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I apologize for no bowling article last week; I was bowling in the Ohio Women’s Intercity Tournament last weekend in Sandusky.   We had a great time (and I bowled fairly well).  So this time I have two weeks of scores to report.
This week’s high series was rolled by Kim Wampler.  Kim had 210 her first game and a 538 series.  Kim’s team, the Attitude Adjustments, was on a roll; Jessica Potteiger shot 526 and Ryan Ambler shot 522, with a high game of 214.  Zach Hoffman and Collin McGurer both shot 203 their last games; Zach rolled a 533 series.  Shannon Kerr had a whopping 173 game, 77 pins over her average of 96.  And teammate (and sister) Emma Kerr was 48 pins over the first game with her 118 game.   The Dominators team was 142 pins over average the first game; Belladonna Titschinger was 46 pins over average with 124, Ali Franklin was 46 over with 160, and Shayne Carter was 50 pins over with 134.  Other nice scores:  Noah Hoffman, 124 (30 pins over average), Taylor Mick, 133 (30 pins over), Kayla Hunt, 117 (49 pins over), Jaret Doraski, 178 (42 pins over), Nick Toke, 158 (36 pins over), Zach Capron, 138 (48 pins over), Kurt Bokesch, 164 (43 pins over), and Noah Shannon, 164 (33 pins over).
In the 9:00 Trio League, Danny Painley had high game with 163.  High series was rolled by Ashleigh Quiggle with 362.  Other nice games were rolled by Nathan Slaughter, 140 (62 pins over average), Danielle Tuttle, 126 (49 pins over), Joey Ewell, 134 (45 pins over average), Floria Gerardino, 116 (40 pins over , Nathan Pallotto, 126 (38 pins over), Matt Hale, 100 (35 pins over), Makayla Gough, 114 (34 pins over), and  Adam Norris, 127 (34 pins over).
Last week’s high scores in the 9:00 Trio League were rolled by Emma Dockery.  Emma shot 139, 173, and 180 for a very nice 492 series.  Other nice games:  Kassie Fedor, 152, (54 pins over), Nathan Phillips, 147 (52 pins over), Danny Painley, 140 (44 pins over), Jack Norris, 99 (42 pins over) and Courtney Lytle, 131 (41 pins over).
High series last week in the 11:00 Trio League was Collin McGurer with 502.  Collin also shared high game honors with Adam Tanner with games of 186.  Some other nice scores were rolled by Nick Toke, 181 (60 pins over average), Andrew Morrissey, 153 (48 pins over), Jaret Doraski, 181 (47 pins over), Kurt Bokesch, 166 (47 pins over), and Lucas Titschinger, 125 (40 pins over).
Top scores in the 9:00 PeeWee League were Kalen Caris with 105, Hannah Madden with 98, and Alex Gage, also with 98.  Last week’s high bowlers were Travis Horner with 127 and Isaac Trickett with two games of 96.
Owen Wolff had high score in the 11:00 PeeWee league with 125.  Darrion Sidwell shot 105.  And last week’s high PeeWee scores were  Katie Fazi  with 108 and Jordan Kwiecinsky with 97.

Garrettsville – Brian Gorby is a proud father. And he has every right to be. His son, Travis, has been selected as McDonald’s Student Athlete of the Week, representing the Greater Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area. A television news crew from WEWS Channel 5 traveled to the Garrettsville G-Plex sports complex on Tuesday night to video and interview the freshman soccer standout for broadcast on Wednesday.

Travis  — who just turned 15 in October — coaches a soccer foot skills clinic every Tuesday night at the G-Plex for rookies aged 4 -14. Travis started every varsity game this year as a freshman at James A. Garfield High School, playing outside midfielder. The JAG varsity soccer team won a record number of games this past season, advancing to the state regional tournament against CVCA, which ultimately won the state title.

Not only did Travis earn his varsity letter, but he received the Top Freshman Award from Head Coach Michael Coney, and the Portage Trail Conference Scholar Athlete Award for Academic Achievement while participating in the sport. Travis maintained a perfect 4.0 grade average while taking Advanced Placement college-level classes…  with perfect attendance, too.

Travis has been playing soccer for 11 years now — on 55 different teams. He has played in almost 500 soccer games, scoring 650+ goals and making 700+ assists. While in eighth grade, he was playing on four different teams in four different leagues at the same time (finishing up two indoor leagues while playing on two outdoor leagues). The teams went a combined 44-1-1, with Travis scoring 96goals and 106 assists, primarily playing the center midfielder and forward positions.

