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Hiram Township News

Hiram Twp. - At a recent trustee meeting, it was noted that Hiram Fire Department has received a $2,500 donation from America’s Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund and directed by Trustee Jack Groselle. The donation will provide funds to purchase protective equipment for firefighters. “As a past Hiram firefighter, Hiram Township resident and farmer, I selected...

Garrettsville Village Council and State of the Village

Garrettsville - It was a short agenda for the first meeting of 2016 for Garrettsville’s village council.  The mayor, new council member Debbie Wordell, re-elected council member Jeff Kaiser and village clerk Nancy Baldwin had all been sworn in to office before Christmas at a joint swear-in ceremony officiated by Congressman Dave Joyce held in Koritansky Hall at Hiram...

Freedom Township Trustee Report For December 2015

Freedom Twp. - The Public Hearing Township Meeting was called  to order at 6:31 p.m.  on Thursday December 3,, 2015.  The public hearing was opened to review changes and additions to the Zoning Article VIII, definitions and review of any changes proposed to any amendments to the code. Trustee Zizka noted that the Notice of this public hearing was placed...

Hiram Village News

Hiram - In his report, Mayor Lou Bertrand shared results from the November 3rd election. He reported that State Issue #1, the selection of an Ohio State Legislative District, passed with 86% of voters, but that State Issue #2 regarding amending the Ohio Constitution received 55% of Villagers ‘no’ vote. He also reported that State Issue #3 -- Marajuana...

Portage County Provides Free Emergency Preparedness App

Portage County - While many digital apps are frivolous entertainment, this one can be a true life-saver. By downloading the free Portage County Emergency Management App, residents can prepare for and keep informed during emergencies, whether they be related to weather, crime, health, environmental hazards or road conditions. It is the first emergency management (EMA) app in northeast Ohio. The...

Road Issues Rock Hiram Township

Hiram Township - At the last meeting of the Hiram Township Trustees, Trustee Kathy Schulda reported that the Ohio State Patrol has been stopping trucks on Township roads near the storage well on Allyn Road. When stopped, drivers were issued a warning to produce an applicable permit within a set time period. Failure to comply resulted in ticketing. Soon...

Garrettsville Village has good chance of ending year in the black

Garrettsville - Work items completed (or near completion) by the Village were reported at the October 14 village council meeting.  Items included chip and sealing of Wheeler Road, crack sealing of several village streets and concrete work at the Boardwalk.  Councilwoman Becky Harrington reported that the streetscape on Main, Center and High should be completed by the end of...

News From Garrettsville’s Mayor

Garrettsville -  As  we enter the fall/winter season I would to like reflect back on  the spring/summer. A big thank you to the Silver Creek Garden Club & our Street Department for the beautiful hanging flower baskets and plantings around the Village. I received many compliments, most stating that these were the best that they had ever seen. They...

Drug Busts in Nelson Township Coincided With Willie Nelson Concert

Nelson Twp. – Township officials present at the first Nelson Township trustee meeting, held Wednesday, September 2nd, were Fiscal Officer John David Finney; Trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota; Anne Mae VanDerHoeven, Chuck Vanek, and Michelle Cmunt. After the meeting was called to order Finney presented the trustees with a number of items to be signed, among the...

Windham Township Trustee News

Windham Twp. - The Windham Township Trustees met for their monthly meeting on August 13th at 6:00pm at the Windham Township Town Hall with all trustees and fiscal officer present. The regular meeting had been rescheduled from August 6th at 7:00pm due to the unavailability of two trustees. Chairman Dann Timmons called the meeting to order. After the customary opening...

Mantua Village Police News

Mantua - It’s been a busy summer at the Mantua Police Department. Interim Chief of Police Joe Urso stepped up to fill the void left as Chief Harry Buchert recovered from surgery. In addition to his new role as Interim Chief, Officer Urso continued to serve as Department’s Student Resource Officer at Crestwood Schools. In that role, Urso facilitated...

Collins and Pritchard Roads Ready for Chip & Sealing in Nelson

Nelson Twp. – Convening for their second meeting of August, the Nelson Township trustees were all present Wednesday, August 19th. Township officials present were Fiscal Officer John David Finney; Trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota; Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Chuck Vanek. Michelle Cmunt was unable to attend the meeting. After the meeting was called to order, Finney presented the...

