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4/23/2013 – Garfield G-Men 10, Waterloo Vikings 2

Batteries: Waterloo: Daniel Buckley and Cooper. Garfield: Kaiser and Damko; Schustrich and Damko.  W: Kaiser 3-2. L: Daniel Buckley 0-0.  HR:   Waterloo: None. Garfield None.

Notes:  Waterloo: Cooper RBI Garfield: Patterson 3B, 2 R, RBI. Schustrich 3B, 2B, 2 R, RBI.

JV Score:  G-Men 19, Vikings 4


4/26/2013 – Garfield G-Men 9, Streetsboro Rockets 8

Batteries: Garfield: Brode and Damko; Kaiser (9) and Damko. Streetsboro: Bison and NA; Galinsky (4) and Skladoni; Szemacs (7) and Skladoni.  W: Kaiser 0-0. L: Szemacs 2-3.  HR:   Garfield: None. Streetsboro None.

Notes:  Garfield: Kaiser 2 1B. Patterson 3 1B. Schustrich 2 1B, 2 R. Tim Schwan 2 1B Streetsboro: Morris 2 R, 2 RBI. Ritts 3 1B, R, 4 RBI. Skladoni 2 1B, R. Szemacs 2 1B, R.

JV Score:  NA


4/27/2013 – Streetsboro Rockets 2, Garfield G-Men 0

Batteries: Garfield: Tim Schwan and Damko. Streetsboro: Delambo and Dynowski.  W: Delambo 2-3. L: 0-0.  HR:   Garfield: None. Streetsboro None.

JV Score:  Rockets 2, G-Men 0


Travis Horner had the top game and top series in the 9:00 Trio League on April 6.  Travis rolled a 128 game and 332 series.  Sydney Coburn continued her good bowling.  Sydney’s 118 game was 61 pins over her 57 average.  Sydney was also 105 pins over for series with her 276.  Other good scores:  Paige Collins, 108 and Sara Barker, 78 (32 pins over average).

In the 11:00 Trio, “Split Happens” had by far the high game of the season when all three team members rolled over 200 their second game.  Nick Toke shot 213, Collin McGurer, 226 and Jaret Doraski, 216.  All three team members also shot over 500 for the day, Nick with 501, Collin with 562, and Jaret with 554.  Billy Potteiger was 70 pins over average with a 189; Billy also had a nice 467 series.  Other nice games were rolled by Floria Gerardino, 134 (46 over), Kassie Fedor 190, (43 over), Matt Hale, 161 (40 over), Eric Lawless, 158 (36 over), Danielle Tuttle, 157 (34 over), Tom Braden Jr., 123 (32 over), and Logan Flack, 115 (30 over).

On April 13, Paige Collins was on fire in the 9:00 Trio.  Paige shot 128, 114, and 141, putting her at 112 pins over average for the day.  Sara Barker was 51 pins over average with her 98 game, and Sydney Coburn was also 51 over with a very nice 109 game.  Travis Horner also continued his hot streak with a 121 game and 342 series, with all three games over 100.

For the 11:00 Trio League, nice games were rolled by Collin McGurer, 192, Jaret Doraski, 183, Barrett Jackson, 182 (54 over), Jeff Dunfee, 173 (51 over), Ian Huebner, 100 (41 over), Billy Potteiger, 160 (40 over), Nathan Phillips, 149 (36 over), Chris Titschinger, 107 (32 over), Noah Hoffmann, 149 (31 over), Austin Wise, 127 (30 over), Lauren Sanchez, 151 (30 over), and Lucas Titschinger, 133 (30 over).

Good scores by the PeeWee bowlers:   Peyton Sledz, 114, Memphis English, 113, Gavin Dunfee, 109, Kyla Schaffer, 103.  And Sadiemae Ewell rolled her first 100 game with a 106

In the Teen Texas Shoot Out, good games were shot by Dustin Tushar, 226-581, Anna Brigham 200-567, Collin McGurer, 193, Jessica Potteiger, 192 and Jaret Doraski, 189.

4/22/2013| Garfield  G-Men 14, Waterloo Vikings 2

Garfield: Tim Schwan (5) and Damko. Waterloo: Thomas Diven (2) and Cooper; Chalmers (3) and Cooper.  W: Tim Schwan 5-1. L: Thomas Diven 0-0.  HR:   Garfield: None. Waterloo None.

Notes:  The G-Men pushed across 14 runs and Tim Schwan scattered 5 hits to lead the way in this county division contest. Michael Shustrich had a 3B and 2B and Nick Jurcevic had two 2B’s for Garfield. Bobby Watson had a two run 2B for Waterloo.


4/20/13 Game 1 | Garfield G-Men 12, Berkshire Badgers 5

Batteries: Garfield: Brode and Damko; Tim Schwan (6) and Damko. Berkshire: Bresnahan and NA; Motil and NA; Vandermas and Conrad.  W: Brode 1-0. L: Motil 0-0.  HR:   Garfield: None. Berkshire None.

Notes:  Garfield: Bissler R, 3 RBI. Jurcevic 2B, 2 R. Kaiser 2 1B, R, 2 RBI. Pratt 2 1B, R, 3 RBI. Schustrich 2 1B, 3 R. Tim Schwan R, 2 RBI Berkshire: Acker R, RBI. C Dubinsky R, RBI. Smetana R.


4/20/2013 Game 2 | Garfield G-Men 9, Berkshire Badgers 8

Batteries: Garfield: Bissler and Emens; Chapman (4) and Emens; Schustrich (6) and Damko. Berkshire: Motil and Vandermas; DeLuca (4) and Vandermas; Cossick (7) and Conrad.  W: Schustrich 1-2. L: 0-0.  HR:   Garfield: None. Berkshire None.

Notes:  Garfield: Martin 2 1B, R. Miller 2 1B, 2 R, 2 RBI Berkshire: Cossick 2 1B, R, 2 RBI. C Dubinsky RBI. Motil RBI. Vandermas 2 R, RBI.


Garrettsville – Two more distinguished alumni are set to enter the James A. Garfield Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 27.  Tickets for the dinner and the presentation are still available by contacting Sheri Johnson at 330-527-5384.

This year’s honorees are Mark Manno, ‘74 and Martin Paul, ’61.


Milo English was the star of the 11:00 PeeWee League on February 16; Milo started out with a nice 102 game but then rolled 130 for an excellent 232 two-game set.  Gavin Dunfee rolled a nice 112 game and a 205 series.  Kenny Stoots had the high game for the 9:00 PeeWees with 104.

In the 9:00 Trio League, Sydney Coburn was 55 pins over average with her very nice 107 game.  Devin Penna rolled 123 and Paige Collins shot 120.  Other good games:  Emily Linamen, 97 (36 pins over average), Isaac Trickett, 94 (29 over), Zach Seebacher, 113 (28 over), and Travis Horner, 112 (25 over).

Ethan Dubasik tossed an excellent 211 game to lead the 11:00 Trio League.  Ethan’s 491 series was also high for the day.  Lucas Titschinger was 98 pins over average for series.  Lucas averages 99 and rolled games of 128, 126, and 141 for a nice 395 series.  Barrett Jackson’s 176 game was 50 pins over his 126 average.  Other nice games were rolled by Austin Sledz, 158 (45 over), Billy Potteiger, 155 (39 over), Clark Jackson, 150 (36 over), Lauren Sanchez, 160 (36 over), Adam Norris, 149 (34 over), Eric Lawless, 146 (26 over), and Nick Toke, 172 (25 over).

Jeff Dunfee has bowled over average six games in a row.  The prior week, Jeff rolled 141-140-145, besting his 124 average by 54 pins.  Then on February 16 he rolled 130, 132, and 132.  Keep the streak going, Jeff!


What’s better than good youth bowling scores to report?  Two weeks’ worth of good scores!  On January 19, Gavin Dunfee had a great 123 game in the 11:00 PeeWee League.  Milo English rolled games of 117 and 110, and Brooklynn Horner and Memphis English each had games of 94.  Sophia Shaffer rolled a 96 game.

