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Wooster –  Family owned E & H Hardware,  part of a team of more than 4,700 locally-owned and independently operated Ace stores across the globe,  is in the process of purchasing the Garrettsville Hardware located at 8009 State Street, Garrettsville, Ohio.  Garrettsville Hardware, a Do It Best store, will be converted to an Ace Hardware in the very near future.  E & H Hardware recently opened the Ace Hardware in neighboring Middlefield, Ohio and has eleven hardware stores in Ohio.  E&H Hardware started in the hardware business in 1965 as part of Buehler’s Fresh Foods.    


Ravenna – The drawing for the Big Brothers & Sisters $10,000 Give Away was held on Saturday September 7, at the Kent State University football game. Because all 200 tickets were not sold, it was a 50/50 raffle with the winner and the agency each receiving $1850.

And the lucky winner was…ticket #55, Triangle Pharmacy!

Big Brothers & Sisters thanks everyone who participated in the fundraiser. All proceeds go to our one-to-one mentoring program for the children in Portage County. We hope everyone will particapte in the Give Away next year.

For more information on volunteering for our program, please call 330-296-6655 or visit www.bbsportage.org.

Small Businesspersons, is your head swimming with all of the details and requirements of the Affordable Care Act which is heading for us all like a locomotive on an express line?  Are you and your accountant scratching your heads over what it all means?  Are you wanting to do your best by your employees and not lose your shirt?  Here’s an opportunity to come to grips with some  information.

Nelson Twp. – Residents gathered at the Nelson Community House on Wednesday, August 7th for the first trustee meeting of the month. All trustees and officials were present and accounted for.

Dave Finney presented the board of trustees with the minutes from the budget meeting; the minutes were approved as presented.
Finney mentioned that he was attempting to get in touch with Vicki Cline or Janet Esposito to obtain clarification on current estate tax rules, so that he can better anticipate where the township stands. He also received a letter from ODOT indicating that road salt prices were expected to drop by ten dollars per ton, lowering the township’s cost to $27.50/ton this winter.      

Mantua – The group from St. Joseph Parish in Mantua who participated in the Housing Repair Program based at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Clintwood, Virginia, accomplished quite a bit the week of June 15-22. The group of 12 traveled the 400 miles to the western tip of Virginia and settled in on Saturday then attended Mass. Sunday’s activities included a trip to The Breaks, a nearby interstate park with lots of trails and outdoor activities.

Splitting into four groups and working with program leaders Debbie, Lee, and Brandi, the week’s tasks began on Monday. Unfortunately, Sr. Jean Korkisch, CSC, the program’s coordinator, was not able to be present during the week due to out of state family commitments. Of course, she checked in daily on the group’s progress.


The Garrettsville Goblin has returned and has brought good luck with him. It appears that this charming little fellow wandered into our village and decided he liked it so much he was going to stay.
Being a free spirit, he trades portraits of himself for goods and services from our area businesses – these portraits are said to bring good luck.
Wishing to share his good luck with as many people as possible, the goblin is extending this challenge to all – simply search out his self portraits  (approximately 8” tall wood designs)  which are located  throughout the area.  When you have located three of these goblins, mark down their location on the entry form found in the classified section of the paper and submit it to The Villager to be eligible for weekly prize drawings.
Winners will be announced weekly throughout the summer.  There are no limits to the entries.

Live. Shop. Dine. Think. Garrettsville!


Car or Cash Raffle

Grand Prize – Mark Ellerhorst
iPad 4 – Yevette Summers
Gas House Grill – Colleen Shukys

Garrettsville Idol

Adult Idol – Kristen Zappola
Teen Idol – Jasmine Nevarez
Youth Idol – Lexi Smith

Coloring Contest

Hope Bloom
Owen Bass
Emma Bass

Essay Contest

Keldan Holm
Kylie Greenberg
Evelyn West
Rebecca Sopher

Scavenger Hunt

1st: David Quick
2nd: Debora Chinn
3rd: Stephanie Juzkew, Stephany McMiloen
&  Kimmy Wampler

Cornhole Tournaments

Competitive Division: Gary Lewis, Ron Kugel
Social Division: Marvin & Adam Byler

Hamburger Eating Contest

Scott Terhune

Pet Idol Photo Contest

Best Cat (People’s Choice) – Emily Varga
Best Cat (APL Judged) – Benjamin Coll
Best Dog (People’s Choice) – Hazel Cooper
Best Dog (APL Judged) – Michael Ebie
Best Dressed (People’s Choice) – Susan Guy
Best Dressed (APL Judged) – Mary Sasser
Best Puppy (People’s Choice) – Susan Guy
Best Puppy (APL Judged) – Susan Guy
Best Kitten (People’s Choice) – Brian Gorby
Best Kitten (APL Judged) – Brian Gorby
Best Other (People’s Choice) – Susan Guy
Best Other (APL Judged) – Shyann Kelly

[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]

Grand Parade

Best of Show – Century 21 Goldfire Realty
Bike Parade (Boy) - Tommy Wem
Bike Parade (Girl) - Hayley Koon

Judges Participation Awards
Garrettsville UMC
In The Woods Barn & Garden Center
JAG Marching Pride
8th Count Dance Studio
Fortress of Fear
Girl Scouts of NE OH Unit 913