While WEWS Channel 5 puts Garrettsville in the regional spotlight, its prestigious honor is especially significant for Travis, who has been selected for an award usually set aside for upperclassmen; and among peers from big schools in the most competitive athletic divisions.

Since 2007, relatively few student athletes from Portage County have been named McDonald’s Student Athlete of the Week. The only former James A. Garfield student listed is Olivia Dressler, named during her 2008-09 senior year; one of the top female goal scorers in Ohio soccer history.

The McDonald’s Student Athlete of the Week honors teens who are “true all-stars, both on and off the field.”  Nominations are taken on behalf of those deserving recognition for hard work and a winning attitude.

Coaches, teachers, friends, family members, teammates, classmates or neighbors can submit the names of students who excel at their game, give back to the community and value education. News Channel 5 honors athletes each week who set examples in the classroom, on their team and in the community.

Travis is accustomed to achieving high aspirations at a young age. While in middle school as a member of Beta Club, he was selected as a People to People Student Ambassador and traveled throughout Europe for three weeks during the summer of 2009, visiting Belgium, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

He has also been Student of the Month at Garfield almost every year since first grade, and has won numerous other academic and athletic awards over the years, including a Portage County D.A.R.E. essay award when he was in fifth grade.

According to Travis’ father, “His trophies and medals almost clutter his room because there are so many, and I have cut out many articles and saved stacks of newspapers with his name in them for his scra book, along with all of the academic and athletic awards programs from the school that I save with his name in them. He has numerous letters of recognition and congratulations from the superintendent, the board of education, his past principals and teachers. I could go on and on… and if you couldn’t tell, I am very proud of him (I’m proud of all three of my sons).”

(front row) Brooke Heavner, Brett Hammonds, Mrs. Bell, Rachel Gruszewsk, (back row) Josh Whan, Kendall Morrison, Mike Jajcinovic and Danielle Hickman(photo courtesy of Josh Simmons/Bird’s Eye Photography)

(front row) Brooke Heavner, Brett Hammonds, Mrs. Bell, Rachel Gruszewsk, (back row) Josh Whan, Kendall Morrison, Mike Jajcinovic and Danielle Hickman (Photo courtesy of Josh Simmons/Bird’s Eye Photography)

Rivalries have been around for years and many times the rivalries brings out the not so good in people. Folks get so caught up in the rivalry they have a tendency to be more negative than positive, but that has been changed recently with the Garrettsville–Windham Rivalry.

Last fall when Mike Chaffee took over as the principal of Windham Schools, he wanted to revive the rivalry that had somewhat died down over the years with Garrettsville. Chaffe wanted to turn what often  becomes a week of pranks and sometimes vandalism into a week of positive, healthy competition for a good cause.  He thought: after all, we already have one good cause that both schools are involved with, the Volley for the Cure. The annual Windham-Garrettsville volleyball game has always been Volley for the Cure, a fundraiser for breast cancer, so why not expand it to other causes for other head-to-head competitions.
Chaffe had several ideas and contacted Joe Malmisur, principal of neighboring James A.  Garfield High School, to see if he would be on board with the idea, Malmisur agreed that the kids needed to have their energies channeled into a positive challenge rather than a negative one, thus creating “Rivals for a Cause.”

The “Rivals for a Cause” was launched the week of the Garfield- Windham basketball game held at Windham on February 4, 2011. The schools each had planned a food drive, t-shirt sales to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the head-to-head basketball competition for a chance to keep the revolving trophy that was established for the entire 2011-2012 school year.

The hospital  benefit  suggestion came from Danielle Hickman who had recently toured the hospital when she represented Windham at the Liberty Bowl over the Christmas holiday.  The hospital tour inspired her to consider raising funds for the facility. Both principals agreed it would be a good cause. Both schools’ student councils were challenged to raise funds by selling t-shirts, with the proceeds going to the hospital. Each school sold different colored t-shirts; Windham sold white shirts while Garrettsville sold gray shirts to raise funds for the hospital.

The rivalry week came and the t-shirts were ordered, but due to two snow days that week, the sales week was limited to two days. In spite of the shortened week, the schools were still able to raise a combined total of $1,500 for the hospital.
The yet-to-be-named revolving trophy will be awarded at the end of the school year to the school which has won the most varsity head-to-head sporting events this school year. The winning school will have the trophy to display until the end of the next school year. They will  hold the bragging rights for the year as well.