Mantua – The Mantua Youth Varsity Wrestling team placed 3rd out of 8 teams at the 8th annual Southeast Pirate Invitational in December, only missing 2nd place by 11 ½ points. Head Coach Mike Picone said “the competition was really tough and I am so proud of how our team wrestled today! Hard work and dedication pays off.”  The teams at the tournament included: Akron Gladiators, Field, Jackson-Milton, Lake, Louisville, Mantua, Southeast and West Branch. Louisville placed 1st and Lake placed 2nd. The top three teams received trophies.


The PeeWees were on fire last week.  It isn’t very often that the bumper bowlers have a 200 series, but three of them did it last week.  Kenny Stoots started out with a 135 game; he added a 98 for a nice 233 series.  Brooklyn Horner shot games of 117 and 87, giving her a 204 series.  Gavin Dunfee rolled 90 and 117 for a 207 set.   


It’s time to catch up on the bowling scores from the end of 2012.  For the week of December 22, Eric Schaefer had the high game in the 9:00 Trio League with 123, which was 52 pins over his 71 average.   Paige Collins had the high series with 300; Paige rolled games of 86, 104, and 110.  Other nice games were rolled by Isaac Trickett, 97 (35 pins over average), Zach Seebacher, 111 (32 over), Sydney Coburn, 70 (26 over), and Kyleigh Grandon, 81 (26 over).

Paige Collins had the high game and series in the 9:00 Trio League on December 15.  Paige rolled a 135 her second game, which is 50 pins over her average of 85.  Paige also added games of 105 and 89, giving her a 329 series.  Sara Barker was well over average all three games.  Sara, whose average is 36, bowled games of 56, 61, and 71, putting her at 80 pins over average for the day.  Other good scores:  Emily Linamen, 93 (38 pins over average), Kyleigh Grandon, 83 (30 over), and Sydney Coburn, 68 (25 over).


One of the most enjoyable moments in youth leagues is when a bowler hits the 200 mark for the first time in league play.  Jacob Britton did that last week in the 11:00 Trio League, with a 208 his last game.  Jacob, who averages 125, also added a 152 game on his way to a nice 484 series, which put Jacob at 109 pins over average for the day.  High series belonged to Adam Tanner.  Adam was very consistent, with games of 173, 163 and 161 for a 497 series.  Wilson Jackson was over average all three games.  Wilson, whose average is 105, rolled 112, 156 and 123, for a 391 series, 76 pins over average.  Other nice games were rolled by Ethan Dubasik, 168, Nathan Phillips, 167 (51 over), Jeff Dunfee, 168 (42 over), Billy Potteiger, 146 (35 over), Matt Hale, 151 (33 over), Drew Tushar, 160 (31 over), Ian Huebner, 81 (26 over).

The best rivalry in Portage County is coming to an end this Friday when the Garfield G-Men and the Windham Bombers will play their final football game in the Portage Trail Conference (PTC), as Windham will exit the PTC at the end of the year. This year’s game will be held at Garfield and promises to be the game of the year and maybe the game of the decade, as it just might be the last football game these two schools play against each other, making the final chapter of the rivalry somewhat bittersweet. It will have all the elements of a great game, two fired-up teams, two fantastic bands and some of the best high school sport fans around ready to cheer their team to victory in the historic game.  


High game in the 9:00 Trio League last week was a 119 rolled by Ryleigh Gough.  Paige Collins had the high series for the day.  Paige was over her 76 average all three games, with 95, 95, and 108, for a 298 series.  Devin Penna rolled a 107.  Kyle Schaefer was 57 pins over average with 90 his second game.  Zach Seebacher was also over average all three games and rolled a 99 game and 270 series.  Zach’s average is currently 75.  Other nice games were rolled by Kyleigh Grandon, 76 (37 pins over average) and Isaac Trickett, 90 (33 pins over).

Last Friday, Windham High School held their Annual Homecoming festivities. The event started Monday with Spirit week, which had the students dressing up to different themes each day and ended Saturday night with the annual dance.
Friday at 4:30 pm, the Homecoming Parade was held with the high school band leading the way. Each class was represented in the parade with a  float of their own design, along with the cheerleaders, youth football players, youth cheerleaders and emergency vehicles.

Garrettsville – The Fourth Annual SkyLane’s Youth Bowling Camp was held last week at SkyLane Bowling Alley in Garrettsville.  Over 35 kids participated in the 3-day camp which included instruction on the basic fundamentals of bowling.  The camp was a “tremendous success” said Youth Coordinator Ken Brigham.  Each camper received over 12 hours of instruction and had a lot of Fun in the process.

SkyLanes will be having sign-ups for Saturday morning Youth Leagues this Saturday from 9:00am to Noon.  Free bowling will also be offered from 9:00am to noon for everyone.  Please call the alley for lane reservations at (330)527-9999.

Josh Tyburski was selected to attend the Blue-Grey National Super Combine at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, OH.   Towards the end of his junior year of high school, Josh was invited to attend a combine at the Cincinnati Bengals Football Stadium,  he was one of about 200 other prospects from Ohio and Kentucky to show their football skills.   After attending this combine, they picked Josh as one of  the top 200 prospects from all the combines they had in 36 states and gather them into one big nationwide combine.   

Marty Hill Court was filled beyond capacity last Friday night as folks from around the region came out to see the Harlem Ambassadors take on the Hometown Heroes of Windham. The Hometown Heroes are a co-ed team comprised of former Windham High School (WHS) basketball stars. The oldest player was Jim Moore who graduated in the class of 1966. They were coached by Greg McDivitt and Donny Ridenbaugh and the game was refereed by Marty Hill and Danny Nutter.

The Ambassadors were coached by Lade Majic who assisted with announcing, and some on court antics including wrestling Ted St. John to the ground and getting a “pin” which resulted in a foul.. Ted was headed to the line but the fun didn’t end there. After some good jokes at St. Johns expense and some wardrobe adjustments he was finally allowed to shoot his free throws.

The half- time show included those in the stands as folks headed to the court to kick up their heels and dance a line dance with the Harlem Ambassadors. The second half of the game got under way with the Hometown Heroes in serious need of points.  They started off with a few shots but still failed to close the gap and at one point Sean Cline was wrestled to the ground by Lade Majic and the referees called  “FOUL!” which resulted in more antics at Cline’s expense. Between the family friendly jokes, slam dunks and extreme ball handling skills the crowd was wowed by the Ambassador’s talent.

The evening was a family-friendly event that brought out laughs, cheers and fun as the packed house enjoyed the game along with the antics from the Harlem Ambassadors.   In the end the Hometown Heroes were on the losing end but all in all it was a fun evening.
The event was a fundraiser for the Renaissance Family Center in Windham, with proceeds going directly to support the programs at the center.

Kassie Fedor’s 387 was the high series last week for the 9:00 Trio League.   Kassie just edged out Eric Lawless who shot 377.  Star of the week was Wilson Jackson.  Wilson was 111 pins over his average of 72, with games of 119, 114, and 94.  Eric Schaefer was also over average all three games.  Eric’s average is 58 but he rolled games of 87, 82 and 87, 82 pins over average for the day.  Other good games:  Clark Jackson, 136 (47 over), Travis Horner, 123 (34 over), Nathan Phillips, 139 (34 over), Austin Wise, 117 (30 over), and Matt Hale, 112 (27 over).