Tractor Parade

1) Most Decorated: Garrettsville Laundromat
2) Most Vintage: Jerry Beighley
3) Travelled the Furthest: Howard Legends (Glendale, AZ)
4) Oldest Tractor: Gary Foy
5) Biggest Horsepower: Jay Ruff
6) Largest Tractor: Bonner Farms

Wine Making Contest

Red Grape Dry: 1st: George Macek
2nd: Dave Long
Red Grape Sweet: 1st: Jim Wade
2nd: George Mendiola
Rose Sweet: 1st: Lynda Ely Smienski
2nd: Clark Redmond
White Grape Dry: 1st: Jim Wade
2nd: Clark Redmond
White Grape Sweet: 1st: Lynda Ely Smienski
2nd: Clark Redmond
Best of Show: Lynda Ely Smienski

Pie Making Contest

Fruit: 1st: Kim Park, 2nd: Beki Morris,
3rd: Lisa Sanchez
Cream: 1st: Iva Walker, 2nd: Evy Herrington,
3rd: Jeanne Tancos
Original: 1st: Leah Schultz, 2nd: Beki Morris,
3rd: Lauren Sanchez

Ice Cream Eating

Under Five: Cole Hornbeck
Age 6-8: Savannah Wolff
Age 9-11: Matthew Crawford
Age 12-14: Sason Rezaei
Age 15+ : John Creamer

[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]

Steeplechase Canoe Race

Best Times
1st (1:03:59) – Alex Macek, Greg Macek
2nd (1:06:47) – Bret Parker, Joe Tokos
3rd (1:09:06) – Matt Hindman, Shane Andrews

Family Canoe Races

Mixed Tandem
1st – Tim Schwan, Shiloh Van Oss
2nd – Devin Karlovec, Caroline Hahn
3rd – Anthony Penna, Victoria Scott

Over & Under 16
1st – Bobby Bissler, Anthony Penna
2nd – Victoria Scott, Summer Wilde
3rd – Aubrey Carr, Taylor Crane

No Paddle
1st – Lilly Morris, Chandler Bee
2nd – Bob Penna, Anthony Bissler
3rd – Karlovecs

Triathalon Paddle
1st – Bobby Bissler, Anthony Penna
2nd – Tim Schwan, Shiloh Van Oss
3rd – Taylor Crane, Rachel Schwan

War Canoe
1st – Bobby, Austin, Anthony, Victoria, Summer
2nd – Taylor, Aubrey, Shiloh, Tim, Rachel
3rd – Caroline, Ethan, Chandler, Edie, Abbey

Women’s Tandem
1st – Aubrey Carr, Rachel Schwan
2nd – Victoria Scott, Summer Wilde
3rd – Shiloh Van Oss, Taylor Crane

Men’s Tandem
1st – Ethan Carter, Tim Schwan
2nd – Bobby Bissler, Anthony Penna
3rd – Dane & Devin Karlovec

So You Think You Can Dance

Outstanding Achievement in Performance –
Becca Lawrence & Elija Voshell (My Boyfriends Back)
Outstanding Achievement in Performance –
3volution: Matt & Jake Zupancic and Drake Joseph (Dance Mix)
Outstanding Achievement in Choreography –
Mckenna Alai (Vouge)
Outstanding Achievement in Choreography –
Emma Koon, Haylie Srbinovich and Hayley Koon
(Ay Carumba)
Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design –
Chelsea Bates & Katelyn Tuttle (Mama Mia)
Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design –
Hope Miller, Ashley Kaiser, and Emily Yarish


Buckeye State Pedal Pull Results

1st Diamond Dyson
2nd Olivia Kuchenbecker
3rd Bella Phillips
4th Mason Nevins

1st Maddie Pugh
2nd Laney Cales
3rd Nyla Hindel

1st Ridge Hindel
2nd Dorsey Williams
3rd Matthew Canfield
4th Mikey Markusie

1st Bryce Wagner
2nd Luke Johnston
3rd Brock Windhorst

1st Todd R. Dembinski Jr.
2nd Sydney Atkinsou

1st Ethan G. Carpenter
2nd Logan Vanderhoeven
3rd Stefan Windhorst Jr.

1st Taydon Huth
2nd Lenny Veccia
3rd Trent Shutty

AGE 10
1st Luke Shutty
2nd Ty Johnston

AGE 11
1st Ty Huth
2nd Trey Huth
3rd John Hornyak


Lion’s Club Rubber Duck Race

Saturday (June 29, 2013)
1st Duck # 89 – $150 to Kimberly and Sarah Creamer.
2nd Duck # 3 – $75 to Lee Evitts.
3rd Duck # 158 – $50 to Tammi Peters.

Sunday (June 30, 2013)
1st Duck # 292 – $150 to Paul Etzler.
2nd Duck # 256 – $75 to Chuck Klamer.
3rd Duck # 122 – $50 to Darlene Hoffman.

Special Thanks to: Zach Gorby, Zach Hoffmann, Josh Lawrence, Summer Stevens, Andrew Morrissey, Joe Golgosky, John Lininger and Mason Mayoros for catching/collecting the ducks at the end of the races.

