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For answers to your questions, visit the Newton Falls Public Library, 204 S. Canal Street, Newton Falls or phone 330-872-1282. For information about all the free library programs or hours, visit our website at www.newtonfalls.org or our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/NewtonFallsLibrary.

“I’m writing a story about cowboys, and I’d like to incorporate authentic cowboy slang. Could you help?”

| Published on April 3, 2014

While we have “Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang” and “A Dictionary of Americanisms on Historical Principles” available in the reference section here at the Newton Falls Public Library, both are more useful for looking up the origins of specific words and phrases. Putting “cowboy slang” into an online search engine brings …

“I’d like to learn more about using computers, but I can’t make it in to all the classes at the library. Are there online classes I can take?”

| Published on March 26, 2014

The Newton Falls Public Library offers free computer classes and one-on-one times three Mondays and one Saturday every month. However, we understand that everyone has busy schedules. Fortunately, there are online resources available. Cynthia Casterline, our technology educator, recommended LearningExpress Library and GCFLearnFree.org.
LearningExpress Library requires that you set up an …

“Can groundhogs climb? I swear I saw one in a tree, but no one believes me.”

| Published on March 21, 2014

At the Newton Falls Public Library, we weren’t familiar with tree-climbing groundhogs either, but we looked into it and, as it turns out, they’re very capable climbers and they’re also able to swim!

“What do you do with the money from the book sale?”

| Published on March 13, 2014

There are two annual book sales at the Newton Falls Public Library, one in the spring and one in the fall. There’s also a small cart in the lobby where people can buy books year-round. All sales are put on by the Friends of the Newton Falls Public Library.
The Friends …

“How long is the Buckeye Trail Little Loop? Can you bike it?”

| Published on March 9, 2014

One of our patrons, an avid walker and biker, was making plans to spend a few weeks in late spring or early summer going around the Little Loop of the Buckeye Trail.
The Buckeye Trail winds around the interior of Ohio. It’s made up of twenty-six sections and covers around 1,444 …

“How do birds stay warm in the winter?”

| Published on February 26, 2014

One of our patrons stocks several bird feeders year-round. With the cold weather we’ve been having lately, she was worried about how her birds were keeping warm. Putting “how do birds stay warm” into an online search engine showed that this is a popular concern.
Some birds will fly south for …

“What happened to the lady who used to sit at the desk?”

| Published on February 19, 2014

We’ve gotten this question a lot in the past few months. The desk everyone’s been talking about is the reference desk, and the lady in question is Carol Baker, who had been our reference and adult services librarian here for quite a while. If you’ve been to the Newton Falls …

“Can businesses refuse to accept cash?”

| Published on February 6, 2014

While none of us here at the Newton Falls Public Library are lawyers, we have several resources at hand that we could use to help answer our patron’s question.
We weren’t able to find the answer in either Nolo’s “Encyclopedia of Everyday Law” or the American Bar Association’s “Complete Personal Legal …

“Do you have any information on cleaning and caring for a cast-iron skillet?”

| Published on January 22, 2014

One of our Newton Falls Public Library patrons had recently inherited a cast-iron skillet and wanted to be sure they were taking care of it properly so that it would perform at its best.