Twentieth Century Club has had two meetings in March with the programs switched from one to the other.
Confused?, we were not!.
On March 3rd we were at Mary Furillo’s home (as nice as always) with Margaret Clapp co-hosting.
Does everyone remembers Margaret’s carrot cake from the club cook book? Well she showed us again, how it is done!.
Our roll call for the night was your favorite car & by the sound of it girls like their cars just as much as the boys!.
Jeanette Hall presented the program originally set for later in month, appreciated just the same.
We learned about the Florida Everglades as one of the most unique eco-systems in the world.
For the March 17th meeting we went to Jan Boehm’s home, which is always a treat & makes the girls feel like their old fantasy tea parties, except it is for real!. Her co-hostess was Alma Jones (very gracious).
Roll call, “name a Native American tribe” was one of most interesting for the year.
Program for the night was presented by Betty Clapp on the cliff Dwellers & Betty had some of her own pictures from her trip years ago along with facts & figures.
Our last meeting for the year will be our Spring party at the Mill in Garrettsville on April 7th to come home after a wonderful journey around our country this year. Be there around 6:00 to 6:15p to be seated.
This night we will install the new officers & get ready for another year of adventure with the 20th Century Club.