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Hiram –  The Communications Factory is doing its part again this year to help area seniors turn their dream of higher education into reality by sponsoring its annual scholarship program. In its eleventh year, the Factory’s program awards $1,000 to a deserving area high-school student that completes the agency’s scholarship application. Last year’s winner was Elaine Warren of Cardinal High School in Middlefield.
Brad Turner, founder and “plant manager” of the Communications Factory realizes announcements by companies offering student scholarships is hardly front-page news. That is, of course, unless you are an advertising agency. “Advertising agencies typically do all kinds of wacky things to get media buzz,” notes Turner. “Offering scholarships is not commonly one of them. But our agency is anything but typical or common. We simply believe in the importance of promoting young minds.”

The Communications Factory Scholarship is awarded annually. Students interested in being considered for the scholarship need to complete the application form by April 1, 2014. The application form is available on the agency’s Web site at:
The Communications Factory is a full-service agency that helps up-and-coming organizations retool their brand by melding big agency experience, with the entrepreneurial spirit of a small shop.

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians are focusing on their next community outreach project, the Four-Way Speech Contest.  The premise of the competition is that the speakers are to choose a social, moral and/or ethical problem that they feel strongly about and have personal knowledge about. This confrontation should be bearing in mind the quartet of principles that give the contest its name.  These are : Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships?  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?  A pretty tall order, yes?  


Hiram – Hiram College is one of only six institutions nationwide recently accepted into the Peace Corps Prep Program. The collaboration offers students a unique combination of undergraduate coursework and community service that prepares them for work in international development. In addition to gaining skills and experience which will make them competitive Peace Corps applicants, students also earn a minor in  international studies from Hiram College. Students pursuing a major in any discipline may apply for the program.

Hiram Twp - After Steve Pancost, Chairman of the Township Trustees called the meeting to order, Assistant Fire Chief Mark Kozak presented his monthly report, sharing that, fortunately, January’s calls were, “kind of low.” Kozak reported 32 total calls within the village and college, with a total of 14 in the township. He also reported that the Fire Department is investigating the potential of generating additional funds by placing a levy on the ballot during November’s election.

In similar news, Township Trustees are in the process of finalizing plans to purchase an emergency siren for the south end of the township. The addition of this new, second siren will provide emergency notification coverage to the entire township, and will be located on State Route 82, across the street from the Rolling Acres development. According to Vice-Chairman of the Trustees, Kathy Schulda, the siren will be installed by late spring or early summer, with a portion of the funds provided by Village Builders, per an agreement with the township. 

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians met on February 3, 20014 to look back with pride and a sense of accomplishment  on the 2014 incarnation of Family Week and its culmination in Family Fun Day ( see last week’s Villager) and to move on to planning a bigger and better event for next year.  Book the Balloon Man!


Hiram – Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Richard W. and Evelynne Troyer Spencer have been married for seventy-five years!  That’s 75 years…that’s LXXV years( as their fellow Romans would have noted)…that’s 1001011 ( in digital/binary notation, more or less)….  That’s a lot! That’s an accomplishment.  That’s going to be celebrated on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the Hiram Christian Church from 1:30 to 3:30 in the downstairs social rooms.  The whole tribe of descendents from far corners of the country—from Maine to California—will be there.  Ditto for local friends and well-wishers and you’re invited to listen to stories—there are always stories—to bring stories, to bring a contribution to the light buffet (salads, light entrees, desserts) which will be available for the enjoyment of all ( table service and beverages provided), to offer good wishes and congratulations and to contribute to the general happiness which accompanies such a celebration  of longevity.

Anyone who cannot attend but would like to be a part of this milestone event can direct a card or other remembrance to:  P.O. Box 277, Hiram, OH 44234.

Dick and E.T.S. have been at home in Hiram  for years.  They’ve been IN Hiram, the high school where they met, the College which they both attended, the community which they served in many capacities (Dick’s license plate reads : X-44234 because he was, once upon a time, the local postmaster) even longer.

Some Hallmark listings label the seventy-fifth as the Diamond Anniversary.  This is a pair of gems.  Do come.


