cmunt.

As the first order of business, Finney presented the minutes of the February 5th meeting for approval. Matota made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; Elias seconded the motion. All trustees voted to approve the minutes.
Following the presentation of the minutes, Finney provided the trustees with copies of the bills and wages to be paid totaling $19,202.02; he also presented the trustees with a fund status report showing $285,809.11 in total township funds. Finney also informed the trustees that he has received the final loan repayment amortization schedule, which requires semi-annual payments $156.15 in the spring and fall. Following this schedule, the township’s debt would be retired in January 2044.

Mantua Twp. – At the last meeting to discuss prospective plans for the Mantua Center School/Administration Building, over 60 residents braved the blustery weather to find out the results of community feedback regarding the historic township structure. Todd Peetz, from Portage County Regional Planning Commission again led the meeting.

Hiram Twp - After Steve Pancost, Chairman of the Township Trustees called the meeting to order, Assistant Fire Chief Mark Kozak presented his monthly report, sharing that, fortunately, January’s calls were, “kind of low.” Kozak reported 32 total calls within the village and college, with a total of 14 in the township. He also reported that the Fire Department is investigating the potential of generating additional funds by placing a levy on the ballot during November’s election.

In similar news, Township Trustees are in the process of finalizing plans to purchase an emergency siren for the south end of the township. The addition of this new, second siren will provide emergency notification coverage to the entire township, and will be located on State Route 82, across the street from the Rolling Acres development. According to Vice-Chairman of the Trustees, Kathy Schulda, the siren will be installed by late spring or early summer, with a portion of the funds provided by Village Builders, per an agreement with the township. 

Windham Twp. – While many townships, cities and municipalities are struggling to get road salt, Windham Township seems to have dodged that bullet for now. According to Road Supervisor Brian Miller they are currently doing all right with their salt supply after securing a delivery from the county engineer earlier in the year. For now they are holding their own so to speak with their salt supply. In other road news, the township workers have done a great job on keeping the roads clear and even found some time to do the sidewalks so the students could safely walk to school. Trustee Rich Gano looked at their secondary broken salt spreader and tightened up the chain. It seems to be working now. Gano suggested they consider selling it since they only use one anyway. No decision was made on the spreader.

Nelson Twp – Officials present at the February 5th, 2014 trustee meeting were fiscal officer J. David Finney and township trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota. Also present were, Roads Supervisor Chuck Vanek, Zoning Inspector Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, and Community House Caretaker Michelle Cmunt.

Kent –State Representative Kathleen Clyde of Kent is seeking a third term in the Ohio House of Representatives and has declared her candidacy for the 75th Ohio House District in Portage County.

“I am running for State Representative so that I can continue the job I started when the people of Portage County elected me to the Statehouse four years ago,” stated Clyde. “Nothing is more important to me than being a strong voice for Portage County residents and doing everything I can to find the common sense solutions that will help improve our economy, strengthen our schools, and preserve our future.”

First elected in 2010, Clyde serves on the powerful Finance & Appropriations Committee, the Policy & Legislative Oversight Committee, and is the Ranking Minority Member of the State & Local Government Committee.  She is also a member of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission.

Clyde will again be running in the 75th Ohio House District, which includes Streetsboro, Kent, Ravenna and all of Southern Portage County.


Hiram – At the start of the meeting, Mayor Lou Bertrand called for nominations for an appointment to fill Alan Donley’s seat on Village Council. Mr. Donley gave up his seat in December 2013. Council approved the nomination of Mr. Tom Wadkins to fulfill the remainder of Mr. Donley’s term, and during the same meeting, elected Mr. Wadkins to the position of Council President.  Mr. Chris Cobb took his seat on council, as well.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Mr. William Steiner, Director of Portage County Solid Waste Management, was present to answer questions about a proposed contract for recycling services between his organization and the Village. Mr. Steiner shared that the Ohio EPA is in the process of writing a new plan for the entire county, and noted that the EPA’s plan is “somewhat restrictive.” Among Council’s questions was the ability to schedule weekly recycling pick-ups within the Village, as opposed to bi-weekly, as is the current practice. It was noted that recycling pick-up within Hiram Township occurs on a weekly basis. The resolution authorizing a contract with Portage County Solid Waste has been tabled.

Windham – Windham Village Council met for their regularly- scheduled meeting on January 27, 2014 with all council members present, along with fiscal officer Lloyd Billman, and solicitor Tom Reitz.

