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Rockets to the Rescue!


Streetsboro – A conversation between friends on Facebook transformed into a whole community pulling together to help fellow Americans who have been suffering these past few weeks. On Sunday, November 11th, the community of Streetsboro held a benefit dinner at Stringz and Wingz to gather donations for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. In addition to the dinner, donations were collected via drop-off and pick-up through Friday the 16th. This past Saturday, the items were loaded onto a semi and driven to Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, with four community members following behind to coordinate the delivery. The fundraiser has earned $4,100 plus supplies to be used in the effort to help the victims.

Helping out with the benefit was Streetsboro Councilperson Bridget Pavlick, who lent support and also helped get the $1,500 needed for the gas and tolls for the truck. While she lent support, Pavlick said the true credit falls to the community members and businesses who organized the effort and donated goods, time and money. “These groups stepped up and are getting the jobs done.”

One such participant in the benefit was Rene’ Fifik. Her role in the effort was to find drop-off points in New York, as officials are not allowing people to wander into the city due to the dangerous conditions that continue to persist. According to Fifik, businesses and individuals alike have been donating money to help fund expenses related to the semi as well as necessities for the victims. Fifik is one of those volunteers who followed the truck into New York Saturday the 17th.

Fifik is also running a fundraiser to help gather Christmas or Hanukah gifts for the children who have been affected. “We’ll be sending them Christmas or Hanukah in a box.  I have three children of my own, and having three children, when something like this happens, you’re in survival mode. I can only imagine with the holidays coming up what they are thinking, with Santa Clause and what’s going to be under the tree. That affects little kids, and we just want to make them feel good about themselves.”

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Fifik www.facebook.com/OnYourWayWithRene

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