The schools also plan on holding a name-the-trophy contest later this year. Each school will submit name ideas and the principals of each school will choose the top 5 or 6 entries from each school. They will then give the mayors of the two towns the job of deciding the winning name for the trophy.

The food drive seemed to be a fantastic way to serve the community and still rival one another, however the two snow days that week severely limited the collections at both schools and they have decided to postpone the drive to the week of the Garrettsville-Windham baseball games.

Garrettsville – The First  Annual G-Men Classic High School Bowling Tournament was held on Saturday, January 29th at SkyLanes.
A packed house of hundreds watched sixteen teams consisting of the top boys and girls in Northeast Ohio bowl for the championship trophy in each division.
The boys from Massillon Perry defeated Garfield in the finals while the Hubbard girls (pictured) dominated all the way through and beat Cuyahoga Falls to grab the title in the girl’s division.
Some outstanding individual scores were shot on this action packed Saturday.  Leading the way were two bowlers from Hubbard.  Alex Toy grabbed top honors in the boys division with a fine 722 series and Samantha Dudley was the girl’s medalist with a 677 series.


Star for this week in the 11:00 Trio League was Kurt Bokesch.  Kurt had games of 173, 178 and 154, and took high series honors for the week with a very nice 505 series.  Kurt’s average is 115.  High game for the day was rolled by Ryan Ambler, with 198.  Ryan’s teammate Jessica Potteiger was right behind with a 196 game.  Jessica had a 493 series and Ryan ended up with a 483 series.  Some other nice games were rolled by Kyle Brigham, 184 (45 pins over), Noah Shannon, 180 (53 pins over), Ethan Dubasik, 164 (56 pins over average), Austin Sledz, 111 (48 pins over), Jameson Huebner, 74 (27 pins over), and Adam Tanner, 162 (23 pins over)

In the 9:00 Trio League, Adam Norris rolled his highest series, a 362, with games of 129, 119 and 114.  Adam’s average is 91.  Danielle Tuttle was 82 pins over for the day, with games of 103, 90, and 108, all well over her average of 73.  Danielle will get a 300 series award for her 301 series.  Floria Gerardino has seen her name in the Villager a lot lately.  Floria was 60 pins over for the day with her games of 101, 83, and 101, all over her 75 average.  Dan Painley was also over his 93 average all three games, with 97, 124, and 108, for a 329 series.  Teammate Eric Lawless was not far behind, with games of 90, 117, and 104, giving him a 47-pins-over-average 311 series.   Other nice games were rolled by Savannah Britt, 106 (35 pins over average), Nathan Phillips, 124 (30 pins over average), Nathan Pallotto, 102 (23 pins over), and Lauren Sanchez, 111 (21 pins over).

In the 9:00 Pee Wee League, Charlie Britt had high game with 109.  Mackenzie Zembower rolled 103 her first game and 95 her second game.  Other good scores were bowled by Alex Gage, 95, and Travis Horner, 91.

In the 11:00 Pee Wee League, Darrion Sidwell owned the high game with 111; Darrion also had a 93 game for a two-game 204 series.  Other nice games were rolled by Owen Wolff with 93 and Katie Fazi with 90.


The new year started off with a number of good games from the Saturday youth bowlers.   In the 9:00 Trio League, Alexis Evans had games of 95, 121, and 96 for a nice 312 series, 90 pins over her series average.  Nathan Pallotto was 82 over for the day, with games of 81, 124, and 105 for a 310 series.  Danielle Tuttle rolled a 102 game, 31 pins over her average of 71.  Danielle was also well over average her other two games with 85 and 95, putting her 69 pins over for the day.  Makayla Gough was also over average all three games, with a high game of 107.  Other nice games:  Matt Hale, 91 (26 pins over), Kassie Fedor, 119 (24 pins over), Eric Lawless, 112 (24 pins over), and Adam Norris, 114 (24 pin over).

