Theresa Bellefant, Pam Kaiser and in the front row, owner, Debbie Kostrub

Garrettsville – Nestled on High Street, across from the police station are some of the most beautifully adorned windows in town. The owner of the “best dressed” windows is Debbie Kostrub of Art N flowers. She and employee Theresa Bellefant keep the window décor fresh and fun reflecting the season. The store’s windows have become one of Garrettsville’s best eye candy, which children and adults love to see.

Art N Flowers in Garrettsville has been located at 8122 High Street since 1989 and in existence for nearly forty years. They still manage to meet folk’s floral needs and more in this trying economy.  Debbie Kostrub says she and her staff are continually re-inventing themselves to stay competitive in today’s market. The designers are constantly going to classes and seminars to stay abreast of the new trends that come out each season. The shop takes pride in offering personal, professional service to each and every customer whether they are there in person or ordering over the phone or thru the internet. This is what sets them apart from others, something one will not find at an internet flower delivery company or an 800 flower service.

Art N Flowers is more than a flower store; they carry a full line of greeting cards, giftware balloons and chocolates. They can even  create a fruit or goody basket for those who want something a little different. One can find plants, center pieces and silk arrangements as well as home décor items. During the holidays they have many unusual tree ornaments, ribbons, and such to make your home more festive. Need a large bow for a special occasion or a gift? Stop by and see them they will make one up for you. What about an idea for a swag or a wreath for your home? They can make your idea a reality; they are not limited to what is in a book. Stop in and bring your ideas and their professional team will create the item just as you pictured it.

Weddings and funerals are what keep the local flower shop in business but during this economy Kostrub has seen a change in what people order. Gone are the days of big flashy designs, many are down sizing their arrangements and are not sending a lot of personal flowers. Today’s market has caused Kostrub to create several budget -friendly alternatives. Art N Flowers offers a $99 wedding package for those on a tight budget. They also offer cash and carry bouquets. One of their biggest budget-friendly sellers is  their short stem roses  —  one can get a ½ dozen short stemmed roses with greenery and baby’s breath for for $9.99 –now that’s a bargain.

Kostrub cautions about the use of internet services and 800 flower delivery services. She explained the difference between using a local flower shop and an internet or an 800 flower delivery service. When one uses an internet or an 800 flower delivery service they are actually paying a broker to find a local flower shop or distributor to do the work. The internet companies and 1-800 flower companies do not have flowers and probably don’t have office space either. Generally, they have just a phone or a computer and run a relay service to local flower shops and distributors.  When you use one of these services you are paying a fee for them to find someone to complete the order, so less of their money is going for the actual flower purchase. Flower brokers do not have flowers nor do they arrange flowers, they just relay your information to someone else. Don’t be confused by 800 numbers. Some are to legitimate flower shops and some are to broker services. Make sure you understand who you are calling before making a financial commitment.

Art N Flowers is a full-service shop that offers local delivery and Teleflora services. They are open Monday thru Friday 9 am – 5pm and Saturdays 9am -3 pm. They are generally closed on Sundays except for Mothers Day, and if Valentines Day falls on a Sunday they will be open. They can be reached by phone 330 -527-4624 and accept internet orders at

So, when you’re unsure what to say, say it with flowers. Flowers can say I’m sorry, I love you, get well. Thanks and a number of things that we sometimes find difficult to say. If you’re looking for a gift that speaks, say it with flowers and look no further than Art N Flowers, where you will find friendly professionals ready to help you.