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Break Out The Ice Cream Cake…


Garrettsville — Break out the ice cream cake, another area business is celebrating a major anniversary. This November marks the 40th anniversary of Garrettsville’s Dairy Queen, and the 38th year of Roger and Connie Angel’s ownership of the franchise. At the November 6th meeting of the Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, Roger presented a timeline of notable events in his franchise’s history. 

CCI00001Setting out to live the American Dream of being his own boss, 28 year-old Roger Angel purchased Garrettsville’s Dairy Queen franchise from the Christophers in 1976.

From 1977–1979, Dairy Queen was the place to be for breakfast, with a variety of entrees being served—including “eggs cooked any way you liked,” while hand-scooped ice cream was available at the counter from 1983–1996.

In 1986 the Angels’ building underwent the first of two major facelifts with the addition of the glass solarium dining room offering views of State Street. The dining room was renovated again in 2006 as part of the Grill & Chill remodel with the expansive glass windows replaced with sleek modern design elements.

The Angels were also responsible for starting the classic Car Cruises that have since become a staple of summers in Garrettsville; organizing bi-weekly cruise nights at Dairy Queen for over 13 years.

Though Garrettsville’s Dairy Queen, now DQ Grill & Chill, has undergone numerous changes over the years the Angels’ commitment to quality, and their support of the local community remains as strong as ever.