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Streetsboro Council Receives Flag From Soldiers

Streetsboro -One Streetsboro family had extra reason to celebrate this Thanksgiving; Carl Fischer Jr and his unit returned home November 16th, and should be home for the holidays.

On October 8th, a few weeks prior to his return, Fischer’s wife Sandra Smith presented a flag on his behalf to the City of Streetsboro at a council meeting. The flag, according to Smith, was donated because “the soldiers of B Co 3-238th GSAB greatly appreciate all the support our community has given and offer this flag flown in combat on August 12, 2012 as a token of their gratitude.”

Streetsboro Mayor Glenn Broska was honored and thrilled to receive the flag. “It was wonderful. Anytime we can get something like this that our residents have gone out of their way to provide for us, we are very happy to receive it.” The flag is currently housed in the mayor’s office, however Mayor Broska is seeking a place to hold it on display.

“When we find a suitable place of honor for this, we are going to display it at that time.”

Going above and beyond for the country runs in Smith’s family. Smith’s son has recently graduated from Navy boot camp and has headed to Texas. Further, Smith has taken it upon herself to coordinate community donations over to members of our military to help supply them with various comforts while overseas.

Fischer, a 1980 Streetsboro High School graduate, has served two tours overseas. During his tour in 2009, Smith collected items donated by their community and was able to provide care packaged to 168 soldiers.

Smith commented, “Since our unit is an air unit, a lot of the items were sent to smaller bases where there are no places to purchase items and the have even less comforts.” This year, she continued, “the community responded enthusiastically” once more, so she was able to send 38 boxes with enough items for 152 soldiers, and she is considering pulling one more set together this year for Christmas.

Some items that are on the list of needed donations include razors, toothbrushes, magazines and warm socks, among many other items. To contact Smith about the possible Christmas donations, email her at sandysmithfischer@rocketmail.com

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Heather Braddock is the reporter for the cities of Aurora and Streetsboro. She hails from Bedford, where she and her husband Michael (who is also her photographer) live. A Kent State University graduate of 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Adolescent and Young Adult education for Integrated Language Arts, Heather is a high school English, media studies and communication teacher at Akron Digital Academy. She is pursuing her Masters in English for Teachers with a focus on journalism.