Council approved the minutes from the December 17, 2013 meeting and the minutes from the January 7, 2014 organizational meeting. They also approved the financial report, the dispatcher’s report for the month of December. 

At the first regularly scheduled meeting in 2014, the Village Council approved appointment of Paul Janson as 2014 President of Council. In addition, Mr. Janson was appointed to the Finance Committee along with Ben Prescott and John Clark. Martin Hura was named the alternate member to the Finance Committee. Bill Zoller, Ben Prescott, and John Clark were appointed to the Service Committee. Mr. Janson was named as the alternate member to that committee. Council also appointed Martin Hura, Giles Seith, and Bill Zoller to the Village’s Safety Committee. Ben Prescott will serve as an alternate. Lastly, Council appointed Bill Zoller to fill the position of Mantua Village Representative to the MSFD Fire Board, effective February of this year. Giles Seith will serve as his alternate.  At this time, a Village representative and Mantua-Shalersville Fire Department representative have not yet been appointed. 

Ravenna - Portage County Auditor Janet Esposito is warning property owners to beware of companies offering to assist with tax valuation appeals. “Property tax values are available at the Auditor’s Office, where the staff or I will be happy to explain what values are on record and how to file an appeal. The entire process is free.”

Mantua Twp. – There is a Mantua Township Community Meeting which was rescheduled because of weather on January 7th to January 29th at 7:00 p.m. at the Mantua Township Civic Center.  The meeting is a follow up from October with additional findings from other community groups and organizations and to discuss the potential possibilities for the old Center School.  We continue to look for community input concerning the school.  The Portage County Regional Planning Commission will be the facilitators for the discussion.  The end product will be a compilation of the suggestions and provide a set of alternatives for the Mantua Township Trustees to consider.   If you have further questions or need additional information, please contact Todd Peetz, Director of Portage County Regional Planning Commission at 330-297-3613.

Nelson Twp.  – Officials present at the January 15th, 2014 trustee meeting were fiscal officer J. David Finney and township trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota. Also present were, Roads Supervisor Chuck Vanek, Zoning Inspector Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, and Community House Caretaker Michelle Cmunt.

As the first order of business, Finney presented the minutes of the January 8th meeting for approval with the addition of Jacob Seinc’s last name. Elias made a motion to accept the minutes as presented with the addition of Seinc’s last name; Matota seconded the motion. With a 3:0 vote to approve, the motion carried.

Mantua Township – At the last regularly scheduled meeting of the Mantua Township Trustees, Trustees Victor Grimm and John Festa were in attendance. Mr. Festa noted that the Township’s inventory has been completed and turned in to Fiscal Officer Marie Stehli. Mr. Grimm noted that a draft document of proposed zoning fees has been completed, with no changes from 2013 fees, other than a change noted on page two of the document. Mr. Grimm stated that he has included his proposed change, which deals with the demolition of a small building. The document will be ready for Trustee vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Windham Twp. –  The Windham Township Trustees held their organizational meeting on January 7, 2014.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.  The board welcomed Rich Gano as a new trustee, replacing Jesse Wirick.  Dann Timmons was appointed chairman, with Brian Miller being appointed as vice-chairman.  Dann Timmons was appointed as the trustee representative to the W.V.F.D Joint Fire District.  Rich Gano was appointed to represent the township with Portage County Regional Planning Commission.

Nelson Twp.  – Acting as the Chairman-Pro Tem, Nelson Township Fiscal Officer Dave Finney called the first trustee meeting of 2014 to order on January 8 and lead those in attendance in reciting the pledge of allegiance. Officials present at the meeting were trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota. Also present were Chuck Vanek, Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, and Michelle Cmunt.

As the first order of business, Finney opened the floor to the trustees for the nomination of a Chairman. Matota nominated Leonard, and was seconded by Elias. All three trustees voted to close the nomination for Chairman making Leonard the Chairman. Finney then turned over control of the meeting to Leonard who opened the floor for the nomination of a Vice Chairman. Matota nominated Elias, and Leonard seconded the nomination, and the trustees voted to make Elias the Vice Chairman.

Hiram Twp. – The township has received a copy of a suit filed in December by the Pinter family against Clarence Moore, the owner of Far View Airport, a privately owned airstrip in Hiram. The issue was initially brought to the attention of Township Trustees in February of last year. At that time, Trustees asked both parties to work with the County Prosecutor’s office to reach a resolution. At this time, Trustees are waiting to hear the outcome of the suit.