Hiram - Recently, on a brisk winter afternoon, Hiram College unveiled the Homefront Education Ready Op (HERO) Program at the Freedom Center; the first on-campus housing dedicated to veterans in the Midwest. Hiram College President Thomas Chema acknowledged, “We, as a country, are so fortunate to have these dedicated men and women.” Chema continued, “We, as a college, seek to provide the exact kind of environment that our veterans need to launch themselves into the next phase of their lives.” To that end, Hiram College partnered with the Patriot Development Group, located in Bratenahl. Patriot Development is on a mission to assist servicemen and women as they transition from military service to careers in the private sector. 

Hiram – The Hiram College Board of Trustees has elected Dr. Lori Varlotta as the 22nd president of the institution. Varlotta, 50, is the first woman president in Hiram history. She is currently the senior vice president for planning, enrollment management and student affairs at California State University, Sacramento. She will succeed Tom Chema who is retiring after 11 years in the position.

Hiram – At the start of the meeting, Mayor Lou Bertrand called for nominations for an appointment to fill Alan Donley’s seat on Village Council. Mr. Donley gave up his seat in December 2013. Council approved the nomination of Mr. Tom Wadkins to fulfill the remainder of Mr. Donley’s term, and during the same meeting, elected Mr. Wadkins to the position of Council President.  Mr. Chris Cobb took his seat on council, as well.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Mr. William Steiner, Director of Portage County Solid Waste Management, was present to answer questions about a proposed contract for recycling services between his organization and the Village. Mr. Steiner shared that the Ohio EPA is in the process of writing a new plan for the entire county, and noted that the EPA’s plan is “somewhat restrictive.” Among Council’s questions was the ability to schedule weekly recycling pick-ups within the Village, as opposed to bi-weekly, as is the current practice. It was noted that recycling pick-up within Hiram Township occurs on a weekly basis. The resolution authorizing a contract with Portage County Solid Waste has been tabled.

Well, THAT was Fun!

Garrettsville- Hiram Rotary’s annual Family Week ended with a bang, as all—or a lot, anyway—of  the folks who had been cooped up by the weather  for longer than  had been the case for quite a while came out to do a whole raft of things  on Saturday, February 1.  There was something for everybody.  


Hiram - Concerned Citizens Ohio/ Hiram free monthly private water well monitoring will take place on January 7th in the Community Room (downstairs) of the Hiram Christian Church, 6868 Wakefield Road, Hiram, OH 44234 (corner of State Routes 700, 82, 305).

We will be using Sierra Club meters to test for “indicators” of water quality. For accurate readings, your sample should be taken as directly from the well as possible— before any treatment and within an hour before we test it. For a sample “fresh from the well,” drain the water sitting in your pipes by running any household cold water for about 10 minutes before you collect your sample (from the well head or from a faucet on your pump). Use a clean, wide-mouthed, covered glass container that holds about 8 oz.

Come at 7:00 pm. We’ll be running videos with experts explaining the hydrofracture (“fracking”) shale drilling and why it produces waste. You can stay as long as you find the videos interesting, while you’re waiting for your water to be tested. For more information contact Gwen Fischer at 330-569-7863 or


Hiram - After an unexpectedly long Christmas break, the members of the Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary met in the Dining Hall at Hiram College on January 13 to get moving on upcoming events and programs.

Members were happy and proud to hear that Rachel Schwan has been selected for participation in the Rotary International Student Exchange program  for the 2014-2015 school year.  Her exact destination will be the subject of a later announcement.  Preparations are under way.  Adventure!

Hiram Twp. – The township has received a copy of a suit filed in December by the Pinter family against Clarence Moore, the owner of Far View Airport, a privately owned airstrip in Hiram. The issue was initially brought to the attention of Township Trustees in February of last year. At that time, Trustees asked both parties to work with the County Prosecutor’s office to reach a resolution. At this time, Trustees are waiting to hear the outcome of the suit.


Taken in any combination—singing because you rejoice, rejoicing because you’re singing, rejoicing to hear the singing, singing to spread the rejoicing—this is a prescription for a lighter heart  for the holiday season.  You can get a maintenance dose by attending the Hiram Community Choir concert at 7:30p.m. on Friday, December 6, 2013 in the Hiram Christian Church at the corner of St. Rtes 82, 700 and 305.  Open wide!

