If you ever walked into a wine bar or wine shop you may notice a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Some bottles may even be in shapes such as a fish or a trombone, some bottles are made so they intertwine and some bottles are made to look like they are leaning. No matter what the shape or size is, there is usually an interesting characteristic with the bottle.

However, there are almost 18 different sizes of wine bottles that are officially recognized. The smallest size that is officially recognized is the Split, or 187 mL, which contains about 2 glasses of wine. Next is the Half-Bottle, or 375 ml, which is what you usually will see an ice wine served in. Of course next is the Bottle, or 750 ml, which is your regular size bottle.

But now we move on to some serious wine drinking for these bottles. Many people will buy a Magnum which holds about two bottles of wine for parties. This is a great and inexpensive way to have your favorite wine around. If you are lucky you may even find a Double Magnum which holds about 4 bottles of wine.

After the Double Magnum, these bottles need special corkscrews to be opened and a number of people to help pour the bottle! If you find a Jeroboam bottle, you just landed yourself on a bottle that holds 6 regular bottles of wine. Or maybe you need a little more wine and opt to go with an Imperial bottle, the equivalent to 8 bottles of wine!

No matter what, the last three bottles are my favorites, the Salmanazar (equivalent to 12 bottles of wine) or the Balthazar which is 16 bottles. And just in case 16 bottles wasn’t enough for you, I would like to see you pour from a Nebuchadnezzar bottle which holds the equivalent of 20 bottles of wine!

So the next time you are at a restaurant and enjoying wine from a Split, a Half-bottle and even maybe a Magnum, be thankful you are not the person that needs to carry a Nebuchadnezzar to the table.

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