As we begin 2014, I would like to start out by saying how beautiful our Village looked for Christmas. There was a comment on our Facebook page that I thought was very appropriate. It was stated at the Christmas Tree Lighting that Garrettsville reminded them of a Hallmark Christmas Card. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Garrettsville –  The January 8, 2014 Garrettsville village council meeting opened welcoming new councilman Tom Hardesty (Hardesty was elected last November and replaces retired Councilman Bob Matson).  Immediately the floor opened for nominations for council president.  Councilwoman Becky Harrington nominated Tom Hardesty for the job.  The motion was seconded and council voted him in.   Hardesty’s first act was to open a public hearing to discuss proposed Ordinances 2013-39 and 2013-40 which would eliminate the requirement that business signage be reviewed by the Design Review Board and would allow the zoning department to approve applications for signs that meet current codes.
There was no public comment – actually, there was only one resident in attendance in the audience.  Hardesty closed the hearing and regular session began.  Minutes from the last council meeting were approved with corrections.  Council then discussed revenue, expenditure, cash balances and income tax reports.  

Windham Twp. – Windham township trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting with all trustees in attendance, along with the fiscal officer. Chairman of the Board Brian Miller called the meeting to order. The trustees approved the minutes from November’s meeting and the expenditures.  After a brief discussion, the trustee agreed to raise the insurance reimbursement from $6500 a year to $7500 a year as the maximum reimbursement.

Windham -  Windham Village Council  met for their regularly-scheduled meeting with one board member delayed, by the weather; otherwise all other members were present. The meeting was called to order and council approved the minutes, expenditures, and the fire and police dispatcher’s report.

Mayor Rob Donham reported that the asbestos report was done on the 13 properties the village is planning to demolish through the Move Ohio Forward Program. The buildings are expected to be down by the end of the year.

Nelson Twp - Meeting at 7:15pm on November 20, trustees Tom Matota and Joe Leonard were in attendance for a special meeting scheduled to decide the fate of two proposed amendments. Outgoing trustee Jim Turos was once again absent.

After the November 6 meeting, the trustees followed up with Township legal counsel Chris Meduri for advice on two proposed amendments. Meduri informed the trustees that the amendments could be approved at their discretion, but noted that accepting “Amendment 2” as valid would set a precedent for future proposals. Amendment 2 was thought to be “null and void” at the November 6 meeting due to the fee for submission remaining unpaid. Trustees Matota and Leonard were in agreement that the amendment needed to be rejected as void to avoid setting a precedent. 

Garrettsville – At the November 13th village council meeting, Mayor Rick Patrick introduced Nelson Township Trustee Tom Matota.  Matota addressed council about the issues over chip/seal to Brosius Road that the township and village share responsibility for.  Matota explained his understanding of how ODOT divided up roads for maintenance.  Matota also stated it appears that Nelson Township’s assigned responsibility actually extends approximately 400 feet further than originally thought toward Silica Street.  Matota said that the township would maintain the portion of the road assigned to them.  He also said that the Township couldn’t always commit funds, especially on short notice.  

Hiram – Last Wednesday in Independence, the Hiram Police Department received the prestigious American Automobile Association (AAA) Platinum Award for community safety programs and education. The national award is given annually to recognize police departments for their efforts toward improving roadway and pedestrian safety. The award was bestowed on the Department by local and national AAA representatives.

Issue 1 –  Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities Renewal Tax Levy – 2 Mills

Issue 2 –  Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities Renewal Tax Levy – 0.9 Mill

Issue  3 –  Portage County Mental Health & Recovery Board Renewal Tax Levy – 1 Mill

Issue 15 –  Mantua-Shalersville Fire District Renewal Tax Levy – 2.99 Mills


School Boards

Crestwood LSD

David A. Becker

Norman Erickson

Todd Monroe


J. A. Garfield LSD

Patricia A. Brett

Guy V. Pietra


Ravenna Schools Deborah Davison

Judy Paydock

Joan Seman

Mike Tontimonia


Rootstown LSD

Jay Kelsey

Stephanie Langguth

Tom Siciliano


Windham Exempted Village School District

Danny Burns

Elaine Grant

Dawn D. Kilgore


School Levies

Issue 24 –  James A. Garfield Local School District  Renewal Tax Levy – 5.51 Mills


Issue 21 – Ravenna City School District

Additional Tax Levy – 4.9 Mills

3 Mills Current Expenses, 1.9 Mills General, On-Going Permanent Improvements


Issue 28 –  Windham Exempted Village School District Renewal Tax Levy – 3.95 Mills


