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Paws for Golf

Portage APL held it’s 5th annual Paws for Golf charity outing at Aurora Golf Club Saturday, August 4th. In front of the main entrance, a fleet of golf carts awaited drivers, with a sign hung amongst them proclaiming: “Portage APL Thanks You!”

Photo: Heather Braddock

The APL became associated with the Aurora Golf Club through the club PGA professional Jim Beers. “I have a dog, and she is very privileged, so I like to do some things for dogs that are not as privileged.” Beers’s canine companion is a sweet Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever mix named Toula.

Starting at noon, golfers paid the regular $100 fee, which covered 18 holes with a cart, lunch and a BBQ dinner. Further, they had the opportunity to participate in skill and door prizes as well as free beverages. The proceeds benefited the APL, which provides services to the community and local animals such as an adoption center, spaying and neutering, education and pet therapy for local retirement homes as well as visitors.

The Portage APL is, according to their website, a limited access, unlimited say shelter, so they do not euthanize any adoptable animals. The words of Chalan Lowry, the Executive Director of Portage APL, help demonstrate the need to help these less-privileged animals, “Anything we can get in to help the animals and the shelter is good news for us, we need all the support we can get. Our budget is over five hundred thousand dollars a year. Multiple people make multiple donations throughout the year just to keep us open, for vet bills, electricity, water, and surgeries, like spaying and neutering.”

According to John Perry, chairman and board member of the APL committee, they have raised thirty-six thousand dollars over the past four years of the Paws for Golf benefit. This year, the goal was six to eight thousand dollars.

The next event the APL is holding in Aurora Golf Club will be a wine-tasting in December. For more information, go to their website: www.portageapl.org.

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