Lions Club 9th Annual- Punt, Pass & Kick Contest

1st Place Winners
5 Year Old Male Division: Brendan Fashing
6 Year Old Male Division: Brandyn Bogucki
7 Year Old Male Division: Eric Geddes
8 Year Old Male Division: Noah Eggert
9 Year Old Female Division: Brianna Leigh Cunningham
10 Year Old Male Division: Shawn Barber
10 Year Old Female Division: Lilly Johns
11 Year Old Male Division: Carter Zent / Kayvon Rezaei (Tie)
12 Year Old Female Division: Lyndsey Johns
12 Year Old Male Division: Joe Golgosky
13 Year Old Male Division: Sason Rezaei
14 Year Old Male Division: Zach Gorby

Thanks to Garrettsville-Freedom-Nelson Joint Fire District for the use of the facility, tables and chairs, to the Garrettsville Hardware for the paint (for the yardage lines), and the Garrettsville Lions Club for the trophies. Special Thanks to Volunteers: Travis Gorby, Zach Hoffmann, and Cristine Gorby for helping out at the event.

Friends of Melana 5K Run and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk to benefit Childhood Glioma Cancer Research

Records: Men – Jake Dialesandro 16:22 (2012)
Records: Women – Elizabeth Harper 22:07 (2011)

Female Overall Results
1 – Bridget Franek
2 – Sammi Vaughan
3 – Melodie Sams

Male Overall Results
1 – Josh Franek
2 – Travis Levan
3 – Jacob Franek

Female Age Group 1 – 12
1 – Theresa Paroff
2 – Amber Morris
3 – Olivia Brann

Male Age Group 1 – 12
1 – Drew Ferrari
2 – Aaron Morris
3 – Jayden Julian

Female Age Group 13 – 19
1 – Evie Head
2 – Miranda Hughes
3 – Caroline Hahn

Male Age Group 13 – 19
1 – Aaron Cline
2 – Jacob Klock
3 – Craig Anderson

Female Age Group 20-29
1 – Kelsey Kimmel
2 – Amy Green
3 – Nikki Rose

Male Age Group 20-29
1 – Dennis Kirimi
2 – Zachary Gillespie
3 – Aaron Laning

Female Age Group 30 – 39
1 – Jennifer Samardak
2 – Stacie Oliver
3 – Jocelyn Geib

Male Age Group 30-39
1 – Kyle Paul
2 – Joshua Barry
3 – Todd Collett

Female Age Group 40-49
1 – Rosalie Franek
2 – Tracy Finn
3 – Bonnie Alcei

Male Age Group 40-49
1 – Matt Hanks
2 – Jim Chaney
3 – Richard Clary

Female Age Group 50-59
1 – Becky Torok
2 – Diane Wilthew
3 – Rebecca Foldi

Male Age Group 50-59
1 – Ronald Demyan
2 – Bryan Short
3 – Dan Johnson

Female Age Group 60-99
1 – Marge Hayden
2 – Diane Bush

Male Age Group 60-99
1 – Earl Kissell
2 – Mark Warner
3 – John Plough

Mantua – At the June School Board meeting, outgoing Crestwood All Sports Booster President Debbie Stephens presented a check to the School Board in the amount of $25,000 to cover part of the cost of resurfacing the track at Jack Lambert Stadium. The money was raised over the past seven years through participant registration charges, gate fees and concession sales from the Don Faix Memorial Invitational and the Red Devil Relays.
The donation is part of a partnership between the Board of Education and the All-Sports Boosters, and will finance more than half the cost of improvements to the track, freeing up District funds for other projects. Ms. Stephens presented the check to retiring Superintendent Joe Iacano, new Superintendent David Toth, Board Member Debbie Soltisz, and Athletic Director Steve Matheos.
In other sports-related news, five student athletes competed in the State Track Tournament. The 4 X 800 meter relay team of Tori Chiller, Marissa Midgley, Maddie Sorrick and Abby Soltisz finished sixth in State, while Abby Soltisz finished thirteenth in State for the 3200-meter race. Matt Monroe finished eighth in State for discus.
In addition, the following Crestwood Spring athletes received All Portage Trail Conference (PTC) recognition:

Baseball – Second Team Ryan Fedor and  Josh Hampton

Softball – First Team Sally Hoffman; Second Team Alex McKinley, Jenna Head and Bailee Kodash;
Honorable Mention Reanna Szarka and Jenna Kodash

Boys Track – First Team Matt Monroe, Jeremiah Fitzgerald, Jacob Klock-Horner, Dylan Kager, Traven Stephens, Justin Spurlock, Austin Usher; Second Team Justin Spurlock, Dylan Kager, Jeremiah Fitzgerald, Derek Fenrich, Damon Daugherty, Brendan Fannin; Honorable Mention  Marcus Weatherbee and Logan Little

Girls Track – First Team Courtney Berish, Tori Chiller, Hayley Zigman, Taylor Rector, Marissa Midgley    and  Abby Soltisz;     Second Team Tori Chiller, Madeleine Sorrick, Marissa Midgley, Abby Soltisz and Challis Roberts; Honorable Mention Brittany Donell and Alaina Nuti

Boys Tennis – First Team Justin Vaughan and  Sebastian Geiger;  Honorable Mention Andrew Shahan and George Monroe

Have you heard the news?  The Garrettsville Goblin has returned and has brought good luck with him. It appears that this charming little fellow wandered into our village and decided he liked it so much he was going to stay.
I am told that he resides under the bridge in town and  likes to explore, taking advantage of the area shops, restaurants, the library, trails and parks. Being a free spirit, he trades portraits of himself for goods and services from our area businesses – these portraits are said to bring good luck.


