April is Keep America Beautiful Month-so let’s Keep America Beautiful by Making Your Home Beautiful.  Here are some quick tips to spruce up your home without breaking the bank.

1. Paint changes everything.  Obviously, the quickest and least expensive way to change a room is to paint the walls.  A fresh new color on your walls can totally transform your room.  And, you don’t necessarily need to paint an entire room either.  Painting one accent wall can do wonders for your room.

2. If you aren’t in the mood to tackle painting your walls, consider painting a piece of furniture to bring a new accent to your room.  If you are feeling daring and really want to change things up, try a funky color like a bright blue, green, yellow, or orange.  If that’s not your style-paint something black.  You can never go wrong with black and it’s always in style.  In fact, it is recommended that every home have at least one piece of black furniture in it.

3. Change up your current colors and textures with new pillows, tablecloths, table runners, placemats, and lamp shades.  A few inexpensive throw pillows can change the entire look of your sofa. Indulge in new colors to brighten up your home.

wayside-workshop-black-piece4. Change hardware.  A great place to start would be with your kitchen cabinets.  But why limit yourself?  Change the hardware on your bedroom furniture, office furniture, or that accent piece that you just painted.  Nothing transforms kitchen cabinets or furniture more than changing the hardware.  I recently changed all the door knobs and hinges on the interior doors throughout my home. What a difference that made!

5. Bring the outdoors in.  Introduce fresh flowers or some tasteful artificial flowers or greenery to brighten your room or your mood.  You could always arrange them in a vase but why be so cliché?  Look for a cool bucket or unique container for an awesome centerpiece.  Freshen up your front door with a vibrant welcoming wreath.

6. Move your furniture around.  Change your floor plan. Change your traffic flow.  Repurpose pieces from other rooms and incorporate them into your new design.  Maybe your nightstand would make a nice end table or vice versa.  Try moving a small dresser or bookcase into your foyer instead of using the traditional entry or hall table.  Use that entry or hall table as a sofa table in your family room or living room.  Mix it up a bit.

7. When all else fails–splurge and buy something new.  I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest this.  We could all use something new every once and a while.  Sometimes, retail therapy is just what the doctor (or your local furniture store owner) ordered.

Jane is the co-owner of The Wayside Workshop at Aurora Farms Premium Outlets.  For more info on The Wayside Workshop, please call 330-562-4800 or visit www.WaysideWorkshop.com or facebook.com/WaysideWorkshop.