The concert will have three elements : women’s chorus, men’s chorus and combined chorus.  Each segment will contain varied selections, from Christmas carols to Broadway favorites.

Elf Helpers, sign up for your Santa delivery of Christmas gifts ASAP.  Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians are co-ordinating the personal visits by the “right jolly old elf” again this year.  For many families, it is a tradition  stretching across generations, so you’ll want to make sure that you  sign up and get the packages that you’d like to be delivered to either The Business Works or McCumbers-Brady Realty on Main St., Garrettsville.  There is no charge for the service but donations will be turned over to the local People Tree to ensure that others in the community will have a happy holiday as well.

Hiram – Last Wednesday in Independence, the Hiram Police Department received the prestigious American Automobile Association (AAA) Platinum Award for community safety programs and education. The national award is given annually to recognize police departments for their efforts toward improving roadway and pedestrian safety. The award was bestowed on the Department by local and national AAA representatives.

It’s all about the Reverse Raffle coming up on November 7 at the Sugar Bush Golf Club.  The Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians are entertaining everybody they can find and sell a ticket to.  There are side boards and steaks, chicken and choice baskets to bid on, a substantial pot to win, music and competition-level conviviality.  It’s the big fund-raiser of the year for the local Rotary Club that will enable them to carry out their community projects, such as the traditional Santa Delivery service for Christmas, Family Week in January/February, the bowling league during the winter months, roadside clean-up when the weather improves…all manner of help and happiness throughout the year.

Come check out the festivities.  Talk to a Rotarian.    New projects are always on the horizon.  New members are always welcome.

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary meets every Monday evening in the Dining Hall at Hiram College at 5:30-6:00 for dinner,  program  until 7:00.

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians met in the Hiram College Dining Hall on October 21, 2013 to hear from District 6630 Governor Bob Johnson of the Middlefield-Burton Rotary Club; Assistant Governor George Schumacher of the Aurora Rotary Club was also in attendance. They made announcements of events upcoming on November 3 at Doogans in Aurora and on November 9 at the DoubleTree Hilton East in Beachwood (This is a Grand Foundation Event).
District Governor Johnson outlined some of the emphases to be coming in Rotary programs, including membership efforts, grant management—local project focus, choosing host families for student exchanges early, rapid changes in exchange programs, new look of international projects with sustainability highlighted—health, water, literacy, Polio Plus, etc.– a new, simplified district strategic plan, new emphasis on youth, changing formats, new IT dimensions, new demographics. The world rushes on.

Locally, the Reverse Raffle looms and tickets are out.

Club members may attend student exchange interviews; seeking interested families for hosting exchange students.

Hiram – At the start of the meeting, a representative from the Hiram Parks Board, Susan Merrill, informed council of a meeting that will be held on November 13th from 7 to 9 pm. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a venue for area businesses and residents to discuss suggestions for development of the five-acre park space to be located on the former Hiram School property. The meeting will be held in Koritansky Hall at the corner of Routes 82 and 700 in Hiram.


Another Fabulous Freebie from the Hiram Community Trust  and the Hiram College Music Department:

On Friday, October 25, hammered dulcimer virtuoso Tina Bergmann and string bassist Bryan Thomas will present a free concert in the Frohring Recital Hall at 7:30p.m.  The much-acclaimed duo are Ohio-based folk artists performing an eclectic repertoire of traditional American, Celtic and South American music.

Pete Seeger—you remember him—has called Tina Bergmann “the best hammered dulcimer player I’ve heard in my life.”  Well.  They have traveled much of the United States, playing and instructing in a variety of settings.  They have two books and six recordings available.  They have received international airplay for their artistry.  One review stated, “From quiet and sublime to joyful and stirring, the combination of dulcimer and bass and the manner in which Tina and Bryan play them, open up a whole range of feeling of what it means to be human.”

This talented pair will be introducing third and fourth graders at the Garfield Elementary school to their instruments and their music on Friday morning.  The full concert, open to the public, will be at Frohring Recital Hall, 11746 Dean St., Hiram, in the evening.  For more information, contact Tina S. Dreisbach at

Rock on, folkies!