Newton Falls – Dr. Charles Verbanic and Dr. Scott Werner are proud to welcome their new associate, Dr. Justin Yun.  Dr. Yun is looking forward to creating a comfortable environment for his patients and having them enjoy the experience of getting involved in their dental treatment.  He is excited about being mentored at Dental Associates of Newton Falls.  Justin says, “There is no better feeling than being able to help someone and put a smile on his/her face.”

Nelson Twp. – Nelson Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting with all trustees and fiscal officer in attendance. After approving the minutes and expenditures, Chairman Tom Matota opened the floor for comments and discussion from the gallery. Present at the meeting was Jed Wise, President of Ravenna Oil Company who “had the unpleasant experience of watching a YouTube video (entitled ‘Come Up And Cite Us’)” from one of the Nelson Township Trustee meetings, and wanted to clear up some misinformation about his company. Wise was also on on hand to submit an application to remove the fuel tanks from the Nelson Maintenance Garage at Pixley Park, as the Trustees had failed to make upgrades required to remain compliant with state laws and fire code.

Garrettsville – A friendly, familiar face will be leaving from the staff of the Garrettsville and Windham libraries. Kathleen Kozup, Branch Manager of both the Garrettsville and Windham Library will be retiring at the end of June. Kozup first began working for the Portage County District Library 19 years ago, managing the Garrettsville Library. In 2009, she began managing the Windham Library in a dual capacity. As branch manager of the Windham Library, Kozup held an instrumental role in its transition from the former site to its present location within the Renaissance Family Center. Previous to her work experience at Portage County District Library, Kozup worked for Warren-Trumbull County Public Library, Youngstown-Mahoning County Public Library, Bristol Public Library, and she worked in school libraries while living in Australia for a few years.

Freedom Twp – D-Store & Deli, located next to Detour Drive-Thru at 6869 SR 303, is giving one lucky individual the chance to win a free sub. Simply present the coupon located on page 4 when purchasing one of their delicious sandwiches, to be entered into the drawing.

Not content to be “just another convenience store”, the D-Store “is like a convenience store on steroids”. Carrying tons of grocery products, slushies, local maple syrup, delicious subs, and premium deli meats; the D-Store is easily one of the best kept secrets in Freedom. Stop in today and see what the buzz is about!

Garrettsville - Portage County District Library is pleased to announce that it has just added Bilingual Early Literacy Stations at two of its five branch locations. The Garrettsville Library and the Windham Library have added the stations as a resource for early childhood learning. Each station features educational titles in every curriculum area, which are carefully chosen for age appropriateness, educational value, ease of use and for discovery. In addition, each station is equipped with Spanish Edition titles. Titles include Know Your USA, The Art Lesson, Kid Pix 3D and JumpStart Spanish. Visit either branch for a demonstration today. This is a free resource provided to you by the Portage County District Library through a generous donation made by the Garrettsville Eagles Club. Kathleen Kozup, Branch Manager of Windham and Garrettsville, said, “We are so lucky to have a community-oriented organization like the Eagles, who provided the funds to purchase the Bilingual Early Literacy Stations. This system has about 60 programs for exciting, entertaining learning. The graphics are first-class, just the thing that kids will love.”

Pictured above is Tim Kelly, President of the Garrettsville Eagles Club, demonstrates using the Garrettsville Library’s Bilingual Early Literacy Station. Of the Library’s purchasing the Bilingual Early Literacy Stations with the generous donation from the Garrettsville Eagles Club, Kelly said, “We’re glad to help out!” The Bilingual Early Literacy Stations are available at both the Windham and the Garrettsville libraries.

Pictured above is Tim Kelly, President of the Garrettsville Eagles Club, demonstrates using the Garrettsville Library’s Bilingual Early Literacy Station. Of the Library’s purchasing the Bilingual Early Literacy Stations with the generous donation from the Garrettsville Eagles Club, Kelly said, “We’re glad to help out!” The Bilingual Early Literacy Stations are available at both the Windham and the Garrettsville libraries.

The Garrettsville Library, located at 10482 South Street, is open Monday and Tuesday, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm; Wednesday and Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; and closed on Thursday and Sunday. Call 330-527-4378 for more information.

The Windham Library, located at 9005 Wilverne Drive, is open Monday and Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm; Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm; and closed on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Call 330-326-3145 for more information.

Visit Portage County District Library online at www.portagelibrary.org for more information about this new service or about other library programs and services.



Ravenna  – The Portage County Business Round Table offers seminars on useful topics to area business owners.  On Wednesday, May 29, 2013, the featured topic for the morning event is the Ohio Small Business Development Center and how it can help existing business stay and grow in Portage County. The meeting will be held at Maplewood Career Center (7075 St. Rt. 88, Ravenna, OH 44266)

The event commences at 7:30 am with registration, networking, and continental breakfast.  The program starts promptly at 8 am and concludes at 9 am.

The program speakers are Susan McGann, a Certified Business Advisor with the Small Business Development Center, and Keith Harris, President and CEO of Kero International, Inc.

To register, please contact the Portage Development Board, 217 S. Chestnut St. in Ravenna, 330.297.3470 or by e-mail to tdaniel@portagedevbd.org or your local chamber of commerce. Persons who pre-register will pay $10 (cash or check), and are responsible for payment whether they attend or not.  Checks should be made payable to the Portage Development Board.   Persons who do not pre-register will pay $15 at the door, and no shows will be invoiced.  The deadline to register is May 22, 2013.