High game and high series in the 11:00 Trio League this week belonged to Collin McGurer.  Collin had a 191 game and 496 series.  Other good games were bowled by Kyle Brigham, 179, Ryan Ambler, 171, and  Jessica Potteiger, 170.  Most over average for the day was Austin Sledz – Austin’s 107 game was 45 pins over average, and his 250 series was 64 over.  Andrew Morrissey was consistent with games of 120, 133 and 113, for a 366 series, 66 pins over average for the day.   Jameson Huebner was over average all three games; his 75 game was 30 over average and he was 55 pins over average for the day.  Cameron King was also over average all three games.  Cameron, with a 114 average, shot 142, 125 and 131 for a 398 series.  Some other bowlers with games over average were:  Destiny Durst, 135 (41 pins over), Ethan Dubasik, 144 (38 over), Lucas Titschinger, 118 (34 pins over), Kayla Hunt, 101 (34 pins over), Billy Potteiger, 109 (31 pins over), Zachary Capron, 112 (31 pins over), and Jameson Huebner, 75 (30 pins over).

Congratulations to the youth bowlers who qualified during the second session for the district Pepsi-cola tournament:  Drew Tushar, Joey Ewell, Austin Wise, Matthew Hale, Alexis Evans, Ashleigh Quiggle, Kassie Fedor, Floria Gerardino, Nathan Slaughter, Cameron King, Austin Sledz, Zachary Capron, Andrew Morrissey, Ali Franklin, Ethan Dubasik, Noah Shannon, Jaret Doraski, Jake Yeatts, Shannon Kerr, and Taylor Mick.  The District tournament will be held February 26 through March 13 at Freeway Lanes in Warren.

Feel free to come out and watch our youth bowlers on Saturdays.  Or get a high school schedule and watch your high school team compete.


A number of bowlers in the 9:00 Trio League shot well on Saturday.  High series for the day was Ashleigh Quiggle, with games of 117, 152, and 91 for a 360 series.  Ashleigh’s 152 game was 53 pins over average.   Right behind her was Drew Tushar with a 357 series.  Drew’s games were 105, 115, and 137, all over his 102 average.  Nathan Phillips beat his high game score with 142.  Nathan’s series score was 350, 80 pins over average for the day.  Kassie Fedor’s 157 game was 64 pins over her 93 average.  Other nice games were shot by Austin Wise, 115 (47 pins over average), Floria Gerardino, 106 (35 pins over), Adam Norris, 118 (28 pins over), Ryleigh Gough, 86 (26 pins over), and Courtney Lytle, 108 (23 pins over).  Cassie Painley had 70 each game for a triplicate.

Jessica Potteiger had both high game and high series for the day in the 11:00 Trio League, with a 187 game and 495 series.  Kim Wampler had second high series for the day with 461; Kim’s high game was 170.  Ethan Dubasik was 98 pins over average for the day, with games of 145, 135 and 124, for a 404 series.  Cameron King’s last game of 171 was 59 pins over his average of 112.  Cameron also rolled a nice 431 series, 95 pins over for the day.  Nick Toke had a 421 series, which put him 79 pins over his series average.  Other nice games were rolled by Billy Potteiger, 121 (44 pins over), Zachary Capron, 120 (44 pins over), Austin Sledz, 95 (37 pins over), Belladonna Titschinger, 114 (36 pins over), Taylor Mick, 138 (33 pins over), Jameson Huebner, 75 (32 pins over), Andrew Morrissey, 122 (22 pins over), and Lucas Titschinger, 105 (21 pins over).

High games for the 9:00 Pee Wee League were Alex Gage, 100, Mackenzie Zembower, 99, and three bowlers with games of 94 – Madisyn Zembower, Eric Schaefer, and Zach Seebacher.

In the 11:00 PeeWee League, Katie Fazi had an excellent 109 game.  Rian Yeatts was second high for the day with 92.

Next Saturday is our Christmas Party; we hope all the youth bowlers can attend.


Kim Wampler had come close to bowling a 200 game before but never quite made it.  When she did hit the 200 mark, however, she hit it with force. A 234 game.   Kim called her grandfather right after the game; any readers who follow area bowling know her grandfather, Nick Butcher, a legend in the local bowling arena.  Kim’s teammate Jessica Potteiger had a 210 game on the day, and had by far the highest series of the day with 552.  Kim and Jess are both eighth-graders at Garfield.

Noah Shannon proved that his new bowling ball was a good investment – Noah had games of 145, 158, and 169, for a 472 series, 94 pins over his series average.  Other good games in the 11:00 Trio League were Kurt Bokesch, 169 (57 pins over average), Austin Sledz, 101 (45 pins over), and Belladonna Titschinger, 117 (41 pins over), Jaret Doraski, 164 (31 pins over), and Shannon Kerr, 124 (30 pins over).

