Windham – The spooky world of the paranormal is coming to the Windham Historical Society. At their monthly meeting on Monday, April 16, at 7 PM at the Brick Chapel, 9001 North Main Street, all interested listeners will hear how Windham once stood at the center of the world of psychic research.

Local historian George Belden will present a talk on “Windham’s Original Ghostbuster: Tom Hudson and the World of the Dead.”
Thomson Jay Hudson, a Windham native, a graduate of Windham schools who obtained two doctorates, in 1893 rocked the world with the publication of his master tome, “The Law of Psychic Phenomena.”

Basing his book on years of personal psychic research and thousands of reported cases, Hudson formulated a set of three “laws” which his followers believe can explain every case of unexplainable paranormal events, including telepathy, distance healing, poltergeists, ghosts, and communication with the dead.

His book was an international bestseller, remains in print to this day, and has devotees around the planet. Oddly enough, his laws, which he developed further in five subsequent books, do not in any way contradict his firm Christian beliefs.
Belden’s talk is open to the public, free of charge. Doors to the Brick Chapel will open at 6:30 for a meet and greet, and early arrival is suggested. For more information on the Historical Society, please call Society President Lynnea St. John at 330-326-6061, or email her at Belden can be contacted at