Severe Flooding Issues on SR 88 Discussed at Garrettsville Meeting

A public hearing was held before the August 19, 2015 village council meeting  for public comment and discussion over proposed Ordinance 2015-28, which would amend Sections 1193.07 and 1193.08 of the Codified Ordinances of the village relating to restoration of non-conforming single-family dwellings.  If existing structures that are non-conforming by today’s codes are damaged, passage of this ordinance would...

Nelson Township Trustees News

Nelson Twp. – Area residents gathered at the Nelson Community House on Wednesday, August 5th for the first trustee meeting of the month. Township officials present were Fiscal Officer John David Finney; Trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota; Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Chuck Vanek, and Michelle Cmunt. The meeting opened with light discussion amongst the trustees about the filming...

Hiram’s Fill-A-Police-Car and Pet Adoption Event Deemed A Success!

Hiram - On July 25th the Hiram Police Department held its “Fill-a-Police-Car” Food Drive and Pet Adoption event. It was a fun-filled day with many animal rescues and animal advocate organizations in attendance. There were adoptable dogs that were looking for their forever homes and animal groups helping spread the word of their missions. Garrettsville Police Department was at...

Police Levy Will Be On The November Ballot Despite Council’s Objections

Village resident Terri Eierman addressed council informing them the police levy, discussed and shot down by council at last month’s council meeting, will be on the November ballot, using the ballot initiative process. A ballot initiative is the means by which a petition signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters can bring about a public vote. Eierman was able to obtain 122 resident signatures (only 65 were needed) on a petition.

No Police Levy On The November Ballot for Garrettsville Residents

Garrettsville - The village’s request to the police department to cut $100,000 from their 2015 budget remained THE topic of the June village council meeting.  Representing the police department were Safety Communications Supervisor Joleen Clelland and Police Chief Tony Milicia.  In attendance for the village was Mayor Patrick, Council President Hardesty, Council Members Hadzinsky, Anderson, Johnson and Kaiser, Clerk/Treasurer...

Freedom Township June 4th Meeting News

"Freedom Congregational Church" by JonRidinger - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Chairman Roy Martin called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Thursday June 4, 2015. Present were Trustees Roy Martin, John Zizka, James Hammar, Fiscal Officer Karen Martin, Charles VanSteenberg, Road Supervisor, and Tony VanSteenberg, Assistant Supervisor.   Also present were residents Mr. Charles Duffield, Mr. Eldon West, Mr. Wm. Sponaugle, Mr. Matt...

Resident’s Concerns Dominate Windham Township’s Meeting

Windham Twp. - Windham Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting on June 4, 2015 at the town hall. The meeting was called to order by the Vice-Chairman Brian Miller. Miller asked for a silent prayer for Dann Timmons who was unable to attend the meeting. Due to the fiscal officer’s absence, the minutes and financial reports from the...

Mantua’s Center School Funding Grant Moving Forward

Mantua Twp. - The Mantua Township Trustees committed to the elevator project this fine June first morning thanks to Mantua Restoration Society member Cal Brant having drummed up enough backstop-type funding to make up the difference between what the commissioners have offered and what is needed for the project. Backstop funding refers to guaranteed reserve funds available should all...

Portage County Engineer to Replace High Street Bridge Over the Cuyahoga River

Mantua - The Portage County Engineer intends to replace the existing two-span steel beam bridge that carries High Street over the Cuyahoga River in the Village of Mantua. The new structure will be a single span prestressed concrete box beam structure. The project includes roadway approach work.

Trial By Fire For Johnson’s First Garrettsville Village Council Meeting

The village has budgeted $1.89 million for 2015 and has projected only $1.69 million in revenue. A significant portion of the budget, almost half, is appropriated to the police department.

News From Mantua Village

At their last meeting, village council heard from Mary Greer, spokesperson from the Concerned Citizens organization, on the topic of injection well integrity.

Johnson replaces Klamer on Garrettsville Village Council

Johnson, a newcomer to public office, has roots in Garrettsville going back a couple of generations and has lived here her entire life. She currently works in administrative support at Charles Chevrolet here in Garrettsville.

New Emergency Alert Sirens Keep Hiram Families Safe

Chief Byers shared, “The 911 outage this January is a prime example of how a battle-tested method is still relevant.”