Drew Tushar had the top game in the 9:00 Trio League with a very nice 184. Drew also had the high series with 422. Teammates Isaac Trickett and Eric Schaefer were both over average all three games and tied for the most over average for the day. Eric rolled games of 76, 78, and 78, putting him 64 pins over average. Isaac shot 73, 87, and 54, also 64 pins over average. Other good games: Clark Jackson, 136 (49 over), Travis Horner, 132 (44 over), Eric Lawless, 156 (36 over), Ashleigh Quiggle, 134 (27 over), Matthew Hale, 110 (26 over), Barrett Jackson, 124 (25 over), and Austin Wise, 107 (21 over). In the 11:00 Trio League, Ryan Ambler was the top bowler with a 211 game and 523 series. Lucas Titschinger shot 178, his highest game ever, which was 79 pins over his average. Danielle Tuttle was 61 pins over her average with her 167 game. Belladonna Titschinger rolled a triplicate series – three games of 110. Other nice games were shot by Zachary Britton, 157 (39 over), Emma Dockery, 180 (34 over), Jacob Tanner, 130 (26 over), Ian Huebner, 71 (25 over), Noah Hoffmann, 131 (22 over), Zachary Capron, 117 (22 over), Nick Toke, 154 (22 over), Jeff Dunfee, 128 (22 over), and Ali Franklin, 140 (21 over). Gavin Dunfee had the high score for the PeeWees with 108. Other good games: Alex Gage, 103, Brooklynn Horner, 99, Tessa Burnworth, 97, Emily Linamen, 95, Thane Sidwell, 95, and Owen Norris, 90. This was the first week for the return of the 1:00 shift as the Teen Texas Shoot Out league started. The top series was rolled by Jessica Potteiger with 601. Jess had games of 195, 199 and 207. Adam Tanner started out with six strikes in a row and ended up with a 222 his first game. He added a 201 and 171 game, ending up with a nice 594 series. Other good scores were rolled by Kyle Brigham, 201, Collin McGurer, 200, and Tiffany George, 217. Over the past couple of weeks youth bowlers traveled to Warren for the Pepsi Tournament. A number of Sky Lanes bowlers conquered the lanes there and are now qualified to advance to the State Pepsi Tournament. Congratulations to: Kassie Fedor, Anna Morrissey, Taylor Mick, Ali Franklin, Chase Zupancic, Matt Hale, Isaac Trickett, Wilson Jackson, Eric Lawless, Ian Huebner, Austin Sledz, Barrett Jackson, Zachary Britton, and David Durst. And good luck at state!

Sky Lanes hosted the Portage County Singles/Doubles Tournament on Sunday, March 25, with 88 bowlers from Sky Lanes, Twin Star, and Kent Lanes. Scholarship money will go to the top three stops in each division. Following are the tournament results (place, name, series with handicap and Smart Scholarship): Singles: Pee Wee (bumper) division 1 Darrion Sidwell 509 $100
2 Alex Gage 491 $50
3 Thane Sidwell 483 $25
Bantam/Prep division: 1 Barrett Jackson 698 $100
2 Cameron King 642 $50
3 Jarrod Gill 640 $25 Joey Ewell 640 $25 Major/Juniors Division: 1 Anna Brigham 667 $100 2 Brent Jones 657 $50 3 Austin Moore 622 $25 Doubles: Bantam/Prep Division: 1 Clark Jackson/Wilson Jackson 1255 $100 each 2 Lucas Titschinger/Jacob Tanner 1241 $50 each 3 Zach Britton/Jacob Britton 1234 $25 each Major/Juniors Division: 1 Dustin Tushar/Kyle Brigham 1296 $100 each 2 Jessica Potteiger/Clarke Kolmorgan 1295 $50 each 3 Liz Persuhn/Brent Jones 1187 $25 each Complete tournament results are available on the Portage County Youth bowling Facebook page.


On March 17th and 18th, four youth wrestlers from Garrettsville travelled to Youngstown to wrestle in the OAC State tournament held in the Covelli Centre. Brandon Gibson, Luke Porter, Logan Kissell, and Connor Hrubik all qualified in tournaments earlier in the year to earn a spot to wrestle in this coveted tournament. With 32 wrestlers in each bracket, it is the most grueling tournament held during the season in the state. Luke Porter came away with a 3rd place finish and Logan Kissell took 4th. The following weekend four G-Men made their way down to the Nutter Center in Dayton for the Ourway state tournament. Brandon Gibson, Luke Porter, Ryan Finney, and Connor Hrubik battled hard and made the community proud. Brandon Gibson and Connor Hrubik both placed 4th and Luke Porter came away with a 5th place finish. Congrats to all of the boys and keep up the good work!!


Windham – The road to Columbus for Windham’s Lady Bombers and the boy’s Bombers basketball team came to a screeching halt a week ago, when both teams failed to move out of the first round of regional competition. The Lady Bombers were up against four-time state champions Berlin Hiland Hawks at Massillon Perry High School in Massillon. The Hawks proved quickly why they had been four-time state champs, racking up 15 unanswered points and never looking back. Their quickness and powerful defense proved to be too much for the Lady Bombers as they were only able to get off 17 shots the entire game. The Hawks dominated every facet of the game, handing the Lady Bombers a 64-9 defeat and putting an abrupt halt to the state championship dreams. The Lady Bombers finished the regular season with 9-7 prior to entering post-season play. They defeated Fairport, Maplewood, and Warren JFK to claim the District Title. The Lady Bombers then moved on to the Regionals, defeating Our Lady of the Elms before losing to Berlin Hiland last Saturday night. They were awarded the runner-up trophy for Regionals which concluded their season. The Lady Bombers were coached by Gregg Isler and Doug Fall. The boy’s team finished their regular season with an 11-7 record prior to entering the Sectional Tournament played at Warren G. Harding High School in Warren. The Bombers defeated Mineral Ridge, McDonald, and Warren JFK before they moved onto regional play at Canton Field House in Canton. In the first round of the Regional competition, the boys took on the Richmond Heights Spartans and fought a physical battle only to be on the losing end. The boy’s team is coached by Marty Hill and assisted by Bill Poszgai Congratulations to both teams who captured the District IV Titles!


Jaret Doraski’s 211 was high game last week in the 11:00 Trio League. Jaret also rolled the high series of 471. Joey Ewell shot a 155 and 157 on his way to a 429 series, 84 pins over average. Noah Hoffman was over average all three games, with a 45-over 152 his first game. Noah was 80 pins over average for the day. Other nice games: Ryan Ambler, 199, Jacob Britton, 144 (46 over), Courtney Lytle, 148 (45 over), Nick Toke, 169 (37 over), Ian Huebner, 78 (34 over), Ali Franklin, 149 (31 over), Belladonna Titschinger, 128 (28 over), and Jameson Huebner, 99 (25 over). Adam Norris had the high game for the 9:00 shift with a 168. High series was Kassie Fedor with 409. Clark Jackson was the most over average for the day. Clark rolled games of 115, 130, and 112, all well over his 86 average. Clark’s series was 357, 99 pins over average. Other nice games were rolled by Matt Hale, 121 (38 over), Austin Wise, 122 (36 over), Travis Horner, 124 (36 over), Jack Norris, 124 (33 over), and Isaac Trickett, 80 (31 over). Alex Gage once again had high game for the PeeWees with a 110. Other nice games were rolled by Owen Norris, 102, Zach Seebacher, 102, Gavin Dunfee, 93, and Owen Wolff, 91.


Ashleigh Quiggle finally reached one of her goals last week, rolling her very first 200 game.   Ashleigh’s 209 was the high game of the day.  Ashleigh’s average is 106, so she was an amazing 103 pins over.  She finished up with a very nice 433 series.   Another bowler hit her high career score; Lauren Sanchez tossed a 182 her last game.  Lauren also rolled a 155 on her way to a 445 series, high series for the day.
Ashleigh and Lauren not only had the two high games and high series, but they were the most over average for the day as well.  

The Ohio State University played host to the OHSAA state wrestling tournament which marked its 75th anniversary this past weekend.  The OHSAA sponsors one of the finest wrestling tournaments in the country and this year was no exception.
A few new frills added to the excitement this year and perennial powers Lakewood St. Edward and St. Paris Graham continued their winning traditions as each team captured another state title.

However, the performance of local participants reached levels never before seen in their school history. J.A. Garfield High School has never had an individual state wrestling champion, in fact, they have never had anyone compete in the state wrestling finals.  That is until this year when they had not one, but two wrestlers make the championship round. 160 pound Aaron Yonker and 182 pound Kevin Stock were both vying for individual championships on Saturday night.  Unfortunately, neither wrestler was able to bring home that coveted state championship as each lost a heartbreaking 3-2 decision in the finals.

Yonker was defeated by senior Zebulun Beam of Applecreek Waynedale, while Stock lost to a familiar foe in junior B.J. Toal of Troy Christian.  The good news for the G-Men is that both Yonker and Stock are underclassmen and will have an opportunity to pursue that elusive title next year.