The 2013 Portage County 4-H Camp Counselors invite you to their annual Pasta Fundraiser Dinner on Sunday May 19th, 11AM – 5PM at the OSU Extension Office Back meeting room at 6970 State Route 88 in Ravenna. Dinner includes Rigatoni, salad, bread sticks, dessert, coffee or punch. Cost is $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for children and seniors. This dinner is sponsored by Chili’s and 100% of the proceeds raised will directly benefit Portage County’s week at 4-H Camp Ohio August 7th – 11th, 2013.

While you are enjoying your meal, your children can join the counselors in activities to preview all the fun that we have planned for our 2013 4-H Camp. These activities will take place outside, so they are weather permitting. We will be accepting camp registrations on this day and the first 50 applicants will receive a free T-Shirt that has been graciously donated by our friends at Chili’s.


Garrettsville – The Nelson-Garrettsville Community Cupboard (NGCC) held “Fill the Fire Truck” food drive this past Saturday at Sky Plaza IGA in Garrettsville.  Joe Leonard allowed the community food bank to use his antique 1935 Maxim truck and they even had a real live dalmatian, “Diesel”, for folks to pet and see. Diesel is owned by Mike Repp.

For every food item collected, the Feinstein Foundation will donate $1 to the food cupboard. The Nelson Boy Scout troop 65 helped promote the food drive to shoppers as they entered the store. They also collect food items from shoppers and helped with loading the fire truck.

Garrettsville – The James A. Garfield School District is looking for input on what the community wants in a new Superintendent of Schools. All community members are invited to a Focus Group meeting, which will provide the opportunity for residents to voice their opinions and tell the district and board what they are looking for in a new Superintendent. The meeting will be held in the Iva L. Walker Auditorium on May 7 at 7:00 PM for community members.

The Focus Group Meeting is open to all community members. Please try to attend the meeting. The meeting will last approximately one (1) hour, during which residents will have the opportunity to provide their thoughts and opinions regarding the qualities, experience and characteristics they feel are important in the next Superintendent of the James A. Garfield Local Schools.

The meeting will be facilitated by the management team of Finding Leaders. Finding Leaders is an organization whose mission is to help school districts find and support ideal leaders. They are skilled in the identification, development and selection of successful leaders.


Seventh Grade Honor Roll

Karsten Bergmeier, Aiden Burkley, Jeffrey Burnett, Logan Byler*, Alexis Caponi*, Alli Dingman, Natalie Girolamo, Catherine Lillibridge, Hailey Long*, Asya Martin, Samuel Martinjako, Max McClintock, Christopher Morgret, Amy Pfiester, Richard Reed*, Nicholas Romask*, Ian Semler, Jack Squire*, Amber Taraska, McKenna Tucek, Emily Young


Seventh Grade Merit Roll

Zachary Budin, Seth Byler, Dylan Carroll, Megan Casalandra, Ryan George, Sadie Hopkins, Mekaylie Iadimarco, W James McClellan, Joanne Miller, Timothy Pillot, Riley Schultz


Eighth Grade Honor Roll

Ellen Adams*, Joseph Bennington, Melissa Braun*, Daniel Bridavsky, Abigail Carlson*, Miles Chapman*, Katherine Dingman*, Molly Emig*, Cennidie Hall*, Samantha Hargis,

Brandon Jones, Garron Laymon, Kaitlyn Moses, Breanna Pennypacker*, Justin Politzer, Kylie Scott*, David Tucek*


Eigth Grade Merit Roll

Thomas Blaha, Samantha Kaser, Lauren Parrish, Corinne Rockefeller


Freshmen Honor Roll

Samuel Anderson, Amber Brickell, Logan Burton, Samuel Fisher*, Barrett Jackson, Nicole Kreuz, Bradley Lockhart*, Alyssa Maier, Nathan Millet*, Halla Reed*, Rachel Rich*, Alexandria Sanda*, Nathaniel Schultz ,Jarrett Smetana*, Michelle Sohm, Jared Squire, Margaret Topalian*, Alec Vizy*, Kieran Wichert


Freshmen Merit Roll

Amber Bowman, Stephanie Harden, Shannon McGee, Cassidy Mizner, Amelia Monroe, Cecelia Parker, Nicholas Soltis, Parker Strong, Connor Teare, Madalyn Timmons


Sophomore Honor Roll

Alivia Alfredo, Megan Arnold*,Alexandra Berman*, Robert Blair, Benjamin Bresnahan, Samantha Cannella, Anna Carlson*, David Cheung, Andrew Cook, Christin Dornback, Kayla Hadlock, Alexis Johnson, Madison Kacica, Gwendolyn Losasso*, Katelyn Luther, Zakari Martinjako*, Robert Maxwell, Carolyn Mayer*, Abrielle McDermott, Grace Noce, Vincent Noce, David Pelletier, Rebecca Porter, Christian Price, Josiah Sawyer*, Kyle Storm, Adam Thompson, Ryan Zeitler


Sophomore Merit Roll

Luke Byler, Madison Cannella, Ashley Curry, Connor Dudinsky, Mollie Farragher, Timothy Harden, Timothy Hlad, Samantha Jackson, Suzanne Koziol, Klarissa Lipstreu, Clare Lynn, Nicholas Paul, Lauren Petersen, Brianna Steigerwald, David Stotlar, Erin Wiggins