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary is on the move to sponsor another Rotary Youth Exchange candidate.  Rachel Schwan is beginning her trip through the required protocols and papers to reach her goal of spending her senior year abroad.  Carol Donley is the club liaison for the undertaking.

The trash pick-up for St. Rte 82 between Garrettsville and Hiram is on hold.

The District Governor will be the program for the next meeting .  Solar energy is on the plate sometime in November.  Raffle tickets are coming.

The Business Showcase on October 17, partnering with the Portage County Park District will be the next big activity, to be followed by the Reverse Raffle in November at the SugarBush Golf Club.

Can the Santa Claus Delivery Project be far behind?

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians met September 30 in the Hiram College Dining Hall to make the acquaintance of a prospective foreign exchange student.  Rachel Schwan and her mother, Lisa Schwan, came, hopeful of gaining the group’s support for participation in the Rotary International Student Exchange  program.   Rachel expressed an interest in Iceland as her first choice but would be  amenable to just about any possibilities.  Her interest had been sparked, in part, by the Garfield guidance counselor, Jennifer Alvim, and by the participation of Jessica Lyons during the 2012-2013 school year.  Her graduation requirements will be completed before departure so that she will be able to spend her senior year in whichever country is her final destination.  Members chipped  in with their own experiences and information and began making plans for  advancing the application process so that this dream can come true.  Carol Donley is the group’s youth exchange  officer and will be assisting in the preparations.

Roadside clean-up looms.  It is to be hoped that Interact  and Boy Scout volunteers will be part of the mix.

The Reverse Raffle fundraiser is the next big event on the horizon.  Lists and tickets and catering  arrangements are activities now on the agenda.  Tickets will be available soon.  Get your tables together.

District Governor Bob Johnson of the Middlefield club will be making an official visitation on October 21.

The Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary Club is planning to join the Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce as a community member.

Hiram Twp. – At a recent meeting of the Hiram Township Trustees, Trustee Jack Groselle mentioned that the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Office of Farmland Preservation is inviting local cities, townships and conservation districts to apply for Local Sponsor Certification by November 15. Local sponsors who qualify would be allocated a portion of the over $6 million available statewide to fund the purchase of agricultural easements on local farms. Landowners who participate in Ohio’s Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program retain title to their land, continue to pay taxes and can farm however and whatever they wish, but the farm must remain in agricultural production. Easement proceeds are typically spent locally to expand farm operations, purchase new machinery, install conservation practices, or reduce debt. Contact Trustee Groselle at (330) 569-7977 if you’re a landowner interested in participating in this program.

Hiram Twp. – Chairperson Kathy Schulda reported that she received calls from Township residents reporting that they saw brine trucks dumping into a township river. Ms. Schulda immediately reported this to both the Portage County Sheriff’s office, and to Akron Water Works. When the Sheriff’s office arrived at the scene, trucks were no longer present. As of the Township meeting, Ms. Schulda had not been contacted by Akron Water Works. In future incidents, Trustees implored residents to call 911 immediately to notify the Portage County Sheriff’s Office of any illegal activity. In addition, residents are encouraged to photograph the license plates and drivers of the tanker trucks engaged in this activity. According to Mark Bruce, Public Information Officer with the ODNR, if anyone sees a spill or other environmental crime happening, they can call the Ohio EPA 24-hour hotline at 1-800-282-9378. If they come across circumstances they think may require an Oil & Gas specific investigator, they can contact ODNR’s regional office at 330-896-0616.

Hiram – On August 31 the Hiram Police held a Hot Rod Car Show fund raiser for the “Shop with a Cop” program. The event was well attended and raised $860.00 for the program. “I was astounded by the turn out for the event, it is so nice to see many folks from all around come out and support the Hiram Police Department and our community programs” Chief Ed Samec said. The event offered First, Second, and Third place trophies for best Mopar, Ford, General Motors, Truck, Hot Rod, and best Other, also there were “Best in Show” and “Mayors Choice” categories.