Stressing the importance of this seemingly old-school system, Chief Byers shared, “The 911 outage this January is a prime example of how a battle-tested method is still relevant.” Byers referred to the 911-outage caused when a steam pipe burst, damaging an AT&T switching station. That random event knocked out 911 service in Summit, Portage, Stark and Medina Counties for two-days.

Hiram Fire Department Swears in Assistant Chief

According to Pam Baynes, wife of Hiram’s new Assistant Fire Chief Brandon Baynes, “Many of us know of or have heard of the ‘brotherhood’ of firemen. For those of you who wonder, it does exist. I have seen it. But for me, it’s not just a brotherhood. It’s a ‘familyhood’.” She’s gotten to experience this unique bond first-hand over the past 22 years that her husband, Brandon has been a fireman/paramedic.

“We as a department, and the community as a whole, are really lucky to have Brandon take Mark's place as our Assistant Chief,” shared HFD Fire Chief Bill Byers.

Saving Mantua’s Center School… Fighting In The Trenches

Make no mistake, the whole initiative to Save the Mantua Center School has divided the current township trustees—split them three ways as to what to do with the old school building. This not a new development either, because historically there has been much mud-slinging since the purchase of the school in 2004. The community has demonstrated overwhelming support for saving the school and making it into a community center.

News From Mantua Village

Mantua - According to Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Village Council has cancelled a public hearing that was originally scheduled for March 17th to discuss amending the zoning map of the Village, as specified in Ordinance 2015-01. Upon further consideration, Council voted to table the proposed ordinance, which will be reviewed and discussed at greater length in both Service and Finance...

Hiram Village Report

Hiram - At the last meeting of the Hiram Village Council, Police Chief Ed Samec reported that his Department received three grants in February. The first grant, from Ohio Criminal Justice Services, will outfit Hiram PD patrol cruisers with two in-car digital dash camera systems. The second grant, from the US Department of Justice, will be used to replace...

Nelson Township Trustee News

Nelson Twp. – Residents gathered at the Nelson Community House on Wednesday, February 18th for the second trustee meeting of the month. Present were Fiscal Officer John David Finney; Trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota; Anne Mae VanDerHoeven and Chuck Vanek were also present. Jarrod Senk of Boy Scout Troop 65 gave a short presentation on his proposed...

News From Mantua Township

Mantua - Alex Forristal, Crestwood High School freshman from Scout Troop 575, led the Pledge of Allegiance to open a recent trustee meeting in Mantua Township. Next, Frank Horak reported on behalf of the Veterans Memorial Committee, that the time capsule of memorabilia relating to its installation has been buried. In addition, Mr. Horak also presented trustees with a...

Deficit versus Debt: What’s the difference and does it matter?

Garrettsville - A hot and emotional topic lately in the village of Garrettsville has been the village’s finances and whether or not the village is in financial trouble. The mayor has stated that several residents have approached him asking if the village is “broke”. The village, as of this writing, is not in debt nor is it “broke”. However, the concern that’s been raised is not about today’s finances, but deficit spending and what that may mean for the future.

Windham Fire Board News

Windham - The WVFD Joint Fire District Board met for their regularly scheduled meeting at the fire station last Thursday, February 12, 2015. The meeting was called to order at 6pm and they immediately went into an executive session to discuss personnel issues. After two plus hours, the board reconvened  the regular meeting. The board approved the minutes from three...

Freedom Township Trustee News

Freedom Twp. - After the Pledge of Allegiance, the regular meeting of the Freedom Township Board of Trustees was called to order by the Chairman Roy Martin at 7:30 pm on Monday, February 5, 2015.  Present were trustees James Hammar, Roy Martin, and John C. Zizka; Fiscal Officer, Karen Martin;  Road Superintendent Charles VanSteenberg.  Also present Chief Sanchez of...

Garrettsville working on compliance for 2015 income tax filers

Garrettsville - Garrettsville village council wants the message to get out to all residents that they are required to file a village income tax form every year just like they would file a state or federal tax return.  There are exclusions for certain incomes like receiving a pension or social security, however those receiving the exclusionary incomes must notify...

Hiram Police Department Receives Grants

Hiram - The Hiram Police Department is pleased to announce the acquisition and approval of the Ohio Criminal Justice Services Justice Assistance Services Law Enforcement grant. The grant will fund the acquisition of 2 in-car dash mounted video recorder units for 2 of Hiram PD patrol cars. The total project is budgeted at $4,134.60. The approval of this grant...