Junior Honor Roll

Madison Barber, McKenzie Blau, Lindsey Burnett*, Cas, sandra Cameron*, Julie Combs, Mackenzie Cossick, Max Gilliland, Breanna Girolamo, William Hess, Amy Lasco*, Nicholas Millet*, Ronald Simpson, Steven Sitko, Megan Thomas, Danielle Young*


Junior Merit Roll

Kaylee Evans, Kaitlyn Freiling, Luke Freiling, Joshua Garrett, Mackenzie Gilliland, Gage Green, Rachel Hodge, Jonathan Kreuz, Megan McCartney, Caroline Milano, Alison Moss, Peyton Neumore, McKinley Parker, Kathryn Paul, Olivia Roach, Brandon Vander Maas, Benjamin Wiley, Emma Yokules


Senior Honor Roll

Austin Ambrose*, Brian Arnold*, Alex Blaha, Alexandra Corrigan*, Nathan Dornback, Jacklyn Hadlock, Olivia Hess*, Anna Jolly, Alison Lace, Iain Laymon*, Jennifer Leonetti, Thomas Lockhart*, Timothy Ludlow*, Michelle Merickel, Ian Monroe*, Ian Patterson*, Sara Patterson, Rachel Pelletier*, Lindsay Porter*, Chase Rowell, Ryan Scott

Brooke Sell, Alysa Spangler, Jordan Springer, James Valerio*, John Vinecourt*, Benjamin Vizy*, Brian Wendl,

Alyssa Zeitler


Senior Merit Roll

Darianne Armstrong, Abbigail Blechschmid, Erick Burzanko, Kayla Byler, Kristen Fabian, Brianna Hackett, Cassidie Hall, Kyle Hall, Jason Kaser, Courtney Kotrlik, Alyssa Malcolm, Jenna Maxwell, Samantha Mighton, Heather Mocella, Emily Osmeloski, Alyssa Peel, Robert Stucky


* – denotes 4.00 G.P.A. or higher

Mantua – The Rotary Club of Mantua will present its traditional Variety Show, showcasing local talent with additional performers from Hiram College and relatives and frien ds of local residents.  Several favorites will return, including Bob Stehli, Char and Jena Head and Heather Ristau.  A well-known local musician, Steve Vanderink, will be joining the entertainers this year.  The show will take place on Saturday, April 20, at 7:30 p.m., at Hayden Auditorium at Hiram College, north of State Routes 82 and 700.

Something new has been added to the usual agenda this year:  Rotarians will be furnishing homemade gourmet desserts and coffee, starting at 6:30 before the show.  There will  also be a 50 – 50 raffle.   Admission tickets at $10,00 for adults and $5.00 for students may be purchased at Advanced Rehab and Jake’s, both in Mantua, or at the door the night of the performance.  Proceeds from the event will go to support student scholarships and other Rotary local and international projects.  Save the date for an enjoyable evening of music and other entertainment.


Warren - The Birds in Flight Sanctuary of Warren, Ohio, will be presenting a Raptor Education Program on April 13th, 2013 at 7pm. This is a FREE event and is open to the public. The program is being sponsored by The Eagle Creek Conservation Club and will be held at their club facilities located at 5525 Eagle Creek Road, Leavittsburg, Ohio 44430. Doors will open at 6pm and seating is limited. This program will give people an understanding, appreciation, and concern for raptors and other wildlife. It will also explain the licenses and training required to run a rehabilitation facility and the environmental issues involved. Then the birds will be welcomed out one by one for their introduction. Come bring the kids and join us for this educational and highly entertaining evening.



Mantua – If you haven’t had the chance to stop by, Tuesday, April 16th is the final scheduled community event at Mantua Center School.  As the six-week trial of what has come to be called ‘Tuesdays with Ellie,’ come to a close, event organizer Ellie Monroe reflects on the effectiveness of her program. “I consider it a success,” states Monroe. “We’ve had over 70 individuals come through the school so far, and I know of at least one person who has rented it after coming through.” 


Ravenna – Fortis College in Ravenna will host an open house at 3 p.m. on April 24 featuring a unique attraction that has revolutionized medical education. The campus is located at 653 Enterprise Pkwy., Ravenna (330-297-7319).

As part of the event, attendees will get to see and interact with Fortis College in Ravenna’s technologically advanced METIman patient simulator. METIman is used for numerous simulated clinical nursing experiences, including chest management, asthma management, and respiratory distress. The patient simulator gives students an immersive opportunity with visual, auditory, and tactile learning experiences.


Newton Falls – Despite the very cold weather in the week preceding, Saturday, March 23, was a great day for the 60th Newton Falls  Community Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the  Girl Scouts.    A cool, but sunny day made the crowd a little less than previous years but gave those attending a bigger haul of prizes.  Over 7000 eggs were stuffed with candy and prizes for the kids to gather.  Big Top the Clown, the Easter Bunny, and Shelly the Good Egg entertained the kids with balloon animals, high-fives, and pictures.  Again, it was a joy to see at least one of Janice Dietelbach’s original junior high girl scouts who started this service project attend bringing a grandchild (or maybe a great-grandchild) to gather eggs.