In the 9:00 Trio League, Alex Evans shot 126 her first game, 56 pins over her average.  She continued with games of 74 and 97 for a 297 series, which put her 87 pins over for the day.  Eric Lawless also bowled over average all three games with 90, 98, and 124 for a nice 312 series.   Ashleigh Quiggle’s 138 game was 39 pins over average, and Cassie Painley was 30 pins over her 83 average with a 113 game.

High game for the 9:00 Pee Wee League was Travis Horner with 103.  Paige Collins hit the 100 mark again this week with a 100 game.  Mackenzie Zembower shot 98, Isaac Trickett had 96, and Kalen Caris had 95.

In the 11:00 PeeWee League, high games was Lucas Muncy with a nice 104 game.  Other good games were Katie Fazi, 95 and Kenny Mangan with 91.

Next Saturday is the last day to qualify for the Pepsi tournament.   Bowlers must be present in order to qualify; no pre-bowl scores count toward Pepsi qualifying.


In the 9:00 Trio League, Danielle Tuttle bowled a triplicate – three games of 93.  Danielle was 75 pins over average for the day.  Eric Lawless bowled games of 132 and 109, with a 323 series.  The 132 game was 48 pins over average.  Floria Gerardino was 47 pins over her average of 70 with a nice 117 game.  Nathan Phillips was 45 pins over average with a 132 game.  Nathan Pallotto rolled games of 108 and 101 for a 284 series, 68 pins over average for the day.   Adam Norris had two matching 110 games, and a 296 series.

High game in the 11:00 Trio League was Jessica Potteiger with 175.  Kim Wampler had games of 170, 143 and 174 for a nice 487 series.  She was closely followed by Adam Tanner; Adam shot 169, 171 and 142 for a 482 series.  Austin Sledz, with an average of 53, was 88 pins over for the day.  Austin’s games were 69, 69, and 109, for a 247 series.  Cameron King continued his good bowling with a 162 game, 52 pins over average.  Noah Shannon had games of 157 and 155 on his way to a 435 series, 60 pins over average for the day.  And Kayla Hunt’s 261 series was 78 pins over her 61 average; Kayla’s games were 82, 88 and 91.  Billy Potteiger just missed his first 300 series – Billy shot games of 115 and 100 and ended with a 295 series.  Kurt Bokesch had a 148 game, 38 pins over his average.

High game for the 9:00 Pee Wee League was Paige Collins with 107.  Joey Moses shot 97 and Austin Roman had 95.

In the 11:00 PeeWee League, high games were Kenny Mangan with 95, Darrion Sidwell with 94, and David Ittel with 93.

The next two-week qualifying session for the Pepsi Tournament will begin this Saturday, December 4.  Good luck to all the bowlers on the 9:00 Trio and 11:00 Trio Leagues!.


Congratulations to the following Pepsi-Cola tournament qualifiers:  Courtney Lytle, Savannah Britt, Emma Dockery, Danielle Tuttle, Jack Norris, Eric Lawless, Nathan Phillips, Adam Norris, Nathan Pallotto, Billy Potteiger, Nick Toke, Noah Hoffmann, Shayne Carter, Belladonna Titschinger, Zach Hoffmann, Kurt Bokesch, Ethan Hoffmann, Adam Tanner, Kaylee Brigham, Kim Wampler, and Jessica Potteiger.  The Pepsi tournament consists of two two-week qualifying sessions in each league; bowlers most over average during the qualifying sessions advance to the Pepsi district tournament, which will be held February 26 through March 13 at Freeway Lanes in Warren.  These bowlers qualified during the first session, and are now eligible to bowl for scholarship money at the district level.  Winners at the district level can advance to state competition.

Courtney Lytle continued her good bowling this week, with games of 125, 123, and 113 for a 103-pins-over-average 358 series.   Ashleigh Quiggle was very consistent for the day, with games of 124, 123, and 115, for a 362 series.  Drew Tushar had a nice 140 game and 343 series.  Eric Lawless was 44 pins over average with his 128 game; Joey Ewell’s 128 was 42 pins over his average.  Other good games:  Ryleigh Gough, 82 (23 pins over), Alex Evans, 108 (40 pins over), Nathan Phillips, 122 (37 pins over), Savannah Britt, 101 (29 pins over), Nathan Pallotto, 101 (29 pins over), Makayla Gough, 102 (26 pins over), and Matt Hale, 88 (25 pins over).