Garrettsville Village


Rick Patrick

Village Council

Teri Eiermann

Steve Hadzinsky

Tom Hardesty

Becky Harrington

Charles C. Klamer

Kristen Kline Morris

Board of Public Affairs

Stephanie Byrne


Hiram Village

Village Council

Robert E. Dempsey

David C. Smith

Christopher Cobb


Mantua Village

Village Council

John A. Clark

Martin S. Hura

Ben Prescott

Giles E. Seith


Windham Village

Village Council

Rachel W. Barrett

Scott Garrett

Linda Rininger


Freedom Township 


Bill Bennett

Jeff Derthick

Roy E. Martin

Tom Mesaros

John C. Zizka


Hiram Township


Steven F. Pancost

Kathleen Schulda


Mantua Township


Jason Carlton

Victor W. Grimm

Matt Parsons

Dawn Pechman

Carole A. Pollard

Nelson Township


Michael G. Elias

Joe Leonard

James M. Turos


Ravenna Township


Patsy Artz

Vince Coia


Rootstown Township


Summer Carpenter

Misty Dulaney

Linda Hankins

Brett A. Housley

David McIntyre


Shalersville Township


Frank R. Ruehr, Jr.

Larry Solak

Nancy J. Vines


Windham Township


Richard Gano

Dann Timmons

Jesse W. Wirick

Mantua Twp. – In light of many questions regarding expenditures of the Township’s finances, Township Fiscal Officer Marie Stehli shared a spreadsheet she developed to clearly show what has been spent on the Mantua Center school building.  She made copies available to those in attendance, and requested that it be added to the township’s website, mantuatownshipohio.gov.  

Hiram – At the start of the meeting, a representative from the Hiram Parks Board, Susan Merrill, informed council of a meeting that will be held on November 13th from 7 to 9 pm. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a venue for area businesses and residents to discuss suggestions for development of the five-acre park space to be located on the former Hiram School property. The meeting will be held in Koritansky Hall at the corner of Routes 82 and 700 in Hiram.

Nelson Twp – Nelson Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting at the Community House on October 16, 2013 with all trustees and fiscal officer in attendance. A representative from the Outspoken Wheelman Bike Club was in attendance and thanked the trustees for allowing the club to use the township garage for the North East Ohio Century Bike Ride held in September. He also presented a contract for use of the facility next year as well. The trustees will look over the contract and consider his request. A few residents and a trustee are uncomfortable with renting out the service garage since they really do not have a policy on rental use of that facility. They were also concerned about the safety of those using the facility, along with liability and the inability to secure township equipment and other items stored in the garage.

Mantua – At the start of the meeting, Mayor Linda Clark welcomed James Carrozzi, an auxiliary officer who recently joined the village police department. Carrozzi is a Ravenna resident who graduated from the Academy at Kent State University in June of this year. Next, the Mayor reported that Congressman Joyce’s visit to tour several local businesses previously scheduled for September 30th was cancelled due to the government shut down. She will let council know when the Congressman’s visit has been rescheduled. In other news, council accepted a donation from Mantaline Corporation in the amount of $4,000. Council appropriated the donation to the Parks/Lodge fund to cover repairs and improvements. 

Mantua – As of September 1st, Kate Rogers has been hired as Administrative Services Officer. In this role, she will report to Clerk-Treasurer/Fiscal Officer Jenny August; in addition, Ms. Rogers will also work to process water and sewer billing with Village Administrator David Akerley. Rogers is a Mantua Village resident with a background in tax work.

Following the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, trustee Tom Matota opened the floor to those present. Jacob Seinc of Scout Troop 465 presented the trustees with updates on his Eagle Scout project (the cleaning and restoration of the Pixley Park hiking trail). Seinc has revised his plan to trade off the mulching of the trail with the construction of stone ramps at the trailhead—enabling Seinc and others to get equipment needed to clear brush on the trail to the job site. Trustee Jim Turos made a motion to accept the changes as presented, to which all trustees agreed.

Mantua Twp. – Zoning Inspector John Dickey announced that he has set up office hours the first few Thursdays of each month at the Center School/Administration Building to make forms available and answer any zoning questions that residents may have. While the township has posted updated permit applications on the township web site, Mr. Dickey acknowledges that residents without computer access need hard copies of pertinent forms and applications. He asked the Trustees to investigate placing a weatherproof box outside the township building so that residents may pick up forms at their convenience. No conclusion was reached on this issue, but this prompted further discussion, including confusions around which doors should be used to enter the building to meet with Mr. Dickey or Fiscal Officer Marie Stehli. Chairman Jason Carlton suggested posting signs directing visitors to the appropriate building entrance.  