The G-Men had two other participants competing in the tournament, 170 pound junior Tanner Bontrager and 285 pound senior Devin Dressler.  Bontrager went 1-2 and did not place in this year’s tournament, while Devin went 3-2 finishing in 7th place.  Garfield also made a team statement with a top ten finish – 7th place.

Other local teams from Portage County competing in the state tournament were:
Crestwood which had 3 participants, Jake Zemaitis (7th place 106 lbs), Josh Hillier (126 lbs), and Dylan Kager (6th place 132 lbs.)
Rootstown with 3 participants, Travis Linton (3rd place 170 lbs), Garrett Linton (the schools first state champion at 195 lbs) and Jake Moore (4th place 220 lbs)
Southeast had 2 participants, Brandon James (8th place 152 lbs) and Tylor Brokaw (160 lbs)
Waterloo had 3 participants, Nick Hermann (8th place 126 lbs), J.J. Diven (7th place 138 lbs) and Brandon Brenes (220 lbs)
Complete results can be found at: http://www.baumspage.com/ohsaa/wr/2012/d3res.htm

Garrettsville –  Two backyard rivals take their competition to a new level. Windham and Garfield schools last year decided to make change in the rivalry rather than contend against one another, they  decided come together for a joint cause. A year ago last fall, when Mike Chaffee took over as the principal of Windham Schools, he wanted to revive the rivalry  wiht Garrettsville that had somewhat died down over the years.  Chaffee wanted to turn what usually becomes a week of pranks and sometimes vandalism into a week of positive, healthy competition for a good cause. So “rivals for a cause” was born. Last year the schools held a food drive and sold T-shirts to raise monies for St. Jude’s Hospital. This year they are raising money by selling T-Shirts and the proceeds are being donated to Porter Lyons, a Garfield senior who underwent a heart transplant on New Years Eve. Between the two schools over 400 shirts were sold.
Rivalries are as old as dirt and many of them fade out. Although it appears that the rivalry between these two schools is still strong, it has become less intense and less vicious than in years past.  They still have pep rallies and  spirit week; the victories are sweet, but what once was is no longer the norm.
The more mature sector of the population from both districts tell of stories where each school had fears going to the  others territory. It was not uncommon in the early 70’s for the bus to travel through rocks, bottles etc. being tossed at them by kids who would lie in the ditches waiting for the visiting school to approach the town. Other pranks were common-place as well.
Residents tell of how Garfield’s victory bell that is now anchored on the football field was a target and stolen quite often during spirit week. Could that be why it is cemented down now?  Some said they will never forget the large W burned on Garfield football field a few years back, while Windham talks about the time Garfield kids marked their field with a big G. The pranks seemed to have gone by the wayside — as they should — and the rivalry has dwindled some but one thing remains the same,  a victory is sooo sweet and bragging rights reign for a long time. However, losing is still very bitter.
I asked many older residents that are still involved with school sports why they thought a rivalry which was strong, had lost some of its intensity. Some said laws have changed and schools now have zero tolerance policies which cause some to reconsider their actions. Many schools  now have cameras and more lighting outside which also plays a role in the reduction of the misdeeds. Some even said the two towns have intermarried which has changed the dynamics of the rivalry; social media have played a role in the change as well.
One thing that can be said is, although it may not be as vicious, the rivalry is still there and going strong and last Friday’s game at Garfield is proof of that. Long before the J.V. game reached the half-way mark, seating became difficult to find and by the time the varsity game started, the house was at capacity.
Everyone was ready for a good game; both sides were clad in the “Rivals for a Cause” black and teal T-shirts that both districts had sold as a fundraising project for the Lyons family. The student body from each school  cheered on their team and occasionally taunted each other by  “We can’t hear you” or “You can’t do that” followed by cheers of “Go Bombers” and “Go G-Men”. The game remained close for the most part, with  teams exchanging the lead several times.
Half-time brought out the best in both team’s fans as the entire gym gave a standing ovation as the Garfield’s Student Council and Windham Senior Jacob Vaughan presented a  $10,000 check to Porter Lyons. The monies presented were from various fundraising efforts and donations from the community. The funds from the T-shirt sale and spaghetti dinner that took place Friday night were not included in the total.  Porter addressed the fans and thanked them for their support. After the presentation and Porter’s address, the fans swarmed Porter chanting “Porter Porter” and “We love you Porter.”
The game resumed and remained tight.  About a third of the way through the third quarter the gym once again gave a standing ovation as Garfield Senior Cody Berg hit a milestone of his career by scoring his 1,000th point. After a brief recognition, the game resumed with a back and forth exchange of leads. It the end, the G-Men came up short (64-61) giving the Bombers a victory and the bragging rights for another year.

Windham –  The weather didn’t stop the Second Annual Jeff Stanley Memorial Scholarship spaghetti dinner fund-raiser from being held on Friday the 13th before the basketball game with the Garfield G-Men. The dinner was a hit with both teams’ fans as they were spotted enjoying the never ending spaghetti before the big game. The all-you-can-eat spaghetti was served with a salad, bread sticks, dessert and beverage. By the evening’s conclusion, the scholarship committee and volunteers served over 200 dinners prior to the game. The dinner will be an annual event held prior to the home Windham – Garfield basketball game.

The proceeds from the dinner go toward the Jeff Stanley Memorial Scholarship awarded to a senior at the graduation ceremony who meets the criteria, with one of them being the best Bomber fan one can be.

Jeff Stanley a Windham graduate contributed greatly to Bomber athletics by coaching, managing, mentoring,  volunteering and even refereeing youth games. He was the Bombers biggest fan and embodied the true spirit of being a Bomber. In his memory the family has established a memorial scholarship that is funded through the dinner and is given to a senior who depicts the heart of a Bomber by either playing sports or being a great fan. Jeff lost his battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2007.

The Stanley Family would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make the dinner a success, those who baked desserts for the event and especially thank Ben Ziska of Guys Pizza in Kent along with Maruf Awad from Sparkle Market and Carolyn Miller Cakes their continued support is what makes the event so successful.

Windham - When one thinks of Windham Basketball they immediately think of Marty Hill and the years of success the district has had in the sport. No one ever considers the girls’ team and now is the time one might want consider them too. The girls’ team has struggled as of late but the tide seems to be turning for the team this year and one of the reasons just might be the talents of two sisters, Caitlyn and Jessica Isler. The duo is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the county division of the Portage Trail Conference as they continue to show improvement each week and give opposing teams a run for their money. In addition to the pair heating up the court, the team’s coach is drawing some attention as well. Coach Gregg Isler is not only the coach, he is the duo’s dad and is also the superintendent of the school district. 


Jaret Doraski had high game for the 11:00 Trio League with 182, while Ethan Dubasik shot high series with 460.  Trevor Matheney just missed a triplicate; Trevor rolled 149 each of the first two games and 147 the last game for a very nice 445 series,79 over average for the day.  David Durst tossed a very nice 166 his second game, 56 pins over his 110 average.   Joey Ewell started the day with a 160 game, 50 pins over average.  Then Joey shot games of 118 and 143 for a nice 421 series, 91 over for the day.

I commented earlier in this season about how impressive it is when bowlers shoot over average all three games for the day.  But Belladonna Titschinger has done it three weeks in a row — nine straight games over average.  This week, Belladonna shot 117, 137, and 120, for a 374 series, 80 pins over for the set.

Other nice games:  Zach Britton, 150 (44 over), Cameron King, 166 (37 over), Ali Franklin, 144 (33 over), Jacob Britton, 121 (31 over), Taylor Mick, 139 (30 over), Emma Dockery, 170 (29 over), Nick Toke, 152 (27 over), and Adam Tanner, 165 (25 over).

Eric Lawless had the high game in the 9:00 Trio League with a very nice 163.  High series went to Kassie Fedor with 415.  Hannah Madden rolled three games over her average.  Hannah’s games of 73, 74, and 82 put her at 70 pins over average for the day.  Stephen Miller’s 137 game was 46 pins over average.  Other good games:  Wilson Jackson, 96, (33 over), Barrett Jackson, 115 (29 over), Makayla Gough, 113 (28 over), and Ryleigh Gough, 106 (27 over).