High game in the 11:00 Trio League was Collin McGurer with 184.  High series was Ryan Ambler with 493.  Cameron King was 62 pins over average with a game of 169.  Cameron also had a 406 series.  Chris Bandy’s 91 game was 47 pins over average.   Ethan Dubasik bowled 154, and David Durst had 152.  Nick Toke had a 144 game on his way to a 402 series, 69 pins over average for the day.  Other good games:  Ali Franklin, 152 (36 pins over average), Taylor Mick, 134 (30 pins over), and Adam Tanner, 160 (24 pins over).

In the 11:00 PeeWee League, high game for the week was a 115 by David Ittel.  Other good games were bowled by Darrion Sidwell, 98, Kenny Mangan, 92, and Lucas Muncy, 92.

High games for the 9:00 Pee Wee League were:  Mackenzie Zembower, 109, Hannah Madden, 99, Alex Gage, 97, and Charlie Britt, 94.


It was a good week for a number of the 11:00 Trio bowlers.  Collin McGurer had high series for the day with 459; high game was Zach Hoffmann with 206.  Adam Tanner shot 185 on his way to a 450 series.   Kim Wampler had a 170 game and 448 series.  Nick Toke was 70 pins over for the day, with 128, 129, and 134, for a 391 series.  Kurt Bokesch had 409 and Kaylee Brigham shot 404.  Billy Potteiger was 80 pins over his 64 average for the day, with games of 102 and 106.  Other good games:  Destiny Durst, 141 (47 over), Noah Hoffmann, 135 (41 over), Ethan Hoffmann, 159 (37 over), Taylor Mick, 135 (33 over), and Chris Titschinger, 83 (32 over).

High game and series for the 9:00 Trio League were shot by Emma Dockery, with a 180 game and 425 series.   Ashleigh Quiggle also had a good day, with a 143 game and 348 series.  Courtney Lytle was 103 pins over average for the day with games of 105, 128 and 86, for a nice 319 series.  Courtney’s average is 72.  Not far behind was Savannah Britt.  Savannah’s average is 66 but her games for the day were 96, 93, and 97, for an 88-pins-over-average 286 series.  Other good scores in the 9:00 league:  Adam Norris, 113 game and 315 series, Eric Lawless, 128 (49 pins over average), Jack Norris, 98 (37 pins over average), Alex Evans, 97 (32 over), and Ericq Williams, 87 (23 over).

The 1:00 Scholastic League is almost over.  Only one more week before the high school season begins, and the high school bowlers have stepped up their games.  Ashly Bernatowicz had the first eight strikes in her first game, to finish with a fine 256.  But Clarke Kolmorgan ended up with the high game and high series for the week, with 269 and a 626 series.  Other nice games:  Brent Jones, 221, and Liz Persuhn with 198. All these bowlers can be seen during the high school bowling season; Ashley, Clarke and Brent bowl for Garfield and Liz for Kent Roosevelt.  And if you haven’t seen a high school bowling match, you should.

High game for the 9:00 PeeWee League was Mackenzie Zembower had with two games of 111.  Travis Horner had second high game for the day with 100.  And three bowlers tied with games of 97 – Hannah Madden, Paige Collins, and Joey Moses.

In the 11:00 PeeWee league, Lucas Muncy had the high game with 94.  Other good games:  Rian Yeatts, 88, Katie Fazi , 87, and Hayden Muncy, 87.

The Garfield G-Men fell just short in their bid for first post season win in school history dropping a 22-7 decision to the Chagrin Falls Tigers.

While two big plays were all the G-Men defense would allow, it was the missed opportunities that doomed Garfield in the end. Garfield’s first offensive play went for 12 yards and a first down. Unfortunately, the G-Men would not get another first down until the first play of the second quarter.

Freshman Zach Hoffmann’s field goal attempt was blocked, allowing Chagrin Falls to take over on downs. The ensuing drive spearheaded by a Tiger running back bursting through the line for one of Chagrin Falls’ big plays. The 45-yards set up the Tiger’s first score, the failed two-point conversion left a 6-0 score after the first quarter.

The second frame was more offense but not much to show for as the Tigers tallied another touchdown for a 12-0 halftime lead.

The first play of the second half saw the Tigers pitch left and run 63 yards for the score,  making a 19-0 deficit. The Tiger would then hold Garfield on the next drive on a fourth and goal at the one-yard line. A Chagrin Falls time-consuming drive led to a field goal, putting the game out of reach, 22-7.

The talented Garfield team had not been shut out all season and that did not change last week as junior Bobby Bright punched it in from 1 yard out and Hoffmann’s kick made it 22-7.

