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Who hasn’t felt like throwing their computer out the window?

Even the most tech-savvy computer owner has been tempted to take up a hammer in the face of blue screens, viruses, mysterious high pitched noises and files that suddenly “disappear”.

Don’t do it!

Who am I to tell you not to maim your computer? My name is Chris Cavalier.  I grew up in this area and run a local computer repair business.

My philosophy is pretty simple:

Technology should enrich your life. It should help you achieve your goals, whether business, personal or academic. It should allow you to play, connect, surf, input, research, and watch. It should not make you contemplate technological murder.

My goal is to help you find and use technology to make your life better, easier, and more fun.

Apple or PC? Laptop or tablet? Figuring out the right option for you can feel overwhelming. And choosing the wrong piece of equipment can teach you more about frustration than trying to feed a cross-eyed caterpillar spaghetti with a spoon.

Keeping up-to-date on new options is essential when trying to figure out the best solution for your home or your business.

With this new series of articles I want to help answer your most enraging computer questions and keep you up to date on new tech solutions.

So, send me your questions and most frustrating technological quandaries! I will answer a question or address a tech topic with each article. You can send your questions by email to cavalierpc@gmail.com. You can also find me on Facebook or on my website garrettsvillecomputersrepair.com.