Newton Falls – After all the dishes are done and the leftover turkey bits (and stuffing and veggie casseroles and countless pies and other desserts) have been organized into just the right Tupperware containers, there are many ways to spend the day following Thanksgiving. Some of the more courageous among us will brave the official start of the crazed holiday shopping season – more anticipated than the recent Browns vs. Steelers matchup or opening day for the latest sure-to-be-a-favorite Disney movie – while some will be the ones actually manning those retail stations and serving as crowd control. But residents of Newton Falls chose another option for their Black Friday that had nothing to do with greenbacks and everything to do with green boughs.

NewTree8Members of the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association and their families donated an afternoon of their time to decorate a beautiful tree in the middle of town. Nestled at the corner of Center Street and W. Broad Street, the tree will be enjoyed by the community and visitors alike. For many years, this annual tradition meant decking the branches of a temporary tree brought in especially for the season and then discarded after the festivities were done. But after much discussion on how to best benefit the community, last year’s tree was meant to be a permanent addition to the town. Unfortunately, however, it did not last throughout the year, so an anonymous donor provided the funds this year for a second attempt at creating something long-lasting that can brighten up the area all year round. The new tree is similar in size and color to the first tree, a large blue spruce, and townspeople hope this time it will set down roots and make Four Corners Park its home.

In addition to the brilliantly colored bits and baubles, sparkling strings of lights and the crowning star glittering on top of the tree, volunteers utilized natural materials to add a cheerful touch to the spot: a glistening snow fairy made of ice and leafy brambles to guard the tree and greet visitors.

The lighting ceremony will be on Saturday, December 7th at 6pm, during which time it is expected that Santa will stop by to oversee the bedazzling tree in all its holiday shimmer as it shines through its inaugural illumination (and here’s hoping one of many!), so bring out the whole family and help Newton Falls welcome in the festive season!


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