For the PeeWees, Alex Gage had high game with 124.  Other games over the 100 mark were rolled by David Ittel, 105, and Zach Seebacher, 103.  Other nice games were rolled by Grace Ittel with 96 and Brooklyn Horner with 92..


In the 11:00 Trio League last week, Ethan Dubasik was on fire.  Ethan tossed a 200 game his first game and then followed it up with 131 and 182 for a 513 series, high for the day.  Ethan was also 120 pins over average for the day.  Danielle Tuttle also had a good day.  Danielle rolled games of 113, 137, and 127 for a 377 series, 80 pins over average.  Jacob Britton was 54 pins over his 88 average with a 142 his second game.  Other nice games:  Zackary Britton, 138 (36 over), Adam Tanner, 171 (35 over), Taylor Mick, 142 (35 over), Destiny Durst, 143 (33 over), Belladonna Titschinger, 124 (32 over), Lucas Titschinger, 128 (31 over), and Ian Huebner, 57 (23 over).

Kassie Fedor had high series in the 9:00 Trio League with 443.  Kassie was over average all three games with 138, 157 and 148.  Savannah Britt was over average all three games too, with 118, 110, and 93.  Savannah’s 321 series put her at 93 pins over average for the day.  Other nice games were bowled by Stephen Miller, 129 (43 over), Makayla Gough, 113 (30 over), Nathan Phillips, 135 (27 over), Lauren Sanchez, 132 (26 over), Ryleigh Gough, 104 (24 over), Wilson Jackson, 82 (24 over), Matt Hale, 99 (23 over), and Isaac Tricket, 65 (23 over).

High game in the bumper leagues last week belonged to Savannah Wolff with a very nice 117 game.   Alex Gage hit the 100 mark twice, with games of 100 and 111.  Tessa Burnworth rolled a 108 game.    Other nice games:  Joey Moses, 97, David Ittel, 93, and Emily Linamen, 92.

November 5 and 12 were the first two qualifying weeks for the Ohio Pepsi tournament.  Qualifiers advance to the regional tournament which begins the last weekend in February.  Bowlers who qualified during the first round:

Boys age 11 and under:  Stephen Miller, Wilson Jackson, Eric Lawless, Nathan Phillips, Clark Jackson, Cameron King, Andrew Morrissey, Noah Hoffmann, Joey Ewell, and Jacob Britton.

Boys age 12 and over:  Barrett Jackson, Ethan Dubasik, Zackary Britton, Jake Yeatts, Ryan Ambler, Dustin Tushar, and Kyle Brigham.

Girls age 11 and under:  Savannah Britt, Kassie Fedor, and Belladonna Titschinger.

Girls age 12 over:  Danielle Tuttle, Taylor Mick, Jessica Potteiger, and Chase Zupancic.


Another Pepsi tournament qualifying round will be held during January.  Bowlers who qualify have a chance to win scholarship money and to advance to the state Pepsi tournament in Columbus in May.

The last football game of the season has a tendency to be some what bittersweet for the seniors, especially those that are players, cheerleaders, and band members, but Friday’s game gave the senior band members an event to remember. The Garfield Band made history when they played their halftime show at Windham High School last Friday night at the last football game of the year.  The two bands, James A. Garfield (JAG) Band and the Windham High School (WHS) band put their love for music first and the rivalry second as the two bands performed a portion of the half-time show together.

The half-time show opened with JAG Band performing first, followed by WHS Band. Then, history was made when the JAG Band joined the WHS Band on the field and finished the half-time show with the two bands playing together.  It was a sight to behold, watching the back yard rivals put aside their differences and put their love of music first, not only performing together but having fun with each other while doing it.  The kids played and rocked out the show leaving the folks in the stands seeing history being made as the two bands entertained the crowd together last Friday night.

The show didn’t come together miraculously, but came with a lot of hard work. Both bands had diligently practiced the two pieces separately and came together one time to practice for about 45 minutes prior to Friday night’s game. Their efforts paid off as the two bands put on a fantastic show to close out the football season.

Folks on the sidelines were impressed as they watched each band cheer the other on as they performed separately, and when they played together. Both bands moved together and sounded like they had been playing together all season long. Some of the comments on the sidelines were “That was awesome,” — from the students to “A job well done,” — from the adults.  Everyone was amazed at the way they were able to come together and put on such a great half-time show. The performance left one wondering whether this was a new tradition in the making. Well, that remains to be seen, but let’s hope it continues. It was a joy to watch the bands come together and share their love for music with others.

Last week in the 11:00 Trio League, Collin McGurer rolled his first 600 series ever, a very nice 613.  Collin rolled 191 and 198 the first two games and then started the third game with 6 strikes in a row on his way to a 224.  Collin came into the day with a 192 average, high for the league.  Collin is an eighth grader at Garfield Middle School and a top prospect for the High School bowling team next year.

Coach Rick Ewell commented that while big games are impressive, bowling consistently for a good series is even more impressive.  And a number of bowlers did just that, with all three games over average.  Billy Potteiger was over his 86 average all three games with 99, 102, and 104 for a nice 305 series.  Cameron King, whose average is 120, shot games of 156, 144 and 126 for a 426 series.  Taylor Mick was over average all three games too, with 114, 113, and 109.  Ali Franklin shot 120, 134 and 125 for a 379 series.  And “The Sinless Pins” team members all accomplished the feat.  Alex Wilt started the day with a 55 average and rolled games of 97, 142, and 99 for a very nice 338 series.  His teammate Mark Butto (75 average) rolled 106, 76, and 85, while Zach Britton (81 average) rolled 105, 112, and 92.

Good games were also rolled by Ryan Ambler, 197, Emma Dockery, 189, Nick Toke, 169 (42 pins over average), Jaret Doraski, 171 (36 over), Jake Yeatts, 160 (32 over), David Durst, 132 (27 over), Noah Hoffman, 127 (26 over),  and Trevor Matheney, 143 (24 over).

For the 9:00 Trio League, high game and high series belonged to Drew Tushar with a 163 game and 415 series.  Kassie Fedor rolled a 146 game and 387 series.  Drew currently has high average for the league of 125 but Kassie is right behind him at 123.  Austin Wise rolled a 134 game, shooting 53 pins over his average of 81.  Travis Horner rolled 110, 40 pins over his average.  Other good games:  Clark Jackson, 95 (33 over), Steven Miller, 119 (31 over),Isaac Trickett, 69 (26 over), Nathan Phillips, 124 (26 over), Jack Norris, 105 (23 over), Kannon Borrelli, 66 (22 over), and Savannah Britt, 92 (22 over).

Alex Gage and Jack Cigany shared high game honors for the bumper bowlers last week with scores of 100.  Charlie Britt had games of 99 and 98.  Other good games were rolled by Gavin Dunfee, 96, and  Zach Seebacher, 91.

Clarke Kolmorgan and Matt Lyons tied for the high series in the Scholastic League last week with 584.  High series for the girls was rolled by Kim Wampler with 460.  Brent Jones had high game for the week with 217.

Last Friday the winless Bombers took the field against a much-improved Waterloo football program. The results of the game were very disappointing for the host Windham Bombers, a 40-0 loss to the Vikings. The Vikings defense held Windham to just five first downs and 124 total yards. Meanwhile the Waterloo offense rolled up 395 rushing yards. This week the Bombers have a good look at their first victory since week three last season as they travel to East Canton to take on the winless Hornets.

People say. “When you play your rival you can throw out the records” that saying holds no better example than when LaBrae and Newton Falls play. No matter the sport, no matter the year, either team has so much familiarity with schools that are right next to them, because they grow up playing against one another and know their tendencies. Last week the previously winless Tigers played host to the one-loss Vikings, and Newton Falls’ Chance Marsh rushed in the end zone from five yards out in overtime to cut the Tigers deficit to one 26-27. Obviously the Tigers saw something they could do well and decided to go for the two-point conversion and the win. After C.J. Gregory hauled in the pass for the two-point play there was jubilation in the Falls as the Tigers have knocked off their rival 28-27. The Vikings fall to 5-2 on the season and are currently ranked third in division 3 region 13 for the OHSAA playoffs (the top eight teams in each region make the playoffs). As for the 1-6 Tigers, they will travel to Champion to take on the 2-5 Golden Flashes.
The Crestwood Red Devils continue their struggles dropping a 21-56 decision to the Kent Roosevelt Rough Riders last Friday. Crestwood in all likelihood has played five of their seven games against playoff bound teams, while the remaining three games are against teams they should better compete against. Starting this week as the 1-6 Red Devils travel to 2-5 Field. Crestwood last beat the Falcons in 2006.