Windham Volunteer Fire Department Plagued with More Drama

Phil Snyder voiced his opinion on the four member board. Snyder said, “I am duly elected by official action of council to serve on this board (fire) and I oppose any decision made by a four-man board, due to not having enough representation from the village.” This went into a lengthy discussion with many people voicing opinions.

Garrettsville Mayor reviews 2014 in ‘State of the Village’ report

Garrettsville - The January 14th Garrettsville village council meeting began with council re-electing councilman Tom Hardesty as Village Council President.   Mayor Patrick then addressed council with a State of the Village report (see below).  Mayor Patrick also asked for and was granted council’s approval for his 2015 mayoral appointments.

A night of recognition during Garrettsville council meeting

At the December 10th Garrettsville Village Council meeting, Mayor Patrick called Garrettsville police officer Timothy Christopher forward as he read Resolution 2014-38, which recognizes the seven years of service of police dog Taz and authorized retirement of the canine. It further authorized officer Christopher’s assumption of ownership in exchange for $1. Taz was retired earlier this year for health reasons. He now resides with his handler, Officer Christopher and his family. Christopher thanked the mayor and council for their dedication and continued support of the canine program and, though he will not be the canine handler any more, he will still be involved in a supervisory capacity. Officer Keith Whan will be Garrettsville Police’s new canine handler.

W.V.F.D. Joint Fire District News

The WVFD Joint Fire District met for their regularly-scheduled meeting with all board members in attendance. The board approved the November minutes, expenditures, bank reconciliation and the temporary appropriations totaling $713,000.

Hiram Township News

At the last meeting of the Hiram Township Trustees, Assistant Chief Mark Kosak thanked village and township residents for their votes in support of the Fire Department’s latest ballot issue. Kosak announced that as of January 1st, the department will begin 24 hour staffing, with two firefighter/EMTs on staff around the clock. Due to the increase in staffing, response times should see a reduction.

Local Court Receives State Certification

The Newton Falls Municipal Court has earned final certification as a Treatment Court from the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Specialized Dockets.

Mantua Village News

Mantua - In her report, Mayor Linda Clark announced the unofficial report that issue 42 passed by 12 votes. She remains cautiously optimistic until the absentee and provisional votes are counted, but stated, “I want to thank the voters for their support of issue 42 and a very big thank you to the DMRC. I feel without their help...

Hiram Village News – November 2014

At the start of the last regular Council meeting, Hiram Mayor Lou Bertrand swore in Firefighter Austin Bracken to the Hiram Fire Department. Firefighter Bracken, a Garrettsville native is currently in EMT school. Upon completion of the EMT program, he will serve the Department in that capacity as well.

Newton Falls Police Department Receives Safety Award

Newton Falls Police Department was honored together with more than 50 other Northeast Ohio law enforcement agencies on Veterans Day for their traffic safety efforts and programs implemented to encourage safe driving.

The WVFD Hires a Grant Writer

Fire Chief Mike Iwanyckyj said the FEMA grant opened November 1, 2014 and will remain open until December 5, 2014. Mike reintroduces Jack Breese, who has been the grant writer for WVFD. Breese presented a contract to the board, for grant writing for the FEMA Grant. Breese also made a few suggestions on what the board should apply for with the grant.

Garrettsville Council Discusses Flagpoles And Finances

Councilman Klamer reminded council members that “Our job is to provide service to the residents. Our job is not to see how much we can bankroll.” He said as the village council they are responsible to the taxpayers and spending the extra money this year is “officials doing their job”.

News From Hiram Township

Trustee Schulda suggested that if adequate funds are available, Trustees should also consider paying off the remaining portion owed by the Township for the Hiram Fire Department’s new truck.

Mantua Township Trustee Report

Regarding the Center School committees and volunteers, Trustee Festa commented that he was, “not thrilled that non-professionals were added to the Assessment Committee.” Trustee Festa plans to discuss it with Todd Peetz from Regional Planning, but is, “looking forward to the next phase.”

Mantua Village Adds Another K9

Mantua - As many people know, Lieutenant Ken Justus and his K9 partner Vader have been working successfully to keep the Mantua community safe on behalf of the Mantua Police Department. Due to the overwhelming success of that partnership, the department would like to add a second K9 unit to the force. As many local communities fight the war...

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