Mantua – On Tuesday, May 5, the Crestwood School District will be asking local residents for a 4.8 mills, four-year, tax renewal. A ‘yes’ vote on this levy will not result in a tax increase for voters — it’s a renewal of the levy originally passed in 2012. If this renewal levy passes in May, it will take effect in the fall of 2017. The original levy, passed in 2012, will expire in 2016.

The Crestwood School District educates over 2,000 children in the community, and accomplishes this task in spite of continued cuts in state and federal funding. By renewing this levy in May, voters will continue to support the kids of the district by paying the same amount in taxes they have been paying since the original levy took effect. Crestwood mom Christy remarked, “Supporting the levy renewal means the continued support of the kids of Crestwood.” The mother of three added, “There is no better reason.”

So, even though inflation has meant increased costs on big-ticket items like housing and transportation, the price of education through this levy renewal will remain exactly the same for the next four years. Chad, father of three Crestwood students, concluded, “The school levy isn’t just about the schools and the kids, it’s just as much about supporting the whole community we are trying to create here. Support for the schools is an investment in the well-being and success of all who live here.”


If passed, the levy will collect an average of $1.4 million dollars per year for a total of four years. The amount due is based on taxpayers’ property value. The chart above serves as a guide

Crestwood parent Kimberly shared, “As a homeowner who moved to this area nine years ago, I have continually been impressed with the Crestwood School System and the dedication, not just to my daughter, but to every student. Crestwood has a group of committed teachers and administrators that are focused on our students and their future.” She urged voters to support the renewal on May 5th, stating, “Let’s stand up and send the message that Crestwood Schools are deserving of our continued support and confidence.”

Make sure your voice is heard by casting your vote at the polls on Tuesday, May 5th.