So did you make it down to the Community EMS Boot Camp last Saturday? Why not? You still have time to join in the effort to shaping up our community. Joining doesn’t mean you have to lose weight, maybe you would like to simply tone up or get into shape for the upcoming summer. The point is that you can still join the other sixteen participants by calling Community EMS at (330) 527-4100.
In my last article I told you how well we at the Villager did on our physical fitness test. (Yes, I’ve still got muscles hurting that I had forgotten that I even had!) This week I promised to let you know what our plans are for reaching our goals. Michelle has set her personal goal to tone up. She has decided to focus on walking and doing sit-ups; push-ups are not high up on her list as she feels that each paper-delivery day she gets plenty of upper body work out. Chris has set her personal goal to strengthen her core muscles to help alleviate back pain and lose a little weight. She has decided to change her eating habits, exercise and keep a positive outlook. (Secretly, Michelle and Chris want to make sure they live long enough to become a burden upon their children.)
I have set my personal goal to lose some weight and get into shape. This week I began the weaning process. (I know it sounds like procrastination to you all, but from a professional procrastinator like myself I assure you it is not.) I have cut down on the salt, sugar, soda pop, and snacking. I have also kept myself out of the kitchen after 7pm and am drinking more water.
I also plan to add some exercise at least three times a week – beginning Monday. Like a true friend, Michelle has offered to steal my hidden stash of candy and run, thus causing me to chase her and that would definitely count as exercise. If you have Time Warner you may be surprised that there are many exercise channels that allow you to do anything from kickboxing to Pilates. I am going to focus on aerobics to help burn calories. I would like to start losing some weight before I switch my exercises to tone up.
Need some helpful ideas on getting started? How about keeping a small notebook to record what you have eaten, how much water you have drunk, and how long you are exercising. This may not seem like much, but it gives you something to look at to improve upon. Remember that reaching your goal is competition with yourself, not others. How about finding that favorite summer outfit in the back of your closet, go ahead and try it on. Does it fit? Hang it on your closet door and try it on every week to measure how well you are doing. Stay away from the scale! I don’t own a scale for a reason – they are more depressing than the evening news. Exercising also causes you to build muscle that weighs more than fat. If you don’t totally avoid the scale, then at least don’t step on it every day; it does nothing for your ego.
Community EMS Boot Camp is planning fun things for the participants to do, including canoeing and walks. Not only can you improve your self-image and your self-esteem but you can make some new friends while you are at it!