The first time that Damaris Peters Pike did a one-woman-show was in August of 1988.  Twenty-five years later, she has done more than 1050 performances in 10 states and France—as 11 different women!  To celebrate this silver anniversary, she will be “giving back” by donating a select series of five performances benefitting local organizations.  Here is the schedule:

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians are gearing up for the start of their fall club activities by fortifying themselves at the steak fry on August 19.  Hot grill, cool beverages, pot-luck  accompaniments, good company….  Way to go, Rotary.  New members welcome!

Small Businesspersons, is your head swimming with all of the details and requirements of the Affordable Care Act which is heading for us all like a locomotive on an express line?  Are you and your accountant scratching your heads over what it all means?  Are you wanting to do your best by your employees and not lose your shirt?  Here’s an opportunity to come to grips with some  information.

Hiram – The Hiram Police Department is excited to announce that we are now a donation drop of location for People Care Pet Pantry. The People Care Pet Pantry is an organization that provides families, who have pets, the needed resources to keep the pets in their homes during financial crisis and hardships. By doing so this reduces owner surrenders to overtaxed animal shelters, reduces medically unnecessary euthanasia, and help families honor their responsibility to provide life long, loving homes for their pets. Portage County currently has several drop off locations that folks can donate cat/dog food, pet toys, pet health care items, etc; now the Hiram Police Department is a drop off location.
Those who wish to donate essential pet supplies to families in Portage County who have fallen upon financial hardships.

“I am excited and proud to be part of this program”, Chief Ed Samec said. “There are many area families who are in financial crisis and have pets, this program helps keep the pets in the homes and provides food, healthcare items, and toys to the family pets, who by the way are part of our families”. Chief Ed Samec added.
Donations can be dropped off at the Hiram Police Department lobby 27/7 located at 11617 Garfield Road Hiram, Ohio 44234. People Care Pet Pantry will be in attendance at the Hiram Police Department “Fill-a-Police Car” food drive/ Pet Adoption event on September 21st from 9am-4pm at the Hiram Police Department, please bring items to help support your neighbors and their furry family members.

Hiram Twp. – At the recent Township Trustees meeting, Chairman Kathy Schulda shared that the township had been in talks with representatives from Pander Trucking regarding damage to Allyn Road where Pander’s storage wells are located, based on increased truck traffic to the wells. In the process of her discussions with Pander, Ms. Schulda learned that wells had been sold to Nuverra Environmental Solutions. In spite of the sale, the Pander family issued a check to the township in the amount of $15,000 to cover the cost to repair the road in question.


Hiram – Since returning to the Village in January 2012, Hiram Village Police Chief Ed Samec has made it one of his missions to get the community involved with the Hiram Police Department. To that end, he’s hosted community-minded events focused on helping area kids get to know Hiram’s finest by issuing tickets (for free ice cream) to area kids who practice safety habits like wearing bike helmets and car seat belts. But he’s not just here for the kids — He’s also offered local families the opportunity to bring home a new family member through pet adoption events. To further the cause for community involvement in policing, the Hiram Police Department, dubbed by Samec as “Team Hiram”, has some more exciting events in store for area kids and their families.

Hiram – After calling the July 30th Special Village Council meeting to order, Mayor Lou Bertrand took the opportunity to recognize the EMS crew responsible for the 2012 Save of the Year Award. The EMS responders recognized were: Chief Bill Byers, Assistant Chief Mark Kozak, Captain Gary Bott, Firefighter Kevin Sponaugle and Firefighter Nate Miller. Chief Byers and Firefighter Miller were not present to receive their awards.

Garrettsville-Hiram  Rotary went in for nuts & bolts in their meeting on July 28.  Bolts were as follows :

  • Members will be calling and contacting individuals who signed up at the Rotary booth during SummerFest with invitations to a fall meeting, September  23.   Save-the-date cards will be going out.
  • The club will be sponsoring a hole at the Jeremy Collins Foundation Memorial Golf Outing to be held at SugarBush Golf Club on August 10.
  •  Invitations will be going out to neighboring clubs,  district officials and “Friends of Rotary” for the annual steak fry  to be held on August 19.
  • Since district dues are assessed by membership rolls, a great sorting is under way to include only active members of the club.  Twenty dollars per member goes to the Rotary Foundation.
  • Amy Crawford will be the contact person for scheduling events using Hiram College facilities.
  • Program chairpersons for the year will be signing up  soon.
  • Kim Kohli and Delores McCumbers will be attending district membership meetings
  • Thoughts are already turning to the big fund-raising event of the year, the Reverse Raffle to be held on November 7.

