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12th Annual Edible Book Festival At The Burton Public Library


Burton - The Burton Public Library will host the annual Edible Book Festival on Saturday, March 29  from 11 a.m. until noon.  The Edible Book Festival is celebrated world-wide every year on or around April Fool’s Day.  The object is to make an edible book, document it, and then eat it!

All ages are welcome to participate in this fun and creative time – just use your imagination and make something edible that somehow represents a book.  It can be a cake, a sandwich, or anything else you can think of.   Make your edible book at home and bring it to the library at 11 a.m. on March 29.  There will be prizes for Funniest, Most Book-Like, and Most Creative edible books. For ideas and inspiration, visit the Burton Public Library website at www.burtonlibrary.org

If you do not wish to make an edible book at home, come anyway.  We’ll have some “books” you can decorate, plus stories and FUN!  (Books decorated at the Library will not be eligible for prizes.)   Please call the library at 440-834-4466 to register.  The Burton Public Library is located at 14588 West Park Street in the center of Burton Village.


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