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“The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

Streetsboro – Streetsboro High School is putting on the play “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” on April 26th and 27th. The play, which is a version written by Noah Smith rendition of the classic tale, is being directed by Streetsboro High School teacher Jim Boardwine. 

According to Boardwine, their spring performance includes a 40 person cast and crew as well as a live band, Unsaid Fate. In addition to the band, Boardwine includes community members in the school play, rather than just having students in the cast and crew. “We have a live band on the floor, musical artists, performers who are sometimes alumni, sometimes professionals in the area,” Boardwine said. “I team our kids with local professionals in the business. I think they really benefit from working with people who have professional experience and the community really thrives if some of the people in the community can be in the show, such as actors, musicians, make up artists. If we give them the opportunity, our kids can learn a lot.”

The lead roles of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are played by sophomore Alex Hahn and senior Marshall White, respectively. This rendition of the story includes two narrators that are played by junior Maddie Oslejsek and sophomore Shania Williams. This, according to Boardwine, will allow the audience to really get inside Jekyll’s head.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or online on the high school’s website. $12 for premium tickets, $8 for priority and $5 for general seating.


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