The Cardinal Huskies hosted the undefeated Kirtland Hornets last week and came up on the short end of a 45-20 decision. The 20 points scored are the most points Kirtland has given up all year. Cardinal (1-6) looks for answers this Friday as they host the 3-4 Independence Blue Devils.

After last week’s 21-38 loss to Mogadore, Garfield (4-3) looks to regroup on homecoming week as they host the 4-3 Woodridge Bulldogs. After the G-Men jumped out to a 14-6 lead, the Wildcats scored 18 straight points for a 10-point halftime lead 14-24. Garfield would score a lone touchdown in the second half only to allow Mogadore two more touchdowns. Currently the G-Men sit 13th in the computer rankings and need to win  and get some help to make their second straight post-season appearance.

The Windham Bombers dropped their fourth straight game of the season and their 11th dating back to last year. Unfortunately for the Bombers 41-0 loss to the undefeated Rootstown Rovers is not the worse news. Regrettably, the schedule is not in the Bombers’ favor this week as the Southeast Pirates host the Bombers this Friday. The Bombers and Pirates last met in October of 2003 with the Pirates coming out on top 26-7.
The Newton Falls Tigers have one of the toughest schedules around. The first four games they have played, the teams have a combined loss of one. Last week the Tigers fell to undefeated Girard 24-55. This week the Tigers host 4-0 Brookfield.
The Crestwood Red Devils bulked up their schedule as well. The four losses this season were  all to  potential playoff teams. Last week Ravenna traveled to Mantua and walked out with a 56-3 victory. This week the Red Devils host 1-3 Norton Panthers.
The Cardinal Huskies fell victim for the fourth straight game, this time in overtime, 27-24, to the Skippers from Fairport Harding. Cardinal comes home this week to host the 1-3 Black Knights from Newbury.
Garfield lost their second in three weeks last week by falling to the undefeated Pirates 24-7. While Wyllie’s 44-18 record and two playoff berths since the beginning of the 2005 season are impressive, it is the 9-13 record against teams with winning records that jumps out at me. This week Garfield has a date with 0-4 East Canton at JAG Stadium before clashing with the undefeated Rovers next week.

Newton Falls – Tickets are on sale at the Superintendent’s Office located at 9091?2 Milton Blvd., for the upcoming Newton Falls Tiger football season from 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The cost for reserved season passes for 5 homes games will be $40.00. We also have a 10-game pass available for adults to purchase for $50.00, and students 10-game pass for $30.00, which is good for any Varsity game, i.e., volleyball, soccer, football or basketball.
We appreciate the support that the community of Newton Falls has given to the football, soccer, golf, basketball and volleyball teams.   The first football game will be Thursday, August 25th, 2011, against Southeast at home.  Kick-off is at 7:00 p.m.

If you are a senior citizen (65 years of age or older & retired) and a resident of Newton Falls, you are eligible for a complimentary senior citizen’s pass. This will admit you to all home games.  See Mrs. Dunlap in the Superintendent’s Office for tickets and passes.

Pictured at right (front row) Ethan Milko, Jessie Chechak, Scott Everett, Josh Masters, Brad Martin, John Reid, Todd Barton, Marcus Miller (back row)Coach Rich Martin, Coach Kevin Savitts, Logan Steiner, Alex Duderstadt, Nick Jurcevic, Nick Kaiser, Coach Brian Masters, Coach Joe Kaiser.

Congratulations to the Garfield G-Men. These young men have worked really hard to accomplish their goal in making it to the state tournament in Alliance.

Pictured are: (front row) Haley Prusky, Sidney Drake, Kayla Mock, Emma Rader, Madi Pelyak, Jordyn Cline  (back row) Olivia Hedge, Ashley Benetis, Alisha Delisle, Anga Fowler, Meghan Workman, Kate Wainwright

Pictured are: (front row) Haley Prusky, Sidney Drake, Kayla Mock, Emma Rader, Madi Pelyak, Jordyn Cline (back row) Olivia Hedge, Ashley Benetis, Alisha Delisle, Anga Fowler, Meghan Workman, Kate Wainwright

Newton Falls 12U Girls fast pitch team won the Meander District tournament defeating Austintown 11-1 to finish the regular season 15-0.
This team has advanced to the Ohio Girls Softball Organization (OGSO) state tournament and won its first 2 games.  The girls will play in the OGSO State finals on Saturday, July 30, at 4:15 in Randolph, Ohio.  They play against Garrettsville who is also undefeated  —  a rematch of the OGSO finals from 2 years ago.

Pictured at right are: Coaches Robert Brown, Danny Neer, Ryan Miller, Kristine Miller.  Ethan Marek, Derek Miller, Kyle Turrentine, Erik Roche, Jackson Neer, Noah Owens, Ryan Brown, Nick Scarl, Zayne Veon, Nicholas Cornicelli, Kyle Workman, David Bowden.  Not Pictured: Andrew Morrissey

Pictured at right are: Coaches Robert Brown, Danny Neer, Ryan Miller, Kristine Miller. Ethan Marek, Derek Miller, Kyle Turrentine, Erik Roche, Jackson Neer, Noah Owens, Ryan Brown, Nick Scarl, Zayne Veon, Nicholas Cornicelli, Kyle Workman, David Bowden. Not Pictured: Andrew Morrissey

Parents and fans would like to wish Head Coach Kristine Miller and the Garfield Thunder the Best of Luck as they head to Alliance for the State Tournament on Saturday July 30th and July 31st.
We are so proud of all your hard work and dedication and PROUD to be a part of such a wonderful team!


This will be the last bowling article until leagues begin again in the fall.  Thank you to everyone who helped with the youth leagues this year, and to everyone who enjoyed reading about our youth bowlers!  This year’s summer bowling camp will be August 10-12.  Each day, bowlers will get instruction from coaches; lunch will be served each day.  The cost is only $25 for the three days.  Contact Sky Lanes for more information or to sign up.In the final week of the 2010-2011 Teen Texas Shoot-Out league, the high scores were Ashly Bernatowicz with a 227 game and 605 series.  Clarke Kolmorgan rolled 211 and Anna Brigham rolled 188.  Good luck to Ashly and Clarke who, along with Brent Jones and Liz Persuhn, got a free entry to the state team tournament thanks to their good performance at regionals.May 14 was awards day.  After awards were given out bowlers got pizza and then the music was turned on and the lights turned off for some cosmic bowling.  Congratulations to all the following winners:9:00 Trio LeagueLeague Champs – 1st half – The Devils Emma Dockery Nathan Pallotto Ericq WilliamsLeague Champs – 2nd half – Peace Makers Kassie Fedor Floria Gerardino Ashleigh QuiggleHigh Average –  Boys   Drew Tushar  109 Girls   Emma Dockery  127Most Improved Average –  Boys   Nathan Pallotto +16 Girls   Danielle Tuttle +19Girls High Series Scratch    Emma Dockery 524Girls High Game Scratch    Kassie Fedor 187Boys High Series Scratch    Drew Tushar 410Boys High Game Scratch    Dan Painley 164
11:00 Trio LeagueLeague Champs – 1st half – The Gummi Bears Jaret Doraski Collin McGurer Nick TokeLeague Champs – 2nd half – Attitude Adjustments Kim Wampler Jessica Potteiger Ryan AmblerHigh Average –  Boys Zach Hoffman 165 Girls Jessica Potteiger 153Most Improved Average –  Boys Austin Sledz +22 Girls Jessica Potteiger +15Girls High Series Scratch    Jessica Potteiger 553Girls High Game Scratch    Kim Wampler 234Boys High Series Scratch   Ryan Ambler 616Boys High Game Scratch   Adam Tanner 219

Garrettsville – James A. Garfield senior baseball standout Brandon Baumgardner’s favorite song is “Lights Out” by P.O.D. It is no wonder the first game of the season Brandon was exactly that… LIGHTS OUT.

