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“This Is How We Roll”

Adrianna Conway had the high game in the 9:00 Trio League last week with 144, doubling her average of 72.  Adriana was also over average her other two games with 85 and 84, giving her a 313 series.  The top series belonged to Alex Gage with 364; Alex had a 140 game as well.  Other good games were rolled by Isaac Tricket, 128 (46 over average), Zach Seebacher, 130 (37 over), and Ryleigh Gough, 114 (30 over).

The top bowler in the 11:00 Trio was Kassie Fedor with a 178 game and 512 series.  Lucas Titschinger rolled a 176 game, 46 pins over his average.  Ian Huebner was 43 pins over his average with a nice 116 game.  Austin Sledz was 31 pins over average with his 144 game; Austin also added games of 127 and 142 for a 413 series.  Other nice games:  Lauren Sanchez, 161 (30 over), Travis Pennington, 92 (30 over), Gavin Dunfee, 70 (29 over), Chris Titschinger, 109 (27 over), and Peyton Sledz, 90 (27 over).

For the PeeWees, Milo English had the top game of 106.   Pete Maldonade rolled games of 101 and 105.  Gage Vetrono had a 102 game and Joshua Neu rolled 100.


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