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A Weekend to Remember!


Windham’s Bicentennial is now just chapters in the history books but before we close the book out lets take a walk through the pages where memories were made, shared and lived. Folks from all over the country flocked back to Windham this past weekend to celebrate the town’s bicentennial. Some traveled from as far away as California and Mexico to be a part of history. The four-day event was dubbed as the biggest celebration Windham has ever seen. I do believe it measured up to the title as the township Green was jam-packed Saturday night as folks anxiously waited for the fireworks.
The rain tried to put a damper on the event as the skies opened up over the village about 30 minutes prior to the opening ceremonies, but like the postman, neither rain, sleet or snow could stop the event which went on without a hitch.
The opening festivities gave everyone a chance to get reacquainted with the town’s history as well as old friends that hadn’t been seen in a longtime.  The unearthing of the time capsule that was buried in 1986 and the children’s parade were the highlight of the first day’s events. There can’t be a birthday party without cake and there was plenty of delicious cake made by local cake artist Carolyn Miller. When the cake was cut it gave the old timers a chance reminisced about days gone by and wonder what the future would hold while the younger sector was looking to creating their own history and memories as they wandered the grounds.
There were class reunions, tours of the school, car shows, music for everyone, contests, a quilt show, an antique show, along with the artwork of the late Huber King and more. The kids were busy creating memories of their own on the train, in the bounce houses or learning about the animals from Jungle Terry. I even caught a few youngsters checking out the army tank up close and personal. Hmmm, I wonder if there were any seeds of being a soldier planted this weekend. Who knows? Only time will tell.
The Grand Parade Saturday morning had folks out early lining the streets with their chairs as they searched for the perfect spot to watch the grand parade. The 100 unit parade took about an hour and a half to run and left no one disappointed with the event. Floats, fire trucks, jeeps, civic groups, bands, baton groups all marched down the street wishing Windham a Happy 200th Birthday!
Saturday evening was another evening for making memories. One could see folks gathered in various parts of the Green socializing or just hanging out and enjoying the music. Some were catching up with old friend who came into town for the festivities others were just kicking back and taking in the entire scene. Fireworks capped off the days events as “Vicious Cycle” rocked out the night.
Sunday morning started off with a community worship service followed by an ice cream eating contest, burying of a new time capsule, awards and recognitions along with closing ceremonies. It was a bittersweet time as the bicentennial came to a close.
The event will go down in history as the biggest party Windham has ever seen and a time which memories were made. Yes, it was a party to remember, they came, they ate, they danced, they reminisced and most of all they created and shared memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Birthday Windham! May the next 200 years be as great as the first ones!