5th grade teams: Rad to Add: Racquel Kolazar, Zoe Swenson, Caitlyn Minor and Chad Angermeie; Angery Math Birds: Nikki Ober, Alexis Evan, Sam Biltz and Erika Musgrove who filled in for Dylan Wilson; Key Lime PI’s: Lyndsey Johns, Samantha Desimio, Rachel Rader and Lauren Walz; Math Champs: Hunter Sopher, Jordyn Dean, Max Kane, and Kaitilian Workman’ Alternates: MeiMei Tannehill and Natalie Hall

Garrettsville – G.I.S. students participated in the Portage County Math 24 Tournament on February 24th, 2012. Sixth grade participants included Andrew Morrissey, Kevin Splinter and Derek Miller. Andrew took 1st place for the second year in a row, Kevin took 3rd, and Derek took 4th. Fifth grade participants included Rachel Rader, Mei Mei Tannehill and Lyndsey Johns. Rachel took 4th and Mei Mei took 5th.

On Saturday February 25th, G.I.S. students competed in the Northern Ohio 2012 Math Tournament.  These teams (listed below) worked hard for 5 weeks in practice and went head to head with several other schools in the area. They were coached by Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Singelyn and Mr. Kuhlman. On competition day, they worked in teams doing problem-solving and team construction. They were also graded on their mental math abilities.

Each grade had a team at the top earning trophies, two teams earned blue ribbons, and one team received red ribbons. Thank you to our students for representing G.I.S. so well.

6th grade teams: Angry Angle Birds: Makenna Lawrence, Mallie Smith, Jayana Davenport and Madeline Caldro; The Cherry Pi’s: Jenna Montez, Theresa Paroff, Mikayla Thornton and Samantha Guyette; Divided Smurfs: Dominic Ionno, Kenny Mangan, Mason Mayoros and Billy Criblez; The Kalculas Kiwi’s: Andrew Morrissey, Kevin Splinter, Ethan Marek & Derek Miller; Alternates: Catherine Brann and Sarah Kent