The Nelson Garrettsville Community Cupboard is participating in the Feinstein Foundation $1 Million Challenge to Fight Hunger.  For the past 15 years, the Feinstein Foundation has given away one million dollars each year to non-profit agencies across the county to fight hunger.  Past Feinstein Foundation challenges have raised over $1.5 Billion for 1800 organizations nationwide.  The $1 Million Challenge is considered one of the most successful ongoing grass roots efforts to fight hunger.  

Mantua – The Mantua Village Garden Club, which was founded in 1935, kicked off it’s first meeting of 2013 at the home of Lea Lazar, with Helen Etling as hostess.  Ten members shared in the noon pot luck luncheon, along with Mark Occhionero, owner of Top Garden Products, in Mentor.

Mark, who is an Organic Nutrient Specialist, presented a program on lighting and nutrients, as well as sharing his extensive plant knowledge.  Mark also brought specimens of his National Award winning Kohleria Manchu (a cousin of the African Violet), a variety which he developed, to share with the club members.  A short business meeting followed.  This year’s officers are Diane Lottig, president, Lea Lazar, vice president, Lois Eisele, secretary, and Helen Etling, treasurer.


Ravenna  – The Portage County Board of Elections is seeking energetic, civic-minded area residents to serve their community by becoming poll workers.

While she does not believe the coming year will be as busy as last November’s presidential election, Director Faith Lyon said “Individuals can apply at any time – and we are always looking for good and thoughtful workers.”  The county needs around 600 volunteers to staff the polls at its 62 polling locations on election day.  Added Deputy Director Brad Cromes, “Without good poll workers, we simply could not do what we do – they’re the backbone of our operation.”


Burton – Its Easter Egg Hunt time once again in Burton Village. Burton Village’s annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, March 30, 2013 in the park on the south end of the square. The hunt will start with the sound of an air horn  promptly at 11:00 a.m. Children aged one (1) through six (6) are eligible to participate and are divided into three age groups: one-two, three-four and five-six. Be sure to bring a basket or bag to put the goodies in.

It is believed that Burton Village’s annual Egg Hunt is the oldest and longest running hunt in Geauga County. It has been traced back to starting with the Jaycees in 1959.

The Easter Egg Hunt is organized every year through the hard work of Lee and Jane Koroshes, who go out and purchase the variety of cookies, crackers, and candy along with prizes for each age group. Each age group contains thirty eggs and a special marked egg that represents a grand prize.

The Easter Bunny will hop into the park to greet the kids and be available for pictures, so remember to bring your camera.

This event takes place every year due to the generous donations and support of many local community organizations, local businesses and private individuals. If you would like to make a donation, you can mail a check to P.O. Box 318, Burton OH or place it in one of the donation cans the morning of the Egg Hunt.



Kent – The Light in Kent is sponsoring a screening of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, Good Friday, March 29, 7:00 pm.  The award-winning film will be shown at The Kent Stage, 175 E Main St. in Kent.  Tickets are free and available at The Light ministry center, Logos bookstore or at the door on the day of the showing.  Free parking is available in the public lot on Columbus St.  Call 330-818-6913 to reserve tickets.  THE PASSION is rated R, and children under 17 will not be admitted without their parents.

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, nominated for three Academy Awards in 2005, details the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus.  James Berardinelli, Reelviews, writes “THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST is a gripping, powerful motion picture – arguably the most forceful depiction of Jesus’ death ever to be committed to film.”


Mantua - Nora Brandt makes quilts. Her self-described “addiction” began with  a request made by her eldest daughter Meghan, who passed away at age 26 from ovarian cancer. Initially, her first creations were given to the newborn children of Meghan’s friends, so that even though Meghan couldn’t be there herself to hold them, they would have a tangible gift to represent her love. 

Photo courtesy of Rich Teresi

Photo courtesy of Rich Teresi

The Garrettsville-Freedom-Nelson Joint Fire District recently played host to area police canine units, holding a joint continuing education class. Firefighters and EMS providers were instructed on working at multi-disciplinary scenes involving canine units, how to operate around them, and how to help them in an emergency. Many thanks go to the canine officers, their partners, and Dr Kartley, DVM for their time in presenting this class.

Pictured from left to right (partially obscured is Ptl Jamie Price (Recon’s partner) from Windham Police, Lt. Timothy Christopher (with his partner Taz), Ptl Keith Whan, and Dr Jennifer Kartley, DVM. Also present but not pictured were Lt. Kenneth Justus of the Mantua Police Department and his partner Vader.

5th Grade – “All A” Honor Roll

Colton Klatik, Jenna Conley, Nathan Pitsinger, Anthony Lunardi, Rayana Goodner, Noah Cornicelli, Michael Martin, Jesse Marderwald, Cassandra Finney, Madelyn Scirocco, Jacob Nottingham, Anna Morrissey, Lillian Oles, Ellie Frato-Sweeney, Noah Frato-Sweeney, Owen Cmunt, Nathan Phillips, Madison Vankirk, Phillip West, Mason Cebulla,

Hannah Bittence


5th Grade – Honor Roll

Irma Miller, Joseph Ball, Sara Kittle, Kya Fresch, Cameron King, Kaylie Bates, Gracie Pignaloso, Gianna D’Amico, Eryn O’Malley, Jarrod Peters, April Tylek, Morgan Heron, Jilleena Moore, Kyleigh Grandon, Jillian Crane, Luke Bontrager, Laina Galayde, Karlee Huter, Mattie Marsillio, Chloe Pfile, Alexandria Konecek, Talon Cline, Bradley Valdman,Eric Schaefer, Ralph Grandizio, Samantha Gilbert, Brook-Lyn Collin, Michael Selander, Meghan McDougall, Emma Lawrence