Windham Twp – The Windham Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday October 3, 2013 with all trustees and fiscal officer present. Chairman of the Board Brian Miller called the meeting to order. The trustees approved the minutes from the previous meeting and the expenditures. Trustee Dann Timmons announced that Dale Soinski was appealing the county commissioner’s decision on not to vacate the unused portion of Frazier Road. They have set a date for pretrial on October 10, 2013 at 1pm. in Judge John Enlow’s court room.

Hiram Twp. – At a recent meeting of the Hiram Township Trustees, Trustee Jack Groselle mentioned that the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Office of Farmland Preservation is inviting local cities, townships and conservation districts to apply for Local Sponsor Certification by November 15. Local sponsors who qualify would be allocated a portion of the over $6 million available statewide to fund the purchase of agricultural easements on local farms. Landowners who participate in Ohio’s Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program retain title to their land, continue to pay taxes and can farm however and whatever they wish, but the farm must remain in agricultural production. Easement proceeds are typically spent locally to expand farm operations, purchase new machinery, install conservation practices, or reduce debt. Contact Trustee Groselle at (330) 569-7977 if you’re a landowner interested in participating in this program.

Garrettsville – A Public Hearing was held September 11, 2013 prior to the regularly scheduled council meeting for Proposed Ordinance 2013-30 that would amend the current zoning codes to allow for a “walkable neighborhood” overlay district in the current R-2 residential zoned district.  Dave Harrington of The Reserve at Eagle Creek and Fox Hollow Developments stated that a lot of the people that have considered moving to Garrettsville and have come to the Fox Hollow Development to look are discouraged by of the amount of land that they would have to take care of if they purchased a lot to build on.  Currently zoning requires a minimum of a half-acre lot for single-family homes.  

Village Residents,

It has been a little over a year since Mayor Craig Moser passed away unexpectedly and that I had the responsibility to step in and take over the reins of a wonderful and well respected Mayor.  I admit that at first I was frightened to be taking over such a huge responsibility of being your Mayor. I realized that I had no choice and that I would do everything in my power to serve the community as your Mayor.  One of the questions that I am asked the most is how do you like being Mayor? I answer that it has been a challenge but most everyone that knows me knows that I am always up for a challenge.  When I am called or confronted with a question regarding the Village I have done my best to respond with an answer or look into the situation and resolve the issue promptly.

This is what I will call my midyear report of the Village. We endured the tough winter with some temporary patching of the roads.  We will be soon cracking sealing some of the roads. Bidding has gone out for chip sealing and paving for some of the most damaged roads. Unfortunately  O.D.O.T.  has informed me that they will not be paving State Route 82 till next summer. The Liberty Street Bridge by the Street Department is supposed to be replaced by June 29th 2014. Sidewalks are being evaluated for repairs as much as our budget will allow this year. We are also looking at an alternative of concrete lifting for the sidewalks that are not level instead of replacing. A Beautification Committee has been created to look at enhancing areas of the Village such as the entrance signs, parks, parking lots, Main St and other areas. Thanks to The Chamber of Commerce; with their hard work we have enjoyed events such as Community Garage Sale, St. Patrick’s Day celebration and Car Cruise Nights with more to come. A big thank you goes to The Summerfest Committee for one of the largest festivals ever. We endured the floods as best as we could with a big thank you to the fire, police, water and street departments for making our residents safe and doing what they could do to get our Village operational again. Hopefully, we will not have to endure such a severe storm and flooding again.  Now for the million dollar question, what about Paul’s Grist Mill? A demolition permit has been taken out with Portage County and the building is supposed to be completely down and cleared by December 11, 2013. If it is not razed by that date Portage County Building Department will take further action.

As I end this letter I would just like to say that this year I have been yelled at in two incidents in a disrespectful manor that I did not deserve. I was taught years ago by my old boss the late Paul Patry, try to keep calm and keep your cool. You will get more things done and accomplished by talking civilly to someone and try to work it out.  The next time you have a concern or complaint try talking it out with me or your local councilman or councilwoman .  You might not always like the answer but we will do the best we can to solve your problem.  Thank you for your support.



Mayor Rick Patrick