Our students are amazing. Academically they perform at levels that exceed expectations. For example, our third grade math scores were third highest in Northeast Ohio (96.6%). Our high school students showed improvements in all five areas of the Ohio Graduation Test, and this is after they were already scoring above 90% in all areas! This excellence does not stop when students walk out of their classrooms. Recently, the James A. Garfield Marching Pride received a standing ovation at a band show in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Athletic excellence is now on display as our boys soccer team won the Portage Trail Conference, the football team upset the Southeast Pirates on their home field and the cross country team finished second in the league.

Can You See Excellence In Action?

Our teachers care. Students put forth the effort, but behind each successful student is a team of teachers who care about that student as if they were their own child. For example, due to staffing restrictions, art was not offered at the Intermediate School this year. Two of our teachers, Mr. Caldro and Mrs. Gilmer, stepped in to make sure our students were able to have an art experience. They are currently running an after school art club for over 70 students. If you have ever visited the high school or middle school after students have left for the day, it is rare to find a classroom where a student isn’t receiving some individual help from a teacher. These are just two examples of how our teachers refuse to allow our students to fail. Success for every student is our goal.

As a member of our community you should expect to see and experience excellence from our schools. Your support has been crucial to our achievement. Excellence is what we all expect from our students and one another.

As I reflect on the second month as the Superintendent of the James A. Garfield Schools I know I am in the right place. My expectations match those of our students, staff and community……..excellence in all aspects of our organization.

On behalf of the students, staff and board of education I am asking for your continued support by voting for Issue 24 on Tuesday, November 5. Your vote is crucial. It will allow us to deliver the level of excellence we all expect.

I invite you to contact me directly in the office (330.527.4336), on my cell (216.534.7413) or by email (tlysiak@jagschools.org) if you ever have any questions or ideas to share.

Go G-Men!