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Streetsboro City Schools Rebuilding Opportunity

Streetsboro – Streetsboro City Schools (SCSD) has been offered the opportunity to rebuild all of the district’s educational facilities. This opportunity comes from the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC).

According to Streetsboro City Schools Superintendent Dr. Tim Calfee, the district will build a new high school on the east side of the single campus location and will include an auditorium. The current high school building will be renovated and have an addition built and will then house a 6-8th grade middle school. The 4-5th grade Henry Defer Intermediate School will remain as is and the existing PreK-1 building will be renovated and have an addition built so it can then accommodate Prek-3rd grade. The existing middle school will be kept for district use such as for the indoor sports facilities as well as Board of Education offices and meetings, but the existing 2-3 elementary school will not be used as a school building.

According to the Master Plan that was presented in a public board meeting in April, the OSFC has developed a $69 million Master Plan. To fund this project, 35% of building costs will be covered by the state and the other 65% is to be covered by the local share. A portion of this local share was already funded, according to Calfee, by past building projects and the district has a credit to compensate the monies already spent updating buildings.

Because there is a credit for past constructions, there will be less cost to tax payers for this work. Calfee said the required levy could be on the ballots as early as this upcoming November, and that this project is currently expected to take about five years. He also said that at this stage the district is taking community input into consideration, so they have included a copy of the presentation regarding the Master Plan as well as a survey online at www.streetsboroschools.com. Additional feedback can also be provided at board meetings.


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