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Portage County Soap Box Derby racer places third in the nation in rally points.


Andrew Johnson a sixth grader from Brimfield placed third in the nation in super stock rally points, and is the first racer from Portage County to score more than 200 rally points ever.  He finished the racing season with a total of 201 points.  The other two racers ahead of him finished with 202, and 209 points.

Andrew started racing in 2010 at the Portage County Derby race, in a super stock race car donated by the Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce.  He did not place at that race, but he was not discouraged.   Andrew traveled to other race cities where his driving skills improved, then in mid September he placed eighth at the Columbus rally.  The next weekend his father drove to Charleston, West Virginia and Andrew scored a first place win at the southern region 6 rally race.  This was just the beginning of his dominance in super stock.  He finished the season with 5 firsts, which included the prestigious “triple crown” race at Derby Downs in Akron this spring.  When Andrew was not placing first, he was usually in one of the top four places of the races he entered.  He said it has been fun meeting other racers, and visiting race cities in Ohio, Kentucky, and W. Virginia.  This year at the Portage County local race in Mantua he placed third.  He has exceeded the 180 rally points necessary to earn a spot to race other rally champs from around the nation, Andrew will race this Saturday, July 21st, at the 75th year of the All American Soap Box Derby race.  We congratulate him, and wish him good luck representing Portage County.