The snowy surface and slick ball made playing rough at times and grounded the G-Men air attack. Garfield was averaging 178 yards passing and 200 yards rushing was held to just 227 yards of total offense, mostly due to the weather.

This talented senior group leaves some big shoes to fill.

The old cliché, “on any given day” never rang truer than last week. The 1-8 Newton Falls Tigers traveled to Orwell last week to take on the 8-1 Grand Valley Mustangs. The score was what everyone expected, the winner was not. The Tigers roared into Grand Valley’s stadium and walked away with a 38-13 victory, their first since opening day. The loss turned back the Mustangs playoff hopes, missing the playoff by .2 computer points, the closest the Mustangs have been to the playoffs since 2001 when they missed he playoffs by one computer point.

The Tigers dominated the game from start to finish, with a suffocating defense and a potent offense. They allowed the Mustangs to gain just 27 yards on the ground and 150 through the air. Meanwhile, the Tigers Anthony Kline raced for 164 yards on 13 carries while teammate Matt Brazin passed for 125 yards. The victory is a great stepping-stone moving into next year.

After three straight losing seasons the Crestwood Red Devils seem to have things turning in the right direction. First-year head coach Chris Kosiorek is a big reason for that direction.

Trailing 20-3 after the first quarter the Red Devils did not fade into the cold Friday air, instead they became more inspired and outscored the Southeast Pirates 32-14 for a 35-34 victory. The Red Devils finished the contest with 187 rushing yards and 204 passing. The defense made the stops when they needed to and allowed just 79 passing yards. Southeast also missed two extra-points and failed on a two-point conversion. The Devils’ 5-5 record is the best since 2006, which was also the last season they had a winning record in conference play.

After losing four straight games to Berkshire and coming off their first losing season since 2005, the Cardinal Huskies were out to prove themselves worthy last Friday night, beating their archrival Berkshire 26-13. The victory is the program’s first win over the Badgers since that 2005 season. With the loss the Badgers fall to 1-9, completing back to back losing seasons for the first time since 2001-2002.

The Garfield G-Men proved to be the bigger and better team last Friday when they beat Windham 49-7. Windham answered Garfield’s opening touchdown drive with a touchdown on the Bombers opening drive. The fading “W” burned into the Garfield playing surface was no distraction as the G-Men ran all over it to the tune of 436 yards of total offense,  291 rushing and 145 in the air. The opening drive was all of Windham’s offense as they amassed 148 total yards.

Week 11 for the G-Men will be played at Chagrin Falls as they take on the 9-1 Tigers.

This marks the Tigers eighth playoff appearance and third straight. They are 8-7 in their 15 games played in the post season but are a very beatable team this season.

This is a 7:30 kickoff with $9 gate price or $7 presale at the school. Call 330-527-0039 for availability.


Costumes, candy, pizza, music….and bowling.   The Youth Leagues celebrated Halloween on Saturday and everyone had a great time.   Michelle Tushar and Jenny Wampler passed out Halloween candy, Aaron King served up pizza (yes, even at 9:30 in the morning), and coach Kenny Brigham turned on the music and turned off the lights for some cosmic bowling.

In spite of the distractions, Emma Dockery once again had the high game and high series for the 9:00 Trio League, with a 141 game and 400 series.  Kassie Fedor had a 329 series, with a high game of 131.  Alex Evans was 40 pins over her average with a game of 103.  Nathan Slaughter had 107, which was 39 pins over average.  Other good games were Joey Ewell, 103 (29 over), Courtney Lytle, 97 (27 over), Ryleigh Gough, 81 (24 over) and Adam Norris, 116 (26 over).

Zach Hoffmann’s 212 was high game in the 11:00 Trio League.  Zach also had a 491 series.  Ethan Dubasik was well over his 90 average with games of 146, 143, and 91 for an excellent 380 series.  Collin McGurer had a 190 game and 479 series.  Kyle Brigham shot 174, with a 423 series.   Other notable games:  Andrew Morrissey, 140 (38 pins over average), Emma Kerr, 101 (37 pins over), Shannon Kerr, 121 (31 over), Jameson Huebner, 79 (32 over), Jessica Varga 118 (34 over), and Kim Wampler, 167 (30 over).

High series for the 1:00 Scholastic League was shot by Evan Skocic, whose 589 consisted of games of 181, 202 and 206.  High game was by Matt Lyons, who also had a fine 577, followed by Brent Jones with 221.