5th Grade – Merit Roll

Connor Hrubik, Mandolin Arnett, Courtney Maur, John Zieleniewski, Brandon Gibson, Calvin Page, Carleigh Joeright, Dakota Nutt, Allison Eves, Taylor Soltis, Hannah Chartier, Aryanna Gentles, Joe Golgosky, Kalon Maddox,

Garrett Eberly, Maya Brown, Andreya Grunder, Bryar Veon, Brittney Gotthardt, Sabrina Hicks, Alexis Sedivy, Jared  Simon, Joshua Kent, Alyssa Bell, Emily Cooper, Matthew Crawford, Belladonna Titschinger, Logan Rutherford, Eric Fonseca, Lauren Sanchez, Savannah Hopper, Catherine Aebischer, Adam Derthick, Ryan Matuelwicz, Zachary Richards, John Barnes, Allison Workman


6th Grade – “All A” Honor Roll

Travis Criblez, Adam Norris, Alissa Barton, Sarah Miller, Lyndsey Johns, Jason Conley, Jessica Tannehill, Zoe Swenson, Chad Angermeier, Samuel Biltz, Matthew Glinski, Erika Musgrove, Andrew Pemberton, Racquel Koleszar, Nicole Ober, Ryan Lance, Samantha Ensinger, Rachel Rader,

Tyler Klouda, Caillean Galayde, Sopher Hunter, Max Kane

6th Grade – Honor Roll

Olivia Brann, Eric Jackson, Kara Nottingham, Addison Varner, Dylan Wilson, Austin Wise, Brianna Stanley, Evan Pawlus, Sebastian Shafer, Robert Del Torto, Halle Tatonetti, Alexis Evans, Jessica Huebner, Devyn Penna, Hannah Smith

Abigayle Gembicki, Caitlyn Minor


6th Grade – Merit Roll

Natalie Hall, Robert Haney, Samantha Brys, Matthew Macerol, Sarah Desalvo, Lauren Walz, Madison Neer, Arielle Sokolowski, Kaitlyn Workman, Mackenzie Miller, Travis Synnestvedt


Middlefield – Looking for an inexpensive outing to beat the winter shivers?  Middlefield Market’s annual Chili Cook-Off provides a day of warm entertainment to fit any budget!

Admission is free into the Pavilion where the doors open to the public at 11:30am Saturday, February 23, 2013.  Live musical entertainment will be performed by Soft Tones until the festivities are concluded at 4:00 pm.


Contemplative Service

Weds Evenings

The entire community is invited to attend a Contemplative Service on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM. The half hour consists of music, silence, and prayer, with Scripture readings and Open Communion for those who wish to partake. It provides a mid-week time for peaceful meditation and reflection. On-site child care is provided. The Mantua Center Christian Church is located at the corner of Mantua Center road and St. Rt. 82, (On the Green, behind the Grange Hall) and is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places for its architectural significance.

Garrettsville – Village Council met on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 for their first regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the new year.  The first order of business was to ask for nominations and elect a new Council President.  2012 Council President Steve Hadzinsky, who was elected to fill the spot when former Council President Rick Patrick acceded to Mayor, was the only nominee for 2013 and was unanimously elected.  


The Geauga County Retired Teachers Association will meet on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 for a luncheon and meeting at the Bond Building in Century Village, 14653 East Park Street, Burton, OH  44021.


We Need Your Help!

Class of “68”……we need your help in locating the following people: Gary Adams, Virgil Bishop, Lawrence Cassidy, James Uphole, and Ron Baker. If you know where they are, or have a current  address, phone/ cell number, email address, please contact, Cherryl  {Clark} Duffield, @ 330- 527-2713, or Cindy (Vasil) Hillier @ csh2605@aol.com, or Judy (Bazil) Stone @Jstone21@kent.edu.


The Ohio Society, U. S. Daughters of 1812, is looking for volunteers with digital cameras to help in a project to photograph the grave markers of the over 7,000 known veterans of the War of 1812 buried in Ohio cemeteries. This project is part of Ohio’s War of 1812 Bicentennial commemoration, and supported by the Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, a state legislated commission made up of citizen volunteers.


David Haas, nationally renowned composer of liturgical music, has composed a song entitled “In the Love of Christ” for the people of St. Ambrose Church in Garrettsville, OH. The song will premier during a concert/workshop presented by David Haas and Lori True January 18 & 19, 2013 in Hiram Ohio at Hayden Auditorium. This event is funded in part by the Hiram Community Trust and St. Ambrose Church. The concert will be held Friday, January 18, 2013 at 7:30pm in Hayden Auditorium, Hiram, OH. The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 19, 2013 from 9:30am -2:30pm, also in Hayden Auditorium. Registration forms for the concert and/or workshop may be found at www.stambroseonline.com  Tickets purchased prior to January 14th will be sold at discounted rate. 


Educators who work with children pre-kindergarten through 8th grade are invited to attend a free workshop on Friday, January 11th, 2013. The workshop focuses on two supplemental curriculums that help teach wildlife-related concepts. Growing Up WILD (for ages 3-7 years) and traditional Project WILD (K-12) guidebooks will be provided to all participants who stay for the duration of the program.