When the lefty took the mound last Thursday at Waterloo little did Brandon know he was on the cusp of greatness… Perfection to be exact. Brandon struck out 13 of the 18 batters he faced on his way to the first perfect game in Garfield history.

Baumgardner used just 70 pitches to eliminate the Vikings and also made a sliding play down the third base line to throw out another would be base runner.

Brandon also helped his own cause offensively with two doubles, two runs scored and two runs batted in. This year Brandon is 1-0 with one save. His 14 strikeouts in three games is just one shy of his freshman total (15), and he gave up just one hit Saturday versus Kent.

Baumgardner career stats: 11-5 overall, six saves and 111 strikeouts, First team PTC his junior season and second team the year before.


The 2011 James A. Garfield Hall of Fame slate is completed by two young men a decade apart who displayed their talent and teamwork in several venues and at several levels.

Matt Paul, class of ‘85, earned letters in golf (3), basketball (3) and baseball (4);football only got one year of his time, golf took precedence for time avilable.

Baseball was where he really got a chance to shine. Garfield baseball teams took the PCL championship in his junior and senior years (‘84, ‘85)with Matt on the mound in his share of hotly-contested games.  He was named to the all-county first team in each of those years and player of the conference in ‘85.

Basketball followed the same sort of script, as Matt was named to the PCL all-county first team in both ’83-‘84 and ‘84-‘85

Moving on down the road at Hiram College, Matt spent one year on the varsity basketball squad then chose to focus on baseball.  Good choice!!  He received the conference Cy Young Award (for pitchers) in his junior and senior years and the Donald M. Campbell Award for best male athlete in his senior year.  He was elected to the Hiram College Hall of Fame in 2002; his picture’s on the wall.

Matt then chose to enter the field of education and is currently a principal in the Kirtland Schools.

He was chosen for the Garfield Hall of Fame earlier but had school duties required of him.  Now is his day of recognition.  A homer for sure!

The Garfield class of ‘95–and every crowd member there to watch–was frequently electrified by the performances of our sixth honoree, Barron Chambers. The numbers may have faded by now, but he at one time held the all-time Garfield rushing and TD scoring record as well as the most yards rushing in a season; at broken field running he was a whiz.  He was twice named to the All State Team in football and was three times a PCL All Star in that sport.  He was part of the PCL Championship teams of 1993 and1995, garnering letters in football, basketball and track during that time. Football didn’t take up all of his time; he made it to the honor roll too and served as a camp counselor for the annual trip to Camp Fitch.

Of course that wasn’t the end.  Barron moved on to Tri State University at Angola, IN where his talents in football led to his being named MVP of the Quarter-final and Semi-final conference championship games and election to the Tri State Hall of Fame.  He also acquired, through dint of considerable hard work, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.  Can’t keep a good G-Man down


CHAMPION, Ohio – The Champion High School Relays have become an annual event for the J. A. Garfield G-Men high school track & field team.  Last week, the Berkshire High School track & field team joined the fun on a blustery, yet sunny afternoon.

Garfield and Berkshire hold a lot of promise in this early show of the season.  The Badgers finished the evening with eight first-place finishes including the boys’ 1600-meter relay & 4 x 400-meter relay, and both the boys’ and girls’ distance medley & 4 x 800 meter relay races.

Garfield earned three first-place finishes with the boys’ 4 x 200-meter relay and 4 x 100 meter iron man relay and the girls’ 4 x 1600-meter relay.  Garfield also had seven impressive second-place finishes.

The Badgers’ boys’ team won the meet with a score of 91 points while the Garfield G-Men followed close behind into a second place finish with 85 points.  The Berkshire girls’ team also had an notable finish, earning second place while Garfield girls’ team finished in fifth place overall.

Season schedules for both schools can be found at www.highschoolsports.net.



In the 9:00 Trio League, Ashleigh Quiggle had high series for the day with 378.  Ashley rolled two games of 138.  High game for the week was rolled by Adam Norris, a 156, beating his career high game score that was set only two weeks ago.  Joey Ewell was second in both the high game and high series categories this week.  Joey rolled games of 102, 106, and 143, giving him a 351 series for the day, 81 pins over his average.  Ryleigh Gough just missed the 100 score mark with a 99 game, 34 pins over her average.   Dan Painley was 33 pins over average with his 131.

Noah Shannon rolled a 200 game for the high in the 11:00 Trio League.  High series belonged to Ryan Ambler with 504.  Shannon Kerr was most over average for the day.  Shannon rolled 129, 134, and 115 for a 378 series, 90 pins over her series average.  A number of good games were rolled this week, including:  David Durst, 146 (45 pins over), Destiny Durst, 140 (42 pins over), Austin Sledz, 106 (36 pins over), Shayne Carter, 115 (32 pins over), Zach Capron, 121 (30 pins over), and Jake Yeatts, 148 (30 pins over).

High game and high series in the Teen Texas Shoot-Out belonged to Brent Jones with 236-615.  Other games over 200 were rolled by Ashly Bernatowicz, 234, Howie Moore, 220, Clarke Kolmorgan, 214, and Kyle Brigham, 210.  Dean Flint had a good day.  Dean, who averages 158, rolled games of 170, 187, and 208 for a nice 565 series, putting him at 91 pins over average for the day.  Other nice games for the week:  Ryan Ambler, 197, Anna Brigham, 195, and Patrick Myers, 192.

In the 9:00 Pee Wee League, Madison Durosko was on a roll with games of 115 and 100 for a very nice 215 series, her best scores to date.  Travis Horner rolled 93.  In the 11:00 Pee Wee League, the high score was bowled by Thane Sidwell with 107.  Other nice games:  David Ittel with 97 and Darrion Sidwell with 90.



Now that the High School bowling season is completed, the Teen Texas Shoot-Out League has begun.  A number of good scores have been posted already – Howie (Taz) Moore started the first week with a 611 series and followed it up this week with 245-195-225 for a 665 series, giving him a 212 average for the first two weeks.   Clarke Kolmorgan’s 636 series was high for the first week.  Clarke rolled a 224 game in each of the first two weeks.  Kyle Bolton shot 602 this week, with a 221 his first game.  Kyle also rolled a 233 game last week.  Ashly Bernatowicz is high for the girls with a 213 game and 566 series.  Kim Wampler had the second high series with 494 and Anna Brigham had a 192 game.  Brent Jones had a 225 game last week, and Cody Berg rolled 203-586.
Last week’s high bowler in the 9:00 Trio League was Ashleigh Quiggle.  Ashleigh had the high game with 145 and high series with 374.  Courtney Lytle was not far behind, with a 131 game and 364 series.   Other nice games:  Joey Ewell, 129 (40 pins over), Kassie Fedor, 140 (37 pins over), Ericq Williams, 107 (29 pins over), Floria Gerardino, 105 (27 pins over), and Nathan Pallotto, 110 (27 pins over).
This week’s high game and series belonged to Kassie Fedor.  Kassie rolled a 187 her last game for a 389 series.  Adam Norris rolled 155 his first game, a career high game for him.  Adam ended up with a 371 series, 89 pins over average for the day.  Drew Tushar also rolled a nice 374 set, with games of 136 and 137.  Joey Ewell was over average all three games.  Joey’s average is 89 and he shot games of 119, 107, and 120, to give him a 346 series, 79 pins over for the day.  Some other good games were rolled by Nathan Slaughter, 125 (44 pins over average), Danielle Tuttle, 119 (40 pins over), Cassie Painley, 112 (31 pins over), Jack Norris, 92 (31 pins over), Eric Lawless, 122 (30 pins over), Ashleigh Quiggle, 135 (30 pins over), Floria Gerardino, 108 (29 pins over), and Makayla Gough, 108 (27 pins over).
In the 11:00 Trio League last week Zach Hoffmann had high game with 214 and high series with 555.  Kim Wampler bowled 168-166-169 for a 503 series.   Other good games:  Jessica Potteiger, 201, Kaylee Brigham, 158 (48 pins over average), Ethan Dubasik, 157 (46 pins over), Noah Shannon, 180 (46 pins over), Austin Sledz, 108 (40 pins over), and Emma Kerr, 105 (34 pins over).
This week the high game and high series belonged to Jaret Doraski.  Jaret rolled games of 157, 175, and 190 for a nice 522 series.  Kayla Hunt was 114 pins over her average for the day.  Kayla, who averages 69, had games of 114, 110 and 97 for a very nice 321 series.  Other top scores:  Ethan Hoffmann, 177 (53 pins over), Ali Franklin, 158 (44 pins over), Jessica Potteiger, 193 (40 pins over), and Emma Kerr, 104 (32 pins over).
Several of the 9:00 PeeWees bowled very good games last week:  Travis Horner with 119, Isaac Trickett with 111, and Zach Seebacher with 107.  Isaac continued his over-100 score streak this week with a 101.   Other nice scores rolled in the bumper league:  Eric Schaefer, 98, and Madison Durosko, 98 (her season high game).
In the 11:00 bumper league, Darrion Sidwell rolled a 122 game.  Other nice scores:  Kenny Mangan, 90 and 95, Ian Huebner, 91, Jordan Kwiecinsky, 100.