High game for the 9:00 PeeWee League was Paige Collins with 111.  Mackenzie Zembower had 107.  Other nice games were bowled by Austin Roman (98), Brooke Collins (94), and Joey Moses (91).

In the 11:00 PeeWee league, Jordan Dowling was high scorer with 95, followed by Katie Fazi , 90, Darrion Sidwell, 88, and Hayden Muncy, 86.

2010 GMS Lady G-Men Cross Country Team

Pictured above are (left to right) Bottom Row: Emily Prigodich , Isabella Scarl , Molly Mathews , Julia Roubic , Amanda Bartlett , Mariah Coulter , Hannah Trent Top Row: Kaylee Martin, Lizzie Gerez, Danielle Keffer, Jessica Moore, Coach Jessica Crookham, Hayliegh Hannigan, Shiann Penna, Megan Ryser, Lindsey Jones , Maddie Lininger, Brittany Alloway.

Garrettsville – The James A. Garfield girl’s Middle School cross country team made school history by winning the PTC Championship meet on October 16, 2010.  Scoring for the team were Mariah Coulter, 2nd in the county with a time of 13:16 followed closely by her teammates Shian Penna 13:51, Molly Matthews 13:58,  Amanda Bartlett 14:19,  Haylie Hannigan 14:49,  Lindsey Jones 14:51,  and Kaylee Martin 15:09.  Congratulations to all of them for a fantastic season of hard work and dedication.

1942 Windham Bombers Basketball Team

The 1941-42 Windham Bombers team of coach David Thomas won the Portage County Championship that season, recording the best record since the Garrettsville team of 1932 which made it to the state tournament. They are just one of the legendary teams which sports historian George Belden will discuss on November 15 at the Windham Historical Society.

Windham - The history of the legendary Windham High School basketball program will be relived on Monday, November 15, as sports historian George Belden speaks to the Windham Historical Society, at a meeting co-sponsored by the Windham Bicentennial Committee.

This talk is being presented to the public at Katherine Thomas Elementary School, 9032 Maple Grove Road in Windham, with the doors opening at 6:30 for meet and greet and the talk commencing at 7:00 PM.

The title of the presentation is “Basketball Before Marty Hill.” Hill is the current Bomber coach who has taken Windham to statewide fame with his squads which seem to dominate the local small-school hardwood scene.

This will be the first in a series of talks about the great basketball legends of Windham High School.

Belden has spent much of the last year interviewing the greats of Windham’s basketball past, and has spent months in the newspaper archives at Kent State University reading every article ever written about the teams he will present.

His research reveals the origin of Windham basketball in unassuming fashion in the late 1920’s, then jumps to the early 1940’s Bombers of David Thomas, which ruled northeast Ohio in both basketball and six-man football. His 1940 squad featured three boys who were first team All-Americans in football and were just as talented on the basketball floor.

The second coach he will honor is Clayton West, whose early 1950’s teams blitzed through the PCL. His 1951-52 Bombers were undefeated through their first 25 games, the longest winning streak in Ohio that season.

The final coach in this first installment of basketball speeches will be Dick Schlup, whose late 1950’s teams were forced to play an independent schedule against much bigger schools. Schlup’s squads lost only six regular season games in three years.

Many of the boys who played for those three coaches will be returning for the talk, and anyone who remembers their heroics or wants to relive great times in Bomber sports history will not want to miss Belden’s talk.

The Windham Historical Society meets the third Monday of every month to review and discuss new acquisitions and research on this small town on the cusp of its Bicentennial, which will fill Windham with activity in July of 2011. The Society is heavily involved in all the Bicentennial preparations, and is selling a multitude of 200th Anniversary items at the talk.

The Historical Society is always interested in obtaining, whether permanently or on loan, any object with relevance to Windham. Items of special interest include films, pictures, scrapbooks, ephemera, newspapers, advertising, tokens, school items, sports items, or family genealogy.

The society has extensive facilities for copying paper items.

The Society is continuing to sell Ralph Pfingsten’s lavish new book, “The History of the Ravenna Arsenal,” newly published and containing over 900 pictures. The Society and Bicentennial Committee receive a stipend for every copy sold. These books make wonderful Christmas gifts, especially for that  person who has everything. They are available for purchase at the upcoming meeting, by contacting President Lynnea St John at 330-326-6061, or emailing her at lynnya45@yahoo.com.