The Weekly Villager has prided itself on covering local area news for over 30 years. Our readers look to our paper to provide stories that have meaning to each community.  We also pride ourselves on being a family-friendly newspaper.
Our reporters cover meetings and events, many of which can be controversial. We do our best to report the facts. Our aim is to provide our readers with an unbiased look into situations which at times can be very emotional.

Over the years we have fielded many phone calls asking why we did not report all of the “he said, she said” activity at a meeting or event.  Our answer is simply this — we will report the news objectively.

We firmly believe that once again, another small American town will overcome the in-fighting and band together!

That being said, we at the Villager feel that Newton Falls is a great community, one which has a lot to offer its residents, businesses and visitors and one which we are proud to be associated with!