Columbus – On Saturday, March 5th the Garfield and Crestwood boy’s bowling teams competed in the State Championships at Wayne Webb’sColumbus Bowl.  It was the first trip to State for both teams.

The G-Men got off to a great start in game one, led by Kyle Bolton’s 258 and Cody Berg’s 251.  They got some clutch bowling the rest of the way from teammates Mack Hawkins, Clark Kolmorgen, and Howard Moore to finish in 4th place and qualify them for bracket play.
In the head-to-head best-of-five baker series the G-Men defeated Carrolton High School 3 games to 1 advancing them to the semi-finals where they faced the #1 seed Wapakoneta team.

After falling behind 2-1, the G-Men rallied and won game four by the score of 210-206 to force game 5.  Garfield had a small lead going into the 7th frame when back- to- back splits let Wapakoneta take control and eventually win the game 208-176.
It was a valiant effort for their first state appearance. Coach Howie Moore was very pleased with their bowling and vowed that they will be back next year with almost everyone coming back.
Individually, Kyle Bolton earned 1st Team All-State honors along with Cody Berg receiving Honorable Mention All-State.
The Crestwood boys were in contention after the first three actual games, but couldn’t put together a big baker game and ended up finishing 12th.

Columbus - Area wrestlers did a fantastic job in representing northeast Ohio and their respective high schools in Columbus last week.
Leading the way were the Crestwood Red Devils who qualified a school record seven wrestlers.  After finishing second in the Akron Firestone district the week before, head coach Dave Wrobel was confident that his team could make a run at a top 5 finish in Columbus.  Five of his seven qualifiers had previous state tournament experience and that experience paid off in the first round as the Red Devils won 5 out of 7 matches Thursday afternoon.  On Friday the Red Devils found themselves competing against many of the pre-tournament favorites in their respective weight classes and success was harder to come by.  When wrestling concluded for the day the only Red Devil to be unscathed was senior Cody Ryba who kept alive his hope of being Crestwood’s first state wrestling champion since 1994 (Brian Singleton).  Coach Wrobel, like most wrestling coaches had mixed feelings as he assessed the results from Friday’s action.  He felt his team “competed well” … was “ecstatic for Cody Ryba’s results” …  and “dealt with the pain of not seeing all his wrestlers make it to the placement round”.  On Saturday evening, Cody Ryba put the finishing touches on a brilliant season for Crestwood when he won the 171 lb. championship with a 5-4 decision over Jake Cramer of Oak Harbor.  The victory moved Crestwood up to 6th place in the final team standings.
The Garfield G-Men qualified three wrestlers for the state wrestling tournament which was also a school record for them.  Coach Alan Harbert was “pleased with how well we competed” … “thrilled that all 3 kids were wrestling in the placement round” … and “very excited that two of his wrestlers were underclassmen and would be returning to his practice room next season”.  Kevin Stock was the highest finisher (4th) for the G-Men but lost his chance to wrestle for an individual championship when he was defeated in his semi-final match, 8-7.  The final score was  ultimately decided by a penalty point earlier in the match.
Cardinal’s Casey Johns lost his opening match and then rallied to win his next four matches to make the consolation bout. Johns found himself in familiar territory matched against his freshman nemesis from Beachwood, Sammy Gross, whom he defeated in the districts by a pin in the second period. Sammy, however, got his revenge by besting Casey 4-1 in Columbus.

Cardinal’s other state placer, Ziegler, won his first round match before falling to the eventual second place finisher. In the consolation bracket Chad won two more matches before falling to a third place finisher and winning his fifth place match 7-3.
The Southeast Pirates were looking to get back on track after a one-year absence from the state wrestling tournament.  The Pirates had two wrestlers qualify this year, with one of them trying to finish a Cinderella season.  Junior Tylor Brokaw placed 5th in the sectional wrestling tournament two weeks ago and thought his season was over, only to gain entrance into the district tournament last week as an alternate.  Tylor took full advantage of his second opportunity by placing 4th at districts and punching his ticket to the state tournament.  His story book season ended in Columbus when he lost his first two matches.  Teammate Ravonne Lawrence did however take 6th place at 171 lbs to give second year Coach Bob Noall his first state placer.  Coach Noall was extremely happy for Ravonne,  “he did all the right things to put himself in position this year and hopefully it will lead to bigger things for our program”.

Complete results can be found at the OHSAA website:  http://www.ohsaa.org

Garrettsville – Charles Chevrolet is supporting the Garrettsville community through a partnership with Garrettsville Baseball League. The dealership will provide baseball equipment, instructional clinics, a monetary donation, and an opportunity to raise an additional $10,000 in funds through a Chevy vehicle giveaway-fundraiser.  The effort by Charles Chevrolet is part of the Chevy Youth Baseball initiative being rolled out across the nation from March through July 2011.

“Baseball is a great American past-time and Chevrolet is proud to have a longstanding history with this tradition on a national level. Charles Chevrolet is bringing that level of commitment for youth baseball to the Garrettsville community, where our customers and their families live,” said Bruce Abraham, vice president for Charles Chevrolet. “Our youth baseball program in Garrettsville is truly cherished and we are happy and excited to support the kids in a significant way.”

Charles Chevrolet will present the Garrettsville Baseball League with equipment kits complete with equipment bags, baseball buckets, dugout managers, and Chevy Youth Baseball t-shirts.  The sponsorship includes clinics with experienced instructors from former MLB/MiLB players and coaches or the Ripken Baseball professional staff.

In addition, a one-time monetary donation check will be presented by Charles Chevrolet to Garrettsville Baseball League.  The team also will have an opportunity to raise additional funds for their use as part of a Chevy Youth Baseball Fundraiser.  Sponsored leagues across the country will each receive 2,000 fundraiser entry tickets to distribute for a suggested donation, and the league will keep 100 percent of proceeds raised.  At the end of the fundraiser, there will be five winners of a Chevy Equinox or Chevy Cruze vehicle of choice (up to $30,000 in value), and in each participating market there will be a secondary prize of a home entertainment center valued at $1,000.

Chevrolet is recognized on the national level as the “Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball.”  “Chevrolet vehicles are made for families and we hope the kids or their parents will consider a Chevrolet as an official vehicle of their household,” said Abraham.

Chevrolet has expanded its support of MLB to the youth baseball players in communities across the country through the Chevy Youth Baseball program. The Chevy Youth Baseball program began in Atlanta in 2006. In 2010, more than 980 Chevrolet dealers participated in Chevy Youth Baseball and helped raise more than $3 million for youth baseball programs across the USA.  Now going into its sixth year, more than $10 million has been contributed to youth baseball in the communities where Chevrolet’s customers live, work, and play. Currently, 1,423 Chevrolet dealers are participating in this national program.

For more information about Chevy Youth Baseball, please visit www.youthsportswired.com.