As far as nuts went, Carol and Al Donnely will be going officially inactive for the duration of a class which they will be participating in, though they will be taking part in as many club activities as possible.
At the  August 5 meeting, Rotary met to deal with business matters, including contact with prospective members, ordering of steaks for the meal on August 19,  the return to the Hiram College Dining Hall on August 26, getting appropriate individuals passwords for computer communications, compiling  names for those assuming official duties so that the district can be notified.
Next meeting will be on August 12 in the Kennedy Center, Hiram College, at 5:30



Somebody out there is reading this stuff (Besides you, Mom).
I got another correction, Heaven knows there are probably plenty more deserved.  Anyway, the first Garfield football game is NOT on the 23rd of August, but on the 30th at Cardinal.  That first glitch is a scrimmage, which, while it may be important in the grand scheme of things, is not a keeper as far as record-keeping goes.
*Here’s a heads-up for another series of events—just like the football season, only cultural, don’cha know—that you’ll want to mark on your calendar.
It seems that Damaris Peters-Pike and her faithful “roadie”, Ken Pike are planning a “give-back” celebration of 25 years ( 1040 performances) of portraying important and influential women, particularly in the realm of music.  Yes!  Twenty-five years of Famed Dames! …and some not-so-famed but  key, nonetheless. From medieval times to just yesterday, these women have been onstage, offstage, backstage, stage-struck, stuck-at-home  and instrumental in more ways than even they knew in making music and events that have touched hearts and soothed the savage breast as well as making history, movies and Broadway shows.
So…during the month of October there will be a series—five or seven presentations, to be determined—of performances at five different venues (St. Ambrose Church in Garrettsville, the Disciples of Christ Church in Hiram the Koritansky Meeting Hall in Hiram, the ballroom in Hiram College’s Kennedy Center and the Iva Walker Auditorium at James A. Garfield High School/Middle School ) where we will be visited by a number of the ladies who will tell their stories and stories of the men in their lives.
Tickets will be available when arrangements are finalized.  Watch for further information.  Pick your favorite lady or come meet them all.  The cast of characters will be revealed soon, and a varied lot they are.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make their acquaintance.

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians are gearing up for more activities on their very busy calendar.
It’s never too early to begin thinking about the fall fund-raiser, the website project, the   quest for new members, the Santa Claus delivery night, Family Week, even the Four-Way Speech Competition next spring.  Possibly new on the list: sponsorship of a hole in the  Jeremy Collins Foundation Memorial Golf Outing to be held at Sugar Bush Golf Course on August 10 (For more information, contact a Collins or Jessica Kohler with the Charles Auto Family).  Prospective members    (Folks who signed up at the Rotary booth during the SummerFest) will be invited to attend a meeting and get a look at the programs enjoyed by the local group as well as the national and international projects that are open for involvement.  The Rotary International theme for this year is : Engage Rotary.   Change Lives.
Here’s your chance.

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary reflected on a number of things at their most recent meeting in the Hiram College Dining Hall. To wit :
Jim Irwin’s account of the Tall Ships event in Cleveland sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cleveland—interesting but HOT.
Local flooding…with pictures on cell phones, natch…and recollections of other flood events.
Discussion of the names of those with some interest in Rotary acquired during the SummerFest and thoughts on inviting these individuals to a meeting  in September.
The annual steak-fry to be held on August 19, with invitations to neighboring clubs and district officers.  Plans for making this event a success, as usual.
Comments by Tom Collins on the Portage County Park District’s plans to hire individuals to remove invasive species from as much and as many of the District’s land holdings as possible.
A message from the district governor’s office urging all clubs to make their contributions to the Rotary International Foundation to support its ongoing work.
A reminder that dues are due.
Lights out.

