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“This Is How We Roll”

Published on January 16, 2013

The PeeWees were on fire last week.  It isn’t very often that the bumper bowlers have a 200 series, but three of them did it last week.  Kenny Stoots started out with a 135 game; he added a 98 for a nice 233 series.  Brooklyn Horner shot games of 117 and 87, giving her a 204 series.  Gavin Dunfee rolled 90 and 117 for a 207 set.   

Ethan Dubasik had high game and high series last week for the 11:00 League with a 187 game and 538 series.    Other nice games:  Drew Tushar, 174, Nick Toke, 172, Austin Wise, 141 (45 over average), Austin Sledz, 148 (37 over), Billy Potteiger, 146 (32 over), Ericq Williams, 132 (29 over), Logan Flack, 109 (28 over), Ian Huebner, 81 (26 over), Floria Gerardino, 108 (25 over), and Danielle Tuttle, 141 (25 over).

In the 9:00 Trio League, Zach Seebacher tossed the high game of 118; Zach also had the high series of 306.  Ryleigh Gough wasn’t far behind with a 111 game and 300 series.  Good games were also bowled by Kyle Schaefer, 81 (36 over), Sydney Coburn, 78 (32 over), Eric Schaefer, 104 (32 over), Emily Linamen, 87 (30 over), Kelly Stemnock, 102 (25 over), Kyleigh Grandon, 80 (24 over), and Paige Collins, 110 (22 over).

Following are the second round qualifiers for the 2013 Ohio State Pepsi USBC Youth Championships.  The district tournament will be held in the spring.

Boys 6 and under Hunter Roosa
Girls 6 and under Grace Ittel, Sophia Shaffer
Boys 7-8 Zach Seebacher, Milo English
Girls 7-8 Emily Linamen
Boys 9-12" Isaac Trickett, Clark Jackson, Billy Potteiger, Noah Hoffmann, Adam Norris, Austin Wise, Wilson Jackson
Girls 9-12 Ryleigh Gough, Lauren Sanchez
Boys 13-15 Austin Sledz, Eric Lawless
Girls 16 and up Kelly Stemnock

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