Hiram – A visitor from the Governor’s Office, Tim Ross, was in attendance at a recent Hiram Village Council meeting. Mr. Ross, the Eastern Ohio Regional Liaison for Ohio Governor Kasich, presented some findings from a recent governmental report entitled, Beyond Boundaries: A Shared Services Action Plan for Ohio Schools & Governments. Beyond Boundaries is a comprehensive study of public policy recommendations, potential collaborations and needed changes to the overall way of doing business in Ohio’s public sector. The June 2012 report states that, “The per capita cost of government in Northeast Ohio rose nearly 70 percent between 1992 and 2002, more than twice the rate of inflation for the Midwest.” Mr. Ross shared that among all regions studied, Northeast Ohio was in the top two regions with the highest governmental expenditures.


Hiram – Recently, Officers from Hiram Mantua, Garrettsville, Windham, Aurora and Portage County Sheriff’s Office had the opportunity to participate in specialized firearms training and driving simulator training from the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA).  Interestingly enough, so did I.


Celebrate the anniversary of the 1969 landing of the first men on the Moon by viewing it through our great telescope. The observatory will be open on Saturday, July 20th from about 9:30 to 11:00 PM (may be open a little early since the Moon will be full and bright). When the sky becomes darker we will also take a look at Saturn and later, perhaps, a star cluster. The Observatory is located on Wakefield Road (Rt. 82) less than a quarter of a mile west of Route 700 in Hiram. Good sky conditions are critical to viewing; for updates and more information, see the observatory’s Web site: or “@StephensObs” on Twitter.

Hiram – On July 4th Hiram Police Department held its annual “Bicycle Safety Rodeo” for children. There were 36 participants in the event. Bicyclists were taught the correct use of hand signals, proper bicycle helmet fitting and use, and general safe practices when riding a bicycle.


Once again, Hiram will be celebrating the birth of our country with a good old-fashioned Fourth of July celebration. The festivities will kick off on July 3rd, at 7:30 pm with a concert and family fun at the Hiram College Football Field. Swifty the Clown will be on hand to make balloon animals for the kids. At 9:30, weather permitting, the annual fireworks spectacular will begin. And if you enjoy the show, let them know — donations will be accepted to help offset the cost.
On Thursday, July 4th, Hiram has a full schedule of events ranging from face painting, chalk drawing and bike decorating for the Grand Parade, which steps off at 1:30 pm. Everyone is invited to participate, so bring your bike, make a float, drive an antique car, or just show up to enjoy the parade. The route goes north on Hayden and Dean Streets, left on Hinsdale, south on Peckham, and then down State Route 82 to the Hiram Christian Church. Join in the bike rodeo, kids games and old-fashioned contests afterward, or stop by the Frohring Music Building to hear the 37th annual Hiram Community Band play at 4  p.m. For schedule, map and more information, visit

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians have sent Laura Wilburn, Joseph Miranda and Britney Collins to the annual RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly) at Baldwin-Wallace, sponsored by the local club and others in the district.  The young people were drawn from Garfield HS and Windham HS and should return with many ideas and experiences to enrich their schools and communities…just like Rotary!

The group is also looking forward to participating in  the Tall Ships event coming to the harbor in Cleveland , July 4-7.  The tall ships will be open for tours from 11 to 6 and should provide an occasion for education and enjoyment for the whole family.  The event is offered by the Rotary Club of Cleveland  Because of this activity, there will be no regular meeting on July 8th.

G-H Rotary will be participating in the activities of Garrettsville’s SummerFest by having a booth in front of McCumbers-Brady  Realty  offering information on Rotary activities and programs as well as chances on the big raffle prize.  New individuals looking for meaningful community activities are always welcome.

More District and local activities–raffle baskets, InterAct certificates, zone meeting, grant application seminar (with details), new member recruitment, co-operation with the Rotary Club of Mantua– are all on tap.  Join them on Mondays in the Kennedy Center at Hiram College at 5:30.

The triumphal return of Jessica Lyons from her stint as a Rotary Exchange student in Norway was celebrated at the June 3rd meeting of the Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary Club.

Jessica and her parents, Doug and Karen Lyons, recounted their experiences on both sides of the Atlantic and expressed appreciation for the assistance and support of the local club in making this adventure possible.  All were positive about the personal growth achieved and the expansion of horizons facilitated by the time spent abroad and the communication between the student, the parents, the members, the host families and